Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day

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Thirty-two years it will be on the 21st of June, and I still miss my father, "Fritz" Harold Edwin Masterson, as if it was yesterday.  Happy Father's Day, Dad ... Love forever, ME.

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers, substitute Fathers or otherwise.

Rob was pretty happy this morning when Paul called to wish him Happy Father's Day, and Aiden and Connor also did the same.  Connor, who is not a big phone talker or to Poppa talker, even wished Poppa a nice day.  Will wonders ever cease ... *smile*.  He hasn't heard from any of the others yet ... maybe later.

Of course Poppa Rob got some loving from his hairy son, Bandit.  That is unconditional all year round.

This morning I had gotten soaked as the rain had been coming down in torrents when I had to take everyone out and about first thing.  Thank goodness I do not melt, or I would not be here now to tell the story.

Weeded or not, my flower beds have been filling in quite nicely with the "almost" 2 inches of rain we got this morning.

My darling Rob never rolled in until 4 am.  Needless to say, we all tried to be very quiet to let him sleep.  I had a shower, Jeanne and Cecil had a bite of toast, and .....

.... we headed out North of the Checkerboard to the Sunday Flea Market at the Handicraft House just minutes up Hwy 6 from us.  Not too much going on there as the outside vendors were not going to set up in the downpour this morning.  One of the vendor's doggies was well dressed and  getting him/her a treat of something or another.

Next stop on our way back home was into our neighbours,  Solway's Farm Market.  Oh yes the goodies were all very tempting with baked goods, all kind of fruit and cream pies ... the list goes on and on.  Oh yes they have all kinds of plants, flowers and garden decor as well. 

We took advantage of the background scenery of the flowers and pond at the Farm Market.

It was lunch time when we did make it back home.  Lunch today was Cheese & Onion Sandwiches with a cup of tea and a Pecan Buttertart, as Jeanne had bought some at the Farm Market.

After lunch our brother, Al, came to collect Jeanne and Cecil to spend a week at his place.  His son, Trevor, was up visiting for the weekend, so it really was a treat to see him as we hadn't for quite some time.  Time to take some more Family Photos.

Trevor with Allan.  Trevor, Allan & I.  Trevor, Allan, Jeanne & Cecil.

Then the "big squeeze" from Rob for Jeanne and Cecil before they headed out.  I had to get Bandit in on the shot too, as he kept everyone company too while they had been here the past week.

I had a good weeks visit with my Sister and Brother-in-Law.  It was a long trip for them to fly up from the "Rock".  At least it has been nice weather since they have arrived.  Speaking to friends in Newfoundland last night it was cold and rainy there.  Brr...they can keep it.  We had rain, but at least it was warm this time around.

This afternoon Rob did up his paperwork and headed back to bed.  He went back at 4 pm and he is still there now with it being after 8 pm.  He needs all the sleep as he can get that way he might not be such a crabby "Crabby Cabbie" tomorrow.

At 7 pm I got the puppies in and everyone else out & about before this had rolled over.  Thunder, lightening and huge rain drops.  It passed over with the Sun out in full force now.  Reports and photos of Hail over Owen Sound way now.  At least we only got huge rain drops rather then the huge hail they got.  It is a beautiful photo though, or so I think it to be.  I love this time of year when everything is so lush and green.

I will be very busy, again, this week as I have lots of housework, yardwork and paperwork  to catch up on, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Wonderful Pictures Cindy~Still getting rain here, along with hail, high winds and lightning~It's on the way to the Bruce Peninsula~Lynn

  2. Love the poem Cindy. I miss my Dad too and it has only been almost 6 yrs.
    Awesome family time I love the pics. B

  3. Always nice to have family photos! looking back i wish i had taken more at certain stages of the kids lives, of relatives and friends who have passed.

  4. Wonderful shots, Cindy.

    Bandit loves the camera, doesn't he?


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