Sunday, 27 September 2015

Taking Care Of A Few Things

Since I had to purchase a new laptop yes I have been ....

I have been trying to find myself around the new operating system of Windows 10, with my biggest challenge having been figuring out how to download photos from my SD card and/or Apple Iphone.  I think I finally, after much frustration, figured it out a little bit.  I am sure there is LOTS more for me to try and figure out.  Trust me this figuring out things is much more time consuming then I care to put into something at times.  I would love should someone show me then having to figure it out on my own, but that kind of help there seems to be a shortage of so me it is.

Thanks to a couple of good friends who helped steer me in the right direction on Facebook today made it all a little bearable. 

The day flew by with not much getting done but for a load of laundry, the kitchen sink and bathtub being cleaned.  Being in the business of raising puppies can be very time consuming.  A person came this morning at 10 am for a duration of almost 2 hours.  I am happy to say all our amazing puppies have found their Forever Homes.

This afternoon a family came to "visit" their puppy which was almost another 2 hours.  Needless to say the day was pretty much gone.

After dinner Portia and I went for a walk down to Colpoy's Bay, which is about 1/2 walk from our place.

I never tire of the scenery within my surroundings

By the time we returned home, did puppy duty and adult duty, we got the dishwasher loaded and going to sit down to type off a few lines here this evening.

Should anyone be watching the Lunar Eclipse this evening if the cloud cover dissipates?  I hope to see some of it about 9 pm.  More on that can be found HERE.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. Good for the puppies!

    Here the lunar eclipse started under clear skies, but clouds started to obscure things just at the last bit of moon. There was a brief glance of the full eclipse/


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