Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What A Steal Of A Deal !

"Nice to walk out in the wee hours of the morning with the dogs to have the grass at an appropriate level to walk through .... my feet were not as wet from the dew."

"The Life of Riley my dogs lead some days ... a little morning scratch going on here by Bandit."

"I am sure if the neighbours aren't looking on over at me, there is always one pair of eyes checking me out ... lol."

"The soft pink of the Lilies are making their appearance."

"Bandit and Lexus running "to beat the band"."

"Mercedes was next out and having a grand time running, running, running full tilt."

Buddy and I went for our usual walk together around the property.  For this walk I have to adorn my rubber boots to guarantee dry feet.  Since we brought Buddy home only on Mother's Day in May, I am not yet to a comfort zone of letting him run loose ... maybe in another month or so, once the hay has been cut and baled from our fields.

Speaking of hay in our fields, we had someone drop in the other day who is going to cut, bale and purchase our hay this Year, rather then us hiring someone to cut, then finding someone to buy.  I hope this arrangement works for us.  Worth the "try" out I am hoping it will be.

Rob and I had to make a trip out to the Wiarton OPP detachment this morning.  No he is NOT in trouble, and better never be ... lol.  Anytime there are Minor children or Seniors involved, either by volunteer or paid employment, the Townships requires there be a Vulnerable Sector Check be gotten.  

Should this check be required for Volunteer Work, I am under the impression it is free of charge.  Should this check be required for employment, the charge varies from Township to Township, for example in Brampton the charge is $45.00, and in South Bruce Peninsula it is $25.00.  Why such a difference, as usual, it is beyond my understanding.

The "Crabby Cabbie" had to draft a letter to be attached to application of the Vulnerable Vector Check for anyone who might apply to drive for us (any other place of employment I am sure would also be required the same).  This case being, me, the "Not so Crabby Wife, drafted the letter, which we took out to the Wiarton OPP detachment to have them check to make sure it is exactly what is required before we took it upon ourselves to issue, finding it might not have been done right.  Better to do the ground work beforehand, is it not?  

It was exactly what they required, so we are good to go, should we need to have one for anyone applying to work for the "Crabby Cabbie".  I do so like being prepared, rather then scrambling at a last moment !

On our way home, we stopped in at our local Foodland Store, where I just happened to come across ...

"These lovely boxes of local berries, marked down to .49 cents a box !  I would have been "nuts" to have passed them up."

"A grand total of $1.96 for 12 cups of berries in our freezer.  What a Steal of a Deal !!!  Considering the other day they were $3.99 a quart."

The Canada Day holiday weekend is fast approaching this upcoming weekend, so I am thinking when our company arrives I will be making us a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, trying out this recipe ....

The heading said, "Easy Strawberry Rhubarb Pie", so you can rest assure it was the "Easy" that caught my attention .... lol.

My acquaintance, Bess, who has been a reader of my blog for some months now, who also corresponds with me via email, sent me a most interesting email this day which I am going to share as follows:

Now was that not just too cool to watch something so fantastic "live" without even having to be there???  I LOVE it !  Thanks for sharing with me, Bess !!!

I even managed to get out for a walk with my friend, Sharon, this afternoon, taking Missy Mercedes along with us.  

I am hoping there will be no running around, so I can concentrate on getting our bedroom, and the bathroom cleaning done tomorrow, then onto the main rooms Thursday, so I can enjoy our Company this weekend.  This is the plan, but we know how plans tend to get "blown apart" from time to time, do we not? or should I say, in my case more frequent then not.

Here I am, it barely 7:30 pm, with my post for the day almost "posted".  Yet a sink full of dishes to attend to before the last runs of the evening for the "Checkerboard Aussies", then maybe an early night for "moi", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Many of our smaller lot farmers combine together and get a single harvester in to cut and bale the lucerne hay in their combined paddocks - its stored in a central location and sold as a 'feed lot', frequently to one of the Stock and Feed Merchants but often to interstate graziers who have difficulty growing lucerne hay or other fodder.

  2. Ha ha you do make me laugh with all you fit into your days! Can you just pop over and mow my lawn please which I cannot walk through lol. I have to get a police check too as a teacher, and my school pays, but when Mr Thrifty did supply teaching he had to pay himself and it isn't cheap here. Those strawberries look good - what a bargain! Have a good day xx

  3. I am starting my day with lots of "Hope to" rather than "To Do" maybe it will work out better!! Man you do get around!!! Ha


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