Monday, 3 June 2013

A Surprise Visit

I was busy this morning trying to play "catch up".  "Catch up" is obviously one of my favourite things to do as I am seemingly always trying to master catching up on one thing or another, whether it be sleep, housework, bookwork, or something or another.

After the Aussies were looked after, the bed made, the Apple Cinnamon Cake and Brownies wrapped well and put into the freezer, and the Everything 8 puppies were all fed, I got going on cleaning and making up the Spare Bedroom all pretty and fresh.

With my sister and her husband coming to spend next week with us, and a busy weekend coming up I needed to get going on some things that needed done.  Good place to start to guarantee their room was ready for them when they arrive incase nothing else gets done.

Out getting the mail after lunch, low and behold a vehicle arrives in our lane way.  Ha ! my niece had brought the visiting couple up for an early visit.  They had been over to see my brother, then my Mother, and here to see us before heading back to her place.

My niece emailed me a photo she had taken of Mom and Jeanne when they had been up visiting.  Cell phones do come in handy for more then just talking or texting on when you need to snap a quick photo.

Before we even sat down for a tea and visit, Jeanne and Joanne had to go down to the basement to check out the Everything 8 puppies.  Lots of loving and kissing was going on before Tea Time.

We had a nice visit before they headed on back down the road.  I will see them again next week when they arrive again for a stay over with us.

Yesterday the Everything 8 had a Video taken of them eating their first solid food.  You do not want to miss out on watching this one ... check it out by *clicking* HERE.

Before I knew it the afternoon was almost gone and the chicken I had planned on for our Dinner had to get into the oven to roast.  In another 15 minutes or so I will be out in my kitchen getting a hopefully really yummy roasted chicken Dinner together to serve up for Rob and myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Wow Cindy! Your Brownies look delicious and that Apple Cake~ Makes me hungry just looking at the pictures:) The Hamburger Soup looks yummy too! Your spare bedroom furniture is beautiful!! I love antique furniture...Your sister and her husband are in for a real treat:) Lynn

  2. Apple cinnamon cake is much too tempting... and those dogs are precious!

  3. lovely treat for you seeing them earlier.


  4. Everyone looks happy when they're snuggling a puppy, have you noticed? :)

  5. Looks like you had a very nice early visit :) And puppy cuddles....:)

  6. They are adorable Cindy. We're not having a lot of success finding a puppy here but we are really looking for a pregnant terrier to produce the pup of our dreams that will be ready at the end of August!

  7. That explains Erica's status on fb! So nice to see your sister Jeanne is here Cindy. xo Send our hugs please...

  8. What a great day!!! Puppies and sisters, can't get any better than that!


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