Wednesday, 20 June 2012

When You Are Hot You Are Hot !

I am pretty sure I am not that "Hot", but I can tell you I was "Hot" today .... 32*C weather tends to do that to a person, especially one who does not have Central Air in their home.  However, she does have Air in her Van, so good thing that is where I spent more time in then at home this "hot" day !  LOL

What did I do today?  Well where do I begin ... after all my "Checkerboard Aussies" were taken care of, I am sure it began with more "Crabby Cabbie" phone calls and paperwork.  I did manage to sneak in a quick shower, afterwards being grateful to my dear Rob for making our bed, before I headed on down to Tarry Awhile in Tara .....

"My Niece, Jo and I, headed on from her place, downtown Tara this morning to spread a little "Crabby Cabbie" is in Saugeen Shores and Surrounding area info to everyone in this quaint little town."

"This home, which was once "The Doctor's House" was something which could not be passed with out first admiring."

"I very seldom NOT notice something in a flowerbed that might be a little on the unique and different side.  Do these not look like popsicles???"

"Who would have ever thought there was a Communications store in Tara?  Let me introduce you to the inside scoop on "freiburger communication" (as on their business card).  We had the pleasure of meeting Abby Bolton, Assistant Office Manager and Brandi Hastings, IT Department.   From Internet connections to anything communications related, you can find it here located right on Main Street Tara by checking out their website at: "

"Check out the Tara Vet Services, now located on Main Street as well.  What a great store front it has !"

"This is Donna, the out front gal, who would be pleased to look after your inquiries for your beloved pet, making arrangements for your needs to be taken care of with one of the Tara Vet Services Veterinarians."

"I noticed Tara Vet Services had a very extensive supply of foods, etc... available on hand for all your pets needs."

"Should you need a new "Hair Do", drop right on in at Sharon's, also located for your convenience on Main Street."

"Jo-Anne and I really enjoyed this little variety store, being totally amazed at the broad selection it had to offered from soup to gifts."

"Definitely a "one stop" shop at this Variety Store."

"Tara has always hosted a Public Swimming pool for its community for as long as I can remember."

"The Sauble River even runs through the Town of Tara.  Here you see the United Church in the background."

"The Founding of Tara.  I find any town's origination interesting."

"Just a little bit over the bridge and up Main Street further, you will find Tim Noble's place, "Cool Signs"."

"Not only "Cool Signs" and "Murals" to be had, a pretty "Cool Truck" is being offered for"

Tara also boasts a restaurant, which next time I will try out for lunch and tell all about another time, as well as another Convenience Store having a Liquor/Beer Store facility within, and a small grocery store. Oh yes, and how could I forget there is also a Royal Canadian Legion in Tara, which I have blogged earlier this Year, inside and out ... I do love their Legion here !

On my way out of town this day I needed to pickup some Lime for disinfectant, so where better a place to stop but then right in Tara at ....

"John Woodhouse at the Bluewater Feed Company knew exactly what kind of lime I was looking for.  Now that is real farm knowledgeable service in my books !"

Just a little bit off of Main Street is a really fantastic place that should be a "must stop" on your visit to Tara ....

"The word I have heard around Town and Bruce County is the Tara Butcher Shop makes about one of the best Homemade Garlic Sausages around."

I am pretty sure I managed to get home sometime just after 2:00 pm, only to leave on down to Tara again to pickup Jo-Anne, as we had found a fridge and stove set for her on Kijiji.  Off to Meaford we went to check it out.

"On our way back home, I could not go by this beautiful view without snapping a photo to share."

I managed to get home, I am thinking maybe a bit before 9 pm, with 4 very happy "Checkerboard Aussies" to see me, and one little puppy.  Once everyone was settled in, a phone call to a friend returned, I sat down here to reflect back on my day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I lived in the little white 'Cape Cod' right across from The Doctors House, and worked at that swimming pool for several years...I miss my hometown :)

  2. How come at 32 degrees there is nobody in that pool?? Looks like you had another busy day


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