Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Somewhat Kind Of A Picnic It Was

June 21st was our Grandson, Connor's 5th Birthday.  Our son, Paul and his gal, Holly, arranged a Birthday Party for him and his little friends at Bingman's Park in Kitchener last night.  I was so excited when they emailed me pictures as it was going on ....

"Connor sure was getting his wind together for those candles !"

"This was the "best" one.  Is that total excitement on that kid's face, or what?  LOL.  There is our Aiden boy watching on, and Mommy reading off the cards."

I do love when I receive "instant" photos of their memorable moments like these, when I am unable to be there.  How thoughtful is my Son.  Thanks Paul ! xoxoxo

Today I needed to "catchup" on the laundry.  Today was a perfect weather day to be getting this chore done, not to mention "cheaper" hydro rates on the weekends.

"Three bags full .... lol."

My "Crabby Cabbie" hadn't gotten home until 3:30 am, and back up and gone again at 8:00 am this morning.  *Sigh* I do worry about that man some days .... not to mention between his work and my being out, about and busy the past few days, we have barely seen each other.

Today I was about to remedy the part about not seeing each other.  Egg Salad sandwiches were made up with lettuce on fresh Calabrese buns, along with coleslaw and a gingerale packed up.

"All packed up and ready to go shortly after 1:00 pm, I took off down to meet up with my "Crabby Cabbie" at the Long Dock in Southampton."

"We met up at Gerry's Fries at the Long Dock where we ordered a medium French Fry to split between the two of us to go along with our sandwiches.  $5.25 for a Milkshake?  When did they get so expensive????"

"I had put the new seat cover on the back seat my Cousin Paula had gotten for my van, so Lexus could come along for the ride today.  Here she is trying to get Rob's attention."

"Very persistent she is being, as he continues to ignore her."

"Moving in a little further ...."

"Losing her patience with him, it was a "Hey You, I am here you know!".  LOL."

"It was down here at this part of the Southampton Beach, in Lake Huron, that I had swimming lessons many, many "moons" ago when I was a young lass."

"This is the Chantry Island Lighthouse way out from the Long Dock (what was a dock many years ago, I am sure way before my time, as I can only remember it broken up)."

"The "zoom" in my camera is quite pleasing considering this is where we were parked when I took the photo of the Lighthouse."

Bruce County does have a Lighthouse Tour available, just "click" on the following link to find out all about it:

There is a lot of pretty amazing history in the County of Bruce, with the Lighthouses being a large part of that History.

Our lunch was finished and enjoyed before my "Crabby Cabbie" received a call to go back out to work, while Lexus and I packed up and returned on home.  Once home, I had a little bit of a rest before taking in, folding and putting away those "three bags full" of laundry I had done earlier this day.

"Since the laundry line is back out where the Rose Bushes are, how could I not "stop and smell the roses"?"

"I had this video emailed to me a couple of days ago, enjoying it so much myself I just had to share."

I absolutely loved this video !  Not only funny but amazing how animals take care of their young, as we do ours.

Here it is 8:00 pm, another early post.  I am off to enjoy the sunshine still outside my windows while I take everyone in, out and about for their nightly romp, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Happy Birthday to Connor! Glad you got to spend some time with your hubby today. It's hard not to see each other much :( The elephants are awesome!

  2. What a fun surprise for your hubby!! Thanks for sharing the video, what cute babies

  3. Happy birthday to Connor! :) love that you got the instant pics! :) Love the pics of Lexus trying to get some attention!! lol! Too sweet!


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