Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Another Super Duper Busy Day

It was really another Super Duper Busy Day for me .... puppies fed and cleaned at least 5 times, Adult Aussies in and out several times, 2 loads of laundry washed and hung out, kitchen cleaned up, dinner put in the slow cooker (thank God for slow cookers on days like today)j, a trip down to Southampton to drop my Crabby Cabbie off an alternator for one of our vehicles, phone calls, paperwork .... I am exhausted !!!

Oh yes, I managed to squeeze in putting together a really easy BBQ Sauce in all the busy madness of the day.

The Maple-Mustard Barbecue Sauce is in the fridge with all the flavours blending together in hopefully yummy goodness for the Pork Chops I will be trying it out on tomorrow night.  Stay tuned tomorrow for an update....

Where would I come across such a delightful tray of sweetness you might wonder. 

Tray of Goodies Made and Donated by Northern Confections, Wiarton.

Tonight the Wiarton Chamber was hosting a get together at The Northern Dunes Golf Club in Hepworth.  It`s purpose was to bring together existing members and encourage businesses to come out to see what the Wiarton Chamber is all about and what its future vision is leading it towards.

This would be Mandy Sebok.  Mandy is employed by the Wiarton Chamber, and is also a fun loving Camera Buff ... can`t wait to see what magic her Nikon pulled off this evening.

Some people had golfed 9 holes and had just came off the course to where others, like myself and Rob had arrived later on in the early evening.  Here is Paul Deacon, who presently is the Chamber President, along with the 2 Lindsay`s who are Chamber Administration.

Paul highlighted, for those of us present, what the Chamber is now and where it is headed.  Lindsay took over with a few updates she had prepared herself.  Lindsay is the gal behind the scenes who pulls lots of things together to keep the Chamber well oiled and functional with memberships, events, and all the behind the scenes paper flow and legalities.  

It was a lovely social and informative evening for both Rob and  I to attend to together (a rare occasion, and very much enjoyed by moi).  There had also been a draw of names for Door Prizes.  *Sigh*, yes as you  could guess I did win .... a Gift Certificate for $25.00 for the Wiarton Inn.  I guess Rob and I will be dining out some evening in our very near future.

Should anyone be interested in knowing more about becoming a Chamber Member in Wiarton, please check out the website at:  visitwiarton.ca

Contact Information for the Wiarton Chamber may be found at the following link:  http://visitwiarton.ca/

Check out Wiarton`s Facebook Page by *clicking* HERE., and showing YOUR support by giving its page a LIKE.

I am not really going to surprise anyone if I were to mention I have another Super Duper Busy Day ahead of me again tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I don't know how you do it Cindy:) You sure are busy! Can't wait to check back tomorrow...never put maple syrup in bbq sauce before. Those chocolate covered pretzels are a favorite of mine:) Lynn

  2. Definitely not a surprise :) I had a very busy day too but it was all boring stuff... :)

  3. Do you ever have a quiet day Cindy?! x

  4. oooh la la that BBQ sauce sounds delicious, I could eat bbq everyday haha

  5. Maple and mustard sounds like a good combination...


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