Saturday, 15 June 2013

Phew ! Another Full Day Almost Over

Up and at em this morning, but not until 7:50 am.  I was amazed I had still been in bed at this time of day with not one peep out of our gang of Aussies, nor the Everything 8 Litter of puppies.  Truly amazing on all counts.

Rob never got home until 3:30 am, so I let him sleep until almost 10:00.  He had wanted to get up at 8 to go look at vehicles about 9, however I thought it better he sleep, so left him be.  Somebody has to look after him some of the time.

After coffee we headed out down the road to look at some possible vehicles for backup Crabby Cabbie vehicles.  When we got where we were going, we had looked at three vehicles to give us some food for thought to sleep on before deciding.  Hopefully we do not end up with lemons as our last couple of purchases we had made ended up being.  Lemons is something we, or anyone for that matter, can not afford.

Across the road from where we had been there was a Ginger Cat in the Window.  Its colour had caught my eye.

After we had finished up our business, we headed over to my Hometown of Southampton.  My sister, Jeanne, had been wanting to try out Gerrys Fries since she had been at her daughters.  Until the Season really begins they are only open weekends at present.

Rob and I split a Medium Fry, thank goodness as medium was huge, as did Jeanne and Cecil.  They were good, but definitely needed Salt, Vinegar and Ketchup on the side (no ketchup touching mine please).

We never did get back home until almost 2 pm.  I got vegetables out for Cecil for him to put together a Newfy Cooked Dinner for our evening meal while I went out to cut the lawn.

5:00 pm our Jigs Dinner was ready with Salt Beef, Cabbage, Onion, Carrot, Potato, Parsnip and Turnip.  We never had any greens, however if beets in the garden had been up they surely would have been in the pot !  Dinner was very very good.

After our Dinner, I went back out to finish cutting our lawn.  We do have a very big lawn.

With the lawn finished, Dinner cleaned up from, Rob is going to give me a hand giving the Everything 8 puppies their worming medicine before he heads to work away from, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Your Jigs Dinner looks delicious Cindy~ Something I would definitely love.....and those fries look pretty good too:) Lynn

  2. That dinner looks scrumptious!

    I'll have to remember that eatery...


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