Friday, 21 June 2013

Featured Business of the Week.

WOW !  MY "Crabby Cabbie" was the Wiarton Chamber's Featured Business this week .....

Feature Business: Crabby Cabbie

Robert Roth just celebrated his one year anniversary of Crabby Cabbie last month, this event also rolled-out the expansion of his business onto the streets and roads of Wiarton. Locally owned and operated in Bruce County, Robert and his wife Cindy love being a part of the small town camaraderie that the area boasts.

Not only does this business make it easy for us to get from point A to point B, but they also work with VON (Victoria Order of Nurses) in an effort for fund-raising for the wonderful organization. What started out as a drive with 'Piggies for Pennies,' they continue to help raise money for VON by keeping those Piggies riding around town.

Here in Wiarton it is John McKay's smiling face you find behind the wheel, and should you find yourself needing a ride in the Saugeen Shores area you will be gladly greeted by Carolyn Atkinson. Crabby Cabbie welcomes out of town drives and would be happy to quote for any special event or function.

Welcome to Wiarton Crabby Cabbie, and thank you for helping keep our roads safe and getting us where we need to go safely.

Crabby Cabbie
Wiarton - 519.477.5950
Saugeen Shores - 519.373.7000

I am so proud of him, as he works hard and puts a lot of hours in every week.  Good job, honey, you will always be MY favourite Crabby Cabbie !

We had a rough go getting started in Wiarton, some even thinking we had been affiliated with the "other" cab company, Grab A Cab, but for some reason I think things might finally turn around for us.  Say a "quick" prayer for us, as we could always use one or two of them at any given time.  PS.  they are always appreciated too.

Can you handle more Wiarton news????  

Here We Grow Again ! "The Source" will be open for business Friday June 28th .
The Staff of "Wiarton Video" and the Revell family believe "The Source" will be an asset to the community and a great fit within our existing location.  Along with a fantastic selection of movies  to rent or buy, we will now be able to provide a great assortment of product categories aimed at helping you, our customer, make your life easier while on the go.

Our product and service line-up will include the latest selection of Smartphones, TV's. Laptops, Tablets, Headphones and essentials including Batteries and Ink. Our Staff look forward to assisting you find the products you want and providing the help you need, to make the most of your electronics. 
See you soon at "Wiarton Video and The Source"  
582 Berford Street
Wiarton, ON  
Yay !  A Source Store and hopefully more job creation for Wiarton residents !!!  
My day looks pretty hum drum compared to all that fantastic stuff I just posted ..... here I go anyway.
My usual Aussie and puppy duties, laundry, bathroom, vacuuming, floors washed, dishes done, .... clean, clean, clean !  I cancelled my weekly Doctor's appointment, as I have my bi-annual allergy testing coming up and no antihistamines are suppose to be used a few days prior to testing.  My glans have been swollen, eyes itchy, skin itchy, sore throat and left ear congested as the pollen has been rampant this Year.  
I did manage to slip downtown for a little bit today as I had needed some things for tomorrow's lunch.  I stopped by the Wiarton Farmer's Market ....
...and there was our "Crabby Cabbie" Wiarton vehicle.  Nice to see we are, as I had said earlier, slowly starting to gain some business out and about the Town of Wiarton.
This afternoon I cleaned the bathroom.  At 5 pm I mixed a Grandma's Apple Cinnamon Cake and got it into the oven ... I can smell it baking now.  Love the aroma.
Last night we had a simple Dinner.
I was happy to crack open 2 eggs to find double yolks.  What a bonus !

The grill is on.  Rob is grilling up some Butterball Turkey Burgers.  Once the cake is baked, and our dinner is over with I will get the laundry off the line, then get to making a Black Bean & Feta Salad for tomorrow too.
I am off to check out how those burgers are grilling and get a bit of fresh air out on our deck, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Congrats to your Crabby Cabbie and you . Busy day . I just finished cleaning all kinds as well . The weather here is sunny with cool breezes no humidity at all it soo nice ! Happy first day of summer !

  2. Congrats to your Crabby Cabbie and you. I know Country Gal said it first but I was thinking it first:)
    Enjoy the sunny evening we are having yeah it is finally nice out. B

  3. Isn't that a great PROMO!!
    Been great to finally get some summer weather. Not looking forward to the humidity that will come with the extreme heat, but we'll get through it.
    Trying to get in the mood to clean, with any luck the bathroom will make the list tomorrow.

  4. That's so wonderful, Cindy!! And very well deserved my friend! Hope your business goes up, up UP!!!! xo

  5. Congrats to you Cindy and your Crabbie Cabby:) (I'll be the third to say it!!) Can't wait to check out your Black Bean and Feta Salad~ Lynn

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! What an honour - no wonder you're so proud Cindy. xx

  7. Congratulations! Awesome feature for you and your husband, Cindy!

  8. Congratulations! Good for you and the Crabby Cabbie!


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