Thursday, 20 June 2013

This This AND THAT

This, this and THAT went on today, however THAT is what I had not been planning on doing.  What on Earth would THAT be?  THAT would be heading out after 8 am this morning to Walkerton to look a a prospective "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle.

THAT had been very time consuming.  THAT caused us not to get back home until 11:30.  

Then it was time to clean and feed 8 hungry puppies; walk 3 "happy to see me" Aussies; dust and tidy our bedroom, then get ready to meet up with my Cousins at 1:00 pm.  

Before leaving for Lunch I stopped to admire the beautiful Chinese Poppies that had bloomed in our garden.

I absolutely LOVE these poppies.  They are so huge, but delicate looking.

Then I had myself some chuckles at Buddy's expense....

Handsome boy, right ear out, left ear out .... okay getting bored with his photo being taken.

I left for downtown Wiarton a 1/2 hour early then our scheduled meeting at 1 pm.  Taking advantage of the 1/2 hour window I stopped into a few businesses to drop off some Wiarton Crabby Cabbie business card.  Always working behind the scenes ... hum, wonder if MY "Crabby Cabbie" knows how much time I do put into him.  *sigh*, after 20 years I think it won't be changing anytime soon.

I got to the Green Door Cafe to meet up with my Cousins, just as my Cousin Suzanne was arriving.  She is usually notoriously late, and for her to be on time, it was wonderful !  Her daughter, Krista, was already seated at our table, and her youngest daughter, Paige, arrived shortly after.

Lunch at the Green Door Cafe for me? never a disappointment.

I changed it up today from my usual "loaded Chicken" or "Chicken Caesar Wrap" to have something that is now my new Favourite Lunch choice .... a Orange ginger chicken salad with green leaf lettuce, assorted fruit and a raspberry poppy seed dressing topping with a breast of chicken warm in an orange ginger sauce $9.99 .  Truly the flavours were amazing !!!

Other lunch choices had been the White Fish, and Quiche of the Day special, as well as ....

.... the Curried Chicken on a bed of Rice with a side of Garlic Bread.  Another great choice according to Krista.

Lunch was fun and delicious, as usual.  We parted ways, however there is new Ladies Store downtown Wiarton that had just happened to open today.  Suzanne and I took some time to go check it out.

"In Style" Owner, Linda, had been very gracious in showing us around.  The selections and colours were welcoming  when walking through the doors.  The prices were very reasonable considering the quality of clothing.

Once we had been done with this, I went on to my friends store to give her Mom, who was covering the store for her today, a bit of a break before I headed back home.

Back home I was very busy again with our "gang" and the 8 busy puppies.

Dinner had been easy peasy and quick when Rob came home.  I am soon off to do the last shift of the day with the "gang" and the 8 puppies.

That was pretty much my day of This, This and THAT, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh,these poppies look gorgeous, almost unreal. And your lunch today looks delicious. Chicken and fruit salad is and interesting combination :)

  2. Cindy~ The poppies are beautiful! One of my favorite flowers:) I had them in my garden when we lived in town, I forgot how pretty and delicate they are~ Lynn

  3. The colour of those poppies is amazing - I don't think I've seen them bright orange before.

  4. Love those poppies! And that lunch sounds really yummy! You have been one busy girl!

  5. Love love love poppies. Wish I could get them to grow.
    That fruit salad combination things looks quite tantalizing!


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