Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Very Last Group Photo

My day began when I awoke at 4:00 not being able to get back to sleep...why would that happen?  Who needs 8 hours sleep anymore?  *Sigh*  I sure didn't begin to let everyone in, out and about at that time of the morning, as 6:00 am is the earliest that gets to happen around here ... now that is a lie, as I had then all in, out, and about before 6:00, as my brother was at the door at 6:09 am, LOL.

My brother, Al, and I had some Mother stuff to go over.  All was good until I took a sip of the Tim Horton's coffee he had brought me and got a "sugar rush" !  I only take cream in mine.  He had ordered only cream, but again the order was screwed up, so Rob scored on that coffee ....

We were to meet my gal, Ashley, who had also helped me with the 2011 "Checkerboard Aussie" Litter going to the Vets, at 8:00 am at our local Foodland Store.

"Rob had the "Spectacular Six" all loaded up and ready to go by 8:00 am.  The last "group photo"."

Trust me, as innocent as the next couple photos are, it was a very noisy ride until we got almost to Walkerton.

"Scout was a good girl."

"The "One & Only" puppy was also very good."

"This would be "Injaca", one of the noisy ones, along with his Blue Merle sister who was the noisiest the whole trip."

"Here we are at our appointed destination, the Mildmay Veterinary Clinic."

"Ashley heads on in with the very first of the six."

"The "One & Only" not only has "cute" on his Puppy Resume, he now has Office Experience. Spread the word, as this little guy is now loaded with talent !"

"The "Spectacular Six" were accosted as soon as we had entered the doors.  We LOVE the Staff at the Mildmay Veterinary Clinic .... they are ALL so awesome there !!!  ...and by the photos, anyone can tell they all love seeing the "Checkerboard Aussie" puppies too!"

"Jarin was on Puppy weigh-in detail.  Jarin is the proud Mommy of not only a two year old son, but a 1 Year old 110 lb. Burmese Mountain Dog.  Do you think she knows the meaning of "busy"?  LOL."

"Jean-Marie was our attending Vet this day.  Open wide!"

"Injaca was trying out his "wily" charms out on the staff ... this puppy is always up to something, believe you, me !"

"Poor little Cash was terrified; can you tell by the "look" on his face?"

"Open wide there Myles .... say "ah"."

"Hey lady, what do ya think you are doing back there???"

"Thank goodness, Ashely, get me out of here !!!"

I am happy to report every one of the "Spectacular Six" are healthy and well.  Could not be happier to find this to be the case ... we strive to make sure our "Checkerboard Aussie" babies get the best we are able to give them .... lots of love and attention comes first and foremost.

"Our girl hadn't gotten to bed until 1:30 am the night before, so she was pretty worn out by all the puppy excitement."

"Everyone was "Starvin' Marvins" by the time we arrived back home just after the lunch hour."

"The rest of our "Checkerboard Aussies" were all happy to see us and ready to blow off some steam !"

Once we had our lunch, I did manage to get our bed made and wash the kitchen floor (could not stand walking and sticking to it one more day), before Rob put on his "Crabby Cabbie" hat to take his leave.

We were expecting our first Puppy Pickup around 4:00 pm, so Myles and I hung out together awaiting for his newly adopted Mama to arrive.

"Where could that new Mama be?  it is after 4 o'clock !"

"Might as well doing a little nosing around while I am waiting."

"Aha, my Natasha showed up with her boyfriend to make claim to me !!! "

"Daddy Bandit even got some good-bye kisses from Myles."

"I had a fantastic visit with Natasha before she took her Myles, along with her boyfriend and sisters headed on out of our driveway, with promises she will keep in touch.  I am so looking forward to hearing back from her soon, as I do love hearing about all of our babies." 

I had some time before the next puppy pickup to take Lexus, Mercedes and Buddy all out for a run, and even get a sinkful of dishes washed up before ....

"Little Cash and I hung out together waiting for his newly adopted Mama."

"Here we are saying our good-byes to sweet little Cash ... enjoy your new home little buddy!"

That was most certainly a full day, with another just around the corner when tomorrow arrives, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Aww, happy sad time for you to see your babies go to their new homes. Wonder how many of them ended up in bed with their new Mommy last night so everyone could get some sleep!!

  2. How can you bear to see them go! I still say that the little forgotten one is the cutest! I'm home now with little Sparkle - I don't know which one of us is more in awe!

  3. oh my gosh!! how fun and cute they are!! do you miss them?! we are getting our mutt from the shelter this kids are counting the seconds...this dog will go for walks and walks and walks and walks...

  4. Ashley Stewart14 June 2012 at 21:24

    I had a great time accompanying you guys :) can't wait til next year! Thanks again for spying on me as I slept haha!

  5. Aww... :( I wanted all six of them!!!! ;) Glad they're all happy & healthy! You're a great momma!!!

  6. Oh my god it's my Canadian Pen Pal Ashley Stewart :)! Hey from Australia :)!

    1. Cindy told me you commented Nathan! :) I am embarrassed because she caught me sleeping! Haha it isn't very flattering. Hello from Canada!


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