Thursday, 14 June 2012

Good-bye Little Girl & Injaca

"So began my day in the early morning light."

"My very first Clematis flowered ... what a beautiful morning greeting."

"The Fushia buds were also just waking up."

"My little old man was keeping watch over his new plants."

"The very last Lupin to be blooming this Season."

 "I do love the Oriental Poppy by the ponds, only just blooming within the past couple of days."

"Bandit was very intense on "sniffing" out the driveway this morning; makes me wonder what goes through our place when were are all fast asleep???"

"Once the "pack" had been all looked after, I thought I should put together a tin of Muffins.  This is my new recipe clipboard that my Secret Sister, Ellen, made and gifted me... I LOVE it !"

"In the Oven they go...within 20 minutes they are cooling on the counter top.  Blueberry Muffins to send along home with the new "Checkerboard Aussie" puppy owners this day."

"We were looking this way and that way for the new people this little Blue Merle girl had adopted as her own."

"A bit on the tired side of waiting, so a little lay down and stretch was the thing to do."

"A tad bored at this point, so thought chewing a bit on the Hostas would pass the time."

"I sure hope nobody noticed me.... oops, I think I tore just a few leaves !"

"Rob, Bandit and little girl thought they would hang together while .... "

".... this new baby Robin was checking us all out."

"The Girlie Girls new family arrived !!!  They had a short visit with meeting Bandit, Lexus and the remaining litter mates before they headed on they 5 hour trip back home to the Haliburtons.  Thanks Sharlene & Sol, I am sure your Girl will give you lots of pleasure for many years to come.  I am so looking forward to all the pictures and updates."

Once the Girlie Girl had left for her new home, I got myself ready as Rob and I were meeting up with Injaca's new family for lunch.  We had a couple of errands to run first, so off we went a little bit on the early side ....

"Here's my friend, Lisa.  I do love that gal's smile !  I got to see her for but a brief second as she was on a mission to pick up her daughter to drop her off for her co-op job."

Our Connor is turning 5 years old (already) on the 21st of this Month, so a trip to the Post Office to get his gift in the mail on time was the next errand to be done.  Then we headed onto our lunch reservations to where else but ....

"The Green Door Cafe in downtown Wiarton.  Reservations recommended."

"Before we went in to the restaurant we got to chatting with this couple who were enroute from Barrie to Tobermory doing the Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport.  For anyone who hasn't had the experience of completing the Adventure Passport, I would highly recommend it as the ultimate daytrip experience to Discover Bruce County !"

"Once we met up with Bernadette and Krystal in the restaurant, lunches were ordered.  Bernadette and I enjoyed the "Loaded Chicken" with a side Caesar Salad, while Rob had a Homemade Cheeseburger with a side of fries & Caesar Salad, while Krystal had the Quiche of the Day with the side Caesar Salad.  This is the "Loaded Chicken" pictured here ... definitely would recommend this "delish" dish !"

Rob had his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on, so off he went, leaving me to ride home with the girls.  

What an exciting day, as Krystal and Bernadette hadn't seen Injaca since he was 3 weeks old, other then in the photos I had been emailing them.

"Mama Bernadette taking right over like a "dirty shirt" right off the cuff"

"How sad was this, to think all the jibber jabber going on between us three gals actually must have bored Injaca to death putting him to sleep .... lol."

"After a fantastic visit, it was time to say our goodbyes, so Injaca could go see his new home and get started on "training" his girls right off the bat .... LOL."

"Bye for now... don't call me unless it is all about the "great" moments please !  LOL."

Bernadette and Krystal had also came bearing gifts ....

"Three potted peonies and two huge bags of Rhubarb roots for me !  Wow was I happy, happy, happy about these gifts ! "

"They had also made Homemade Soaps.  Patchouli, Teatree & Cedarwood for Rob, and Lavender, Teatree and Lemongrass for me.  I love when people are so kind and thoughtful, don't you?"

".... and then there was two !  The little Red Merle girl, Scout, will be going to her home next week, and the Red Tri Male we are still looking to find him his Forever Home."

It has been a busy day, really a busy week, with still another busy day ahead of me tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Your babies have grown up way to fast!!! How fun to get to know all of the new families they will be living with. Love the load of goddies you recieved, what a great surprise

  2. Awww...I can't believe puppies are already old enough to go live with their new families...I bet it's a bittersweet feeling for you right now...


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