Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day Two Into It All Over Again !

The "pack" all slept in this morning !!!  I was awake at the usual time I am sure, but feeling pretty much on the lazy side since I hadn't gotten to bed until at least midnight the night before, I stayed in bed and lounged until 6:20.  Not a peep came from the basement area until almost 7:00 am !!!  Wowsers, that little puppy was really good last night, not to mention the big girls and Buddy !

Today was our grandson, Connor's 5th Birthday, so I called him at almost 7:30 am to sing him "Happy Birthday".  Can you imagine just waking up at that time of the morning to get on the phone to hear a voice singing like my "off key" one.... poor little guy.  LOL

With the "pack" looked after, Rob and I loaded up my Van with most of Jo-Anne's things that were stored here.  I am thinking there is just a few more things to still go of hers.  Another day.

"Day two into it all over again ..... "

Jo-Anne and I were off to Meaford again this morning !  Rob's broker/driver called in sick last night, so Rob had to go in to work his shift as well today, so going to pickup the fridge and stove we had viewed yesterday was out of the question.  We still had to go down to pay the guy to guarantee he would "hold" it for her until we get back down to pick it up on Sunday.  We could not afford to miss out on the deal we got on the set !  Photos to follow I am sure this coming Sunday ....

With our mission complete, we made it back to Tarry Awhile in Tara some more, before I dropped her around to her house ... since I had missed a few business locations on Main Street yesterday in my post.

"We had to stop at the Post Office anyway for Jo-Anne to pickup  her mail.  Right beside the Post Office is Tara's bank facility, the Bank of Montreal."

"Across the street is Northern Flyer where the Wild Side Gallery is located with its Original Arts & Prints.  I will have to check this out some time when it is open next."

"Just a bit up the street there is the "Special Occasions" by Sisters, ~Bridal Attire~ Ladies Wear & Accessories ~ .  Just incase someone might be interested in seeing beyond the beautiful display in their windows, they may be contacted at 519-934-1278."

"Directly beside is the Tara Food Town Store.  This is wear you can buy almost anything to go along with any beer or liquor purchases you might also require at the time of stopping in here.  One stop "convenience"."

"Just a wee bit further up is Mills Home Hardware.  What would a farm town community be without a hardware store?  that would be like not having a Feed store !"

"With all these shops and business located in this town, how could they ever manage without Bruce-Grey Bookkeeping & Income Tax Service?  I could not imagine?"

"Nestled just in beside the Hardware store is the Restaurant, where I am sure you could stop on in to get yourself a breakfast or lunch anytime of the week."

"We did eventually make it back to Jo-Anne's new home, not too far up the road."

"Really now?  does this look like Jo-Anne and Pixi were having a "Smartie" party the night before, and I wasn't invited???"

"Yep, I am sure that is "guilt" written all over Pixi's face !"

I did so get back home eventually today; I am certain it was shortly after 1:00 pm this day.  I did so manage to get everyone looked after first off before I came in to make our bed, and make a few phone calls on behalf of my "Crabby Cabbie".

Finally around 4:00 a small storm front moved upon us with torrents of rain pelting down.  The nicest part about all that glorious rain was instead of becoming more humid, it actually cooled things off for a change !!!  YAY !!!!

"Lexus and her pup, Scout, had their last romp together this evening."

"Early tomorrow morning our last "Checkerboard Aussie" puppy will be heading off into the Sunrise with her new Forever family."

I am so grateful I have sat down early this evening to do my daily post, as tomorrow is going to be yet another busy day at hand for me.  Will I ever get back to my old "homebody" routine here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. finally popping by to say hello and catch up with what you have been up too. Guess you'll be sad to see the puppies all gone?

    Been working so haven't had time to think. Dh off for the next week, so may have a run up to your area.

    Paula's cottages are looking lovely.


  2. As busy as ever - I can't believe the last little puppy is going - won't you miss them? They are so sweet. I am so sorry that I missed you this time, but I am sure we'll be back sometime.... Canada is sooooo big. xx


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