Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Please Get Fixed Soon!

I was feeling a little under the weather today, just as this day also started out weatherwise.  Grey, damp and overcast, much like my mood.

I was up and at it just after 5:00 am, with all our "pack" in, out and about before 6:30, and showered by 7:00, only to find myself back in bed laying down until 9:00, something I ever seldom do.  Just the way I was feeling this day.

"This is the fan in our bedroom.  Notice anything wrong with this picture?  I hadn't until Rob had asked me the same question."

I finally did pull the "plug" by pushing myself to finally getting motivated.  What got me motivated?

"The dang lawn that I had started cutting last Thursday... apparently it doesn't know to stop growing until the Lawn Tractor is fixed, as it needed done at the front again.  Please get fixed soon Lawn Tractor !"

"I almost had half of the front yard done, when Rob came along to relieve me by finishing off the little corner at the front."

"Really it was quite good of him considering he had already rotortilled the whole garden.  It does look so nice once it has all been tilled, does it not?"

When Rob finished up the front lawn for me, we sat on the front stoop with a coffee, before it started raining a bit, where we decided ....

"...we would leave the Cliff Swallows be until their young have left the nests, despite the mess, it is no big deal, the mud will hose off."

"Enjoyed our coffee while watching Bandit & Lexus have a bit of tussle and fun together."

Rob wanted a sandwich today for his lunch, so who am I to argue something as easy as that to make? Off we headed on downtown to the local Foodland Store to get some fresh Sub buns for him.

"A little ole' town like Wiarton, with a grocery store open 24 Hrs !  Can you imagine?  Pretty handy for people heading on up the Bruce Peninsula to their cottages late on a Friday night should they need to pickup a few supplies."

Since we were downtown, I thought I would stop around to Passport Explore the Bruce "Central Headquarters" to touch base with one of my favourite guys ....

"...Gem Webb, Content Developer for Bruce County Tourism, the guy behind lots of this .... , with who other then the other "ham" in the photo, my very own "Crabby Cabbie".  LOL ... oh man these two guys could kill me some days with their shinnanigins !"

"I also noticed Rob got the awning up over our deck this morning too.  Good jobs done this morning before it rained."

"I do love the Strawflowers I have been buying the past couple of years.  Their texture, brilliant colour and resistance to heat do make them an outstanding choice for an annual.  They also bloom right to late Fall or longer weather permitting."

With my morning coffee, I usually read my Blogger friends daily posts.  What a pleasure I had reading Mrs. Thrifty's account of her visit to the St. Jacob's Market on her trip here a couple of weeks ago to Ontario.  Nice to think she was visiting somewhere to where I had only lived 5 minutes away from before moving back up here to Bruce County nine years ago.  Thanks for sharing Mrs. Thrifty, I did so love hearing your account of the St. Jacob's Market, and how much you enjoyed yourself there.

Oh yes, the upcoming weekend is Canada Day, with lots happening at the Bluewater Park in Wiarton, being put on by the Wiarton Optimist Club, where you can check them out at their Facebook page HERE.

Lots to see and do, so don't forget to mark your Calendar for this Sunday to spend at Wiarton's Bluewater Park !

I did happen to notice, Em Parkinson has joined me here to follow my daily comings and goings, along with my rants, raves and opinions.  Thanks Em, so happy to have you here, along with everyone else, as the encouragement to continue to "blog" is so much appreciated.

I did manage to clean our bedroom and the bathroom, as planned this day, but other then that this was pretty much my day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. When is it going to get fixed? How big is your land? It looks like you have a lot, I can imagine how hard it is to mow.

  2. The strawflowers are lovely! I really hope you have your tractor fixed soon.


  3. I agree with Lena - your land looks huge and I can't even manage to mow our little lawn! lol xx

  4. Oh your garden area is so nice!!! I could never get something that big weeded!! If your tractor doesn't get fixed soon you are going to be skinny as a rail!!!


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