Saturday, 16 June 2012

Over The Moon With Happiness !

"The Eastern Sky this morning with promises of a wonderful day ahead."

Unfortunately I went to bed last night with a headache, only to arise with another this morning.  I am sure the pressure change, along with pollen in the air, are both contributing factors, along with my neck problems.  Medications just don't seem to help sometimes, causing an upset tummy, so unless I am to the point of tears I try not to medicate myself, and NEVER when I need to drive.

"I took some time to admire the blooming Oriental Poppy, which probably will be done with her blooming soon.  See the little guy on the photo below?"

"The colour combination of the white and blue Campala looks lovely among the Hens & Chicks."

"The last couple of days out with the dogs the Horse Flys/Deer Flys have been as relentless as the headaches !"

Yesterday I had received a call from someone who was interested in the last "One & Only" Checkerboard Aussie puppy.  We made arrangements for them to come today to see him.  This morning, just before 9:00 am, I had a call letting me know they had decided against coming.  We had a wonderful chat leaving it that they would come after all.

The "One & Only" and I, spent an hour or so before their arrival practising our very best behaviour so we could make a lasting first impression.  What does everyone think?

"Just so everyone knows I can "scratch" my own itches.  I am a very self-sufficient puppy."

"I do appreciate life's simple pleasures."

"Not a problem with stairs."

"I am the type of guy who knows how lay back and pant.  A little water over here please?"

"I am sure I could have a passion for gardening.  Digging actually could be one of my specialties."

"I can be very quiet and light on my feet when need be.  And maybe a "little" sneaky."

"I am also a very cautious kind of guy."

"I know when to come when called, or I make them think I do ..."

"I could be a model, as I don't mind posing for the camera one little bit."

"I would never have a problem giving anyone a "bum's up" signal !"

"Look at me, I can wash my own face."

"Really now, do you think I will be able to make a good impression on the people who are coming to see me?"

"He most certainly did make a unbelievable fantastic impression, as here he is with his new Forever Family, Pete & Marg !  I am telling you, when my "Checkerboard Aussies" put on the charm, they lay it on thick !  LOL."

I can not begin to explain how "Over the Moon with Happiness" I am with every home the 2012 "Checkerboard Aussie" litter has been placed with.  I am so looking forward to updates and photos from every single one !  All the work and effort in making my "Checkerboard Aussies" loving with great personalities really does "shine" through !

I would like to thank all the 2011-2012 "Checkerboard Aussie" owners for providing such loving homes, as well as to my own family and friends who always show their support and encouragement with each litter that comes along.

I have called since Pete and Marg had left, with the report "Jake" was a totally awesome little guy all the way home, and still at the time of my phone call.  Really now, was there any doubt he would be anything less then the "best"?  I did tell Marg, when he begins his "teenage" months, I would rather no updates at those time .... lol.

Only Scout, the little Red Merle female remains for her new family to pick her up next Friday.  I suppose I will start her with the crate training before then.  I am sure I will be hearing some "howling" tonight myself, as I am sure she will be missing all of her litter mates.  This will be a post on another day real soon I am sure !

After a bit of lay down to try to rid myself of this day's headache, I took a trip over to Tara to see my niece's new home come this Monday ....

"This is really quite the conversation piece located midway up the stairs to the second floor."

"Cool original old doors will fit right into the game plan."

"With a little lipstick and rouge I am sure it will be all "spiffed" up in no time whatsoever."

"While Jo and I were sitting in the van, this neighbouring cat was heading across the yard with his "catch of the day".  I wonder if some unsuspecting owner will be receiving this gift on their stoop."

After Tara, I headed over to Southampton to have a coffee with my "Crabby Cabbie", as he was having a bit of a lull in his day.  It really was nice to have a little "catch-up" with each other.

Once back home again, I had a "catch-up" with the "pack" in, out, around and about.  Already it is that time of evening to be doing it all over again just before bedtime, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I can't even imagine them not taking the puppy after they saw him. He's absolutely irresistible. I'm glad they all found their new homes!! Are you missing them already?


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