Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Me On The Other Side Of The Camera?

As I had mentioned yesterday, the weather is changing with a pressure system moving in.  Before I even had a coffee this morning I swallowed back two T-2's with water.  I carried on with the day as usual.

Aussies and puppies are always first on the Agenda, even before a first coffee is thought of, all before 7 am usually.  Aussies first, then coffee, then before 9 am, puppies fed and cleaned.

This morning I had some errands to run downtown Wiarton so off I headed on down there.  I had received a call from my VON buddy, Diana, telling me to drop on in at Wednesday morning exercise.  I made the time to do so.  It was nice to drop in to see the ladies, however brief.  I have a date to meet up with Diana and BJ for coffee to catch-up.

Diana happened to mention to me she had made the Rhubarb Muffins I had posted last week, however reading the recipe she had gotten to the part where it had said to add milk.  Oops there had been no milk listed in the recipe.  She figured it out to be 1/2 cup from another recipe she had found for muffins so all was good.  The recipe has been amended to now be correct.  Thanks Diana, and sorry to everyone for my "oops".

When I stopped into Gilbert Shoes downtown, owner Marg told me I took a nice picture in the Wiarton Echo.  I had forgotten all about having had my picture taken last Friday at the Wiarton Farmer's Market.  Really "me" on the other side of the camera?  Of course I had to pick up a copy of the paper.

There was a totally "awesome" spread in the Wiarton Echo on the Wiarton Farmer's Market.  If you get a chance to drop downtown Wiarton it runs every Friday from 10 am until 2 pm in the Berford Street Parkette (a couple doors up from McKenzie's Pharmacy).

Here I am purchasing some cookies from Mary Queen of Tarts for my friends, Koreen and Holly, who I was going to drop in on to visit after the market.

By the time I got back from downtown this morning everyone needed out and about again.  Lexus had gone along with me for the ride, so she had been all set.  It was cool enough to take her along for the ride today.

I managed to get our bedroom cleaned today, making that one more thing off the list.  I was in the bathroom starting to clean it when I got a phone call from my dear husband telling me he was going to come home early today to finish the trim around the bathroom window.  Better late (months and months later, no fault that he works so much and is tired the other times) then never.  Guess what? he got home with the material he had picked up to find it was the wrong trim.  The window was not trimmed in today.  Another time maybe?

I had leftover chicken to be used up in the fridge.  This afternoon I put together Chicken and Cheese Lasagna Roll-ups.

Chicken mixed with Ricotta, Feta and Parmesan, along with milk and a bit of pepper.  I used Oven Ready Noodles, softened them a bit in boiling water to make them pliable to roll.  Easy peasy and oven ready in no time at all.

Served up with Bruchetta Bread and a Side Salad makes a very complete meal.


Unfortunately my headache had returned after the lunch hour.  More meds consumed with no luck in ridding myself of it this time around so far.  Hopefully I get some sleep tonight with it being gone by the time morning arrives.

Day 3 "Happy Moment":  I came across a wonderful acquaintance of mine today who was telling me they met our Wiarton "Crabby Cabbie" driver the other day.  Our driver was telling him what great people Rob and I are to work for.  This really made me feel happy !!!

Keep in mind my New Year's Eve Resolution for 2013 was to be Kinder.  I hope I am full filling this to the best of my ability.

I am looking forward, headache or not, to watching the second Episode of Master Chefs this evening at 8 pm.  No phone calls please, *smile*, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. And... those cookies were GOOD!! THANK YOU!! :D

  2. Those lasagna roll ups look so good. I'm going to have to try them with rice noodles.
    What is it with the whacko aches and pains eh? I'm still feeling like someone whalloped me on the cheekbone. Trying to get up the nerve to call a dentist, hoping(YEAH HOPING!) that it's just my last remaining wisdom tooth needing to come out and not some strange FM related achey breaky.

  3. Your dinner looks just amazing!! Yum!! I think i'll call you RIGHT now and yammer on about absolutely nothing.. hahahaha! ;) Have a great night, hope your headache goes away!! Hugs!

  4. Oh dear, I hope these headaches will stop once you get some sleep!!

  5. You are certainly fulfilling your resolution. I do hope you are feeling better. Back to cold and wet here. Take care I am so hungry after leaving here. Great shot of you. B

  6. Lasagna rollups? Haven't heard of that before, but sounds delicious!


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