Saturday, 22 June 2013


Last night Rob and I really enjoyed our BBQ'd Dinner.  I had a $5.00 coupon off Butterball Turkey Burgers, so had picked up a box a week ago.

Moist, full of flavour and all around "good".  We are pretty certain we will be purchasing these again.  After checking around a few stores, I had found Walmart had been the least expensive to buy these.

This morning I was up and at it very early, as I had a big day planned ahead of me.  First thing, before it rained, I took everyone out, fed everyone and then cleaned the puppies inside pen before having a coffee.

Once I had updated the Wiarton & Crabby Cabbie Facebook pages, I got going on making the salad for today's lunch.

I had no problem putting this salad together.  It is not only one of my favourites, it is full of fibre goodness.  Black Bean & Feta Salad.


At 11:30 our company arrived.  I served up lunch not too long after their arriving.

Lunch was Pickled Cauliflower, Dills, Egg Salad & Salmon Sandwiches, with Black Bean & Feta Salad and Grandma's Apple Cinnamon Cake for Dessert.

Special thanks to my Cousin Linda, who had gifted me the Pickled Cauliflower last Year for such a special occasion.  Linda they were out of this World, I will be making them myself this Year, and I was also asked for the recipe too.  Special thanks also to my friend Toni with an "i", as she had gifted me the Dill pickles at Christmas time ... yummy, as they were all ate up too.

Once lunch was cleaned up with, we headed on up to Gateway Haven, as today was going to not only be a surprise for my Mother, it was going to be a "special" day for myself and my siblings.

This is the first photograph my siblings & I had with our Mother in 6 years.  It will be one more to be cherished as a family.  Myself, my brother Allan, our Mother Stella, my sister Donna, and Sister Jeanne.

A very rare photo, if maybe the only one of myself and my siblings.  

Another first is one of brother Allan, Mother and my Great Nephew Riley (Allan's Grandon).  Geez Riley at 13 has gotten to be quite the tall one in the family.

My sister Jeanne, and her daughter Joanne.

Sisters Donna & Jeanne, with Jeanne's husband Cecil.

A switch up of sisters in this photo.

I am pretty sure this will be the last photo I take of Jeanne & Cecil before they head back home to Nfld. next Sunday.

We had a great visit as a family.  Mother was very surprised and happy.  Donna's husband Wayne, and my Rob stayed back at home to look after the doggies.

This is Donna & Wayne's newest addition to their family.  "Taz" is a minature Dapple Dachshund who is now 3 months old.  He really is sweet.

Bandit and Taz absolutely loved each other.  Bandit is pretty good with all doggies.

I was very happy today, however warm it had gotten, that the rain had held off for the remainder of the day after the shower we had first thing this morning.

I was very happy we were able to take advantage of our new deck today too.  Wayne and Rob had headed out there as soon as Donna and Wayne had arrived.

After we finished up our visit with Mother, Jeanne, Cecil and Joanne came back to our house for the afternoon of visiting with us, Donna and Wayne.  

Everyone even got themselves a little puppy love today.

 It was a GOOD DAY, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Wonderful photo's Cindy~ You will treasure them for many years to come:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the upcoming week:) Lynn

  2. PS: Your Black Bean and Feta Salad looks Perfect for a Summer BBQ~ Can't wait to try it~Lynn

  3. Love all the family photos Cindy! :) I'm sure they'll be cherished for years to come! Love that new deck!! That'll be nice throughout the summer, won't it!? :)

  4. Lovely family photos ! It is hazy and very humid here the rain has been going around us all day but they say it is to thunderstorm here during the night . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  5. What a great family reunion! Lovely pictures!

    And you absolutely have to share the recipe for pickled cauliflower. It looks delicious!

  6. What a wonderful day with your family! I am sure your mother loved it as I know you did:) I'll bet you're still smiling!

  7. Your new deck is fabulous Cindy. Something we're missing here. I'm trying to stop myself looking at puppies until early August but it's difficult! So pleased you had such a great day with the family. x

  8. Beautiful deck, Cindy! I think I have everything I need to make this salad except for the red pepper. But I have some mild yellow banana peppers that will do just fine. Thanks for linking!


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