Friday, 28 June 2013

Another Stinky Puppy Day

It was a very busy Stinky Puppy Day for me and my helper, Shea-lyn.  You can read about that HERE.

By the time we went back around from the Mildmay Vets to Southampton to fill up with gas and got back home it was Lunch time.  Time for lunch ... a bunch of grapes after I had all our adult Aussies out and about, fed and watered the Everything 8, down to 7 puppies since Shea-lyn had kept her boy when I had dropped her off at home.

I had changed my clothes, ran a comb through my hair and headed downtown Wiarton to attend to some business.  When I returned home I spend more time on the phone for my Crabby Cabbie with our insurance company.  With it being the Canada Day Holiday weekend we wanted to make sure the vehicle we had purchased was put on our insurance in case one of our others had a mechanical problem, as there is no 24 hour phone number to reach the insurance company.

I had no sooner gotten off the phone when I had a call from a couple who wanted to come view the remaining three male puppies we have.

The 3 handsome dudes who are still seeking their Forever Homes.

Shortly off the phone with them was when one of the puppies, who had already been sold, New Forever Home had arrived to collect him.  Minutes after the other couple pulled in to see the 3 males.  I felt my head spinning.  By this time all our adult Aussies had needed out and about again too.

I could not be more pleased that Oliver has gone home with his New Forever Home family, Judy and Ron.  They had also brought along their 3 year old granddaugther, Arizona, who is such a sweetie.

Judy and Ron headed out with their babies.  When the other couple left it must have been almost 6 pm., without a puppy as they need to sleep on it, which I am happy they are as it shows they are responsible enough to give it more thought, rather then being impulsive.

Rob got home about 7 pm.  I can not believe our Dinner tonight was a box of Kraft Dinner and an apple.  Really I can not remember the last time I had Kraft Dinner.

One thing about all the wonderful rain we needed and got, was that our Veggie Garden shot right up more..

Rob has left back for work, our 4 adults Aussies need out and about for one last time tonight, and this chick feels like she is going to collapse very shortly with fatigue, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Oh what a busy day ! I am glad Oliver found his forever home with a wonderful family I think they all will have fun . Hope you have a good long weekend and a Happy Canada Day !

  2. Those three little boys are just the cutest!!!!

    Nothin' wrong with Kraft dinner and an apple for supper once in a blue moon! I CRAVE the stuff, but can't eat it.


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