Thursday, 27 June 2013

Did You Know ????

Did you know Grey Bruce is going to have it's very own Value Village Store in July ????  July 25th, 2013 to be exact.  The new store will be located at 2125 16th Street East, Owen Sound (just past the Walmart & Home Depot stores).

Truly I am excited not only about having a Value Village Store, but that it will also be creating more jobs for the Grey/Bruce counties !  Thanks for coming to Owen Sound Value Village.  I am looking forward to the Grand Opening, aren't you?

Not sure what a Value Village Store is all about? then check out their website by *clicking* HERE.

The business of the past few weeks hit me today.  I felt like a Mac Truck had hit me I was so dang, dang, triple dang tired.  Still I managed to look after everyone today, do 2 loads of laundry, and run a couple of errands downtown Wiarton.  Oh yes, how could I forget I also attended to more "Crabby Cabbie" business.  I am very baffled I never received a pay stub for all the work I seem to be doing for that guy ... what's up with that ????

When I was downtown today I got to thinking about Ice Cream.  I LOVE Ice Cream.  Wiarton has four, no make that five, places to go and buy an ice cream cone.

Yeppers, my favourite Ice Cream is "hard" ice cream, and there are four places in and around Wiarton who supplies it in many different flavors.  Downtown Wiarton it is Northern Confections & Lloyd's Smoke Shop.  Then on my way home from downtown there is the Spirit Rock Lodge at the top of the North Hill, and right beside me is our neighour, Solway's Farm Market Garden.... geez is that temptation or what???

For those "soft" ice cream lovers, such as my Auntie Gladys, the Frosty Freeze has been dishing it up since 1958.  Wowsers, it has to be doing something right !!!

Our local Foodland Store had Lean Ground Beef on sale this week for $2.47 per pound.  Since we haven't had a BBQ'd burger this year, I thought tonight would be a great night to do so.

Mixed with Knorr Savory & Herb dry soup mix, black pepper, a couple of eggs and some Panko crumbs they were ready to go.  One $14.00 pkg. gave us 5 burgers grilled and 8 for the freezer.  No I did not eat 5 burgers, but Rob almost ate three.  

Rob even topped a couple of the burgers with Miners' Maple Products BBQ Sauce ... really they were awesome.

Now I am not only tired, I am very very full.  You know being full makes you even more tired.

I almost forgot when my siblings and I had gotten together last Saturday to visit our Mother, I had also taken a video that day.  Did you know my Mother could recite jokes and ditties like there was no tomorrow? well she sure can ....

I am so happy I took this video and we were all together for this as it will be an everlasting memory.

It is lightly raining and I still have puppies out in the outside kennel run that more then likely would like to come in, however though the deck shelters them pretty good I am pretty confident they are all just fine.  Tomorrow will be their very first car ride, their very Vet visit, their very first vaccination, and their very first time leaving their birth home (and some Saturday).

I am off to do what needs done before I have to call it a day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Even though you are tired sounds like you had a good day regardless !Loved the Video ! Oh we have a wonderful ice cream place down here in Port Burwell called Scoops it has been there for 40 years or more and is family owned and operated and very popular with the shores of lake Erie . I can not eat the soft ice cream as it has some type of oils in it that gives it the softness of it but I love regular ice cream Butterscotch ripple is my fave ! There is a Value village store in London and hour away from us we don't go there to much as there are lovely thrifts stores in town 20 min away ! It was pouring here flood warnings were put in place and the thunder and lightning was amazing . We love thunder storms all though Miggs not so much ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening and get some rest !

  2. I Make my own vegan ice cream, cheap, healthy and I know what goes in it.
    Kisses for the puppies.xxxxx
    Jane x

  3. We will be going out for icecream this weekend!! Maybe more than once we don't have to tell the guys!!

  4. Burgers are one of my favorite foods, which is funny since at one point I could have easily been a vegetarian. Go figure! My mom always added egg, breadcrumbs, and onion soup mix to burgers. Your recipe is a trip down memory lane. Thank you for linking this week, Cindy. Now go get some rest!

  5. Quite a few ice cream shops for a town of that size!


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