Wednesday, 6 June 2012

It Was NOT In the Budget ... I Need It Though !

"This was "Me" last night, after I had posted my blog for the day."

Courtesy of Garfield Page on Facebook

"My very last photos taken .... "

.... before I came in the house, turned my Fuji compact camera back on to "zoom in" to take a photo of my Bandit boy at the top of the stairs & "wham, bang .... broke, broke, dang, dang, triple dang broke !!!"

I could not believe this happened to me, as it had only been a Year last March when I had purchased this camera, as I had dropped my Coolpix Nikon into the dog's water dish, before this one ... "duh".  One camera per Year, just isn't in the "budget" !

I could NOT LIVE without a camera !!!

Rob laughed when I called to tell him, saying I put as many pictures on that little camera in one Year then some people put on in three Years !  NOT funny I said.

Over, said and done with.  No use crying over spilled milk.  What will be will be.  Can't undo what has been done already ..... oh man, none of that crap stuff makes me feel any better !

Okay on to my day at hand ....

"Heading out in the wee hours of the morning, around the hour of 7:00 am."

"Buddy was happy happy happy to be road tripping with us, with this huge *smile* on his face."

"I am not sure what got into Rob's cornflakes this morning, but he wasn't having any of this obviously."

"How in the heck did he manage to take this of me sending text when he was driving anyway????"

"I suppose we were moving a little to fast for this one too focus to well.  Bonnies Chick Hatchery in Elmira,  I used to work just up the street from here prior to moving back up to Bruce County nine years ago."

"Lookie there, there is my baby boy Paul.  He just happened to be working in Waterloo this day, so we were able to drop in on him for at least 15 minutes before heading over to our  appointed destination." 

"Oh my, this young skate boarder, who was just passing by, asked if I would take a group photo.  He had just been passing by us with his buddy .... lol, nice to have some friendly young men around, is it not?"

"Our boy, Paul, works way up on commercial buildings such as these in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, London, and Barrie areas most commonly, although he has been known to travel as far as Sarnia I believe.  Just think, at one time my baby boy used to be like his Mama, terrified of heights !  Good thing he got over it."

"We passed on by some very old "landmarks" in Waterloo.  Here is Harmony Lunch, well known for their greasy pork burgers for Years !"

"What is a University Town without its Watering Holes?"

"The Ontario Seed Company has been very well known for Years."

"The Grand River Hospital.  This is where my baby boy, Paul, was born almost 29 years ago ... and where my BFF, Bob, works."

"King Edward Public School was the first school my oldest son attended."

"Yeah, we finally arrived to our appointed destination .... as we had some business here to attend to this day."

"Here we are done our business, but heading forward to do yet one more transaction before heading back home."

"My dear Rob decided we needed to visit the Best Buy Store while we were in the Cities of Kitchener-Waterloo."

"All done our business, with being halfway home and stopping for lunch.  Who is playing with the text features on my Blackberry phone now?"

"This is my old Samsung Digimax 130 1.3 Mega Pixel camera I had been using all day for my picture taking (I just haven't been able to part with my old standby after all these years, as it has been always so sturdy and dependable).  I was gifted this camera by Schneider's Meats for having top sales when managing the Elmira Foodland's Deli Department about 12 years ago."

"This is the sweet new camera which took the picture of my great old standby.  It is a Fuji Finepix S4300, with 14 Mega Pixels, Wide 24 mm, 26x zoom, and going to take me a whole lot of time to figure it out .... lol.  After much debate we decided this "middle of the road" camera would give me the most "bang for my buck", so hopefully this will be the case.  Since it was not in the budget, I most certainly hope it does work out for me, lasting as long as my great old Samsung has."

Rob and I never arrived back home full circle until just before 3:00 pm.  What a long full day it was once again.  Rob adorned his "Crabby Cabbie" hat while I looked after the "Spectacular Six" puppy needs, as well as Bandit, Lexus, Missy Mercedes and Buddy.  Then it was time to give the new camera its first "try out".

"There had been a little exploring and rolling around done by Lexus and Bandit once I had arrived home."

"Bandit and I spent some time in this flower bed late this afternoon, managing to get a big pile of last year's rubbish cleared and in a pile for the burn barrel."

"It is starting to fill in and look much better with all the dead branches and leaves removed."

Well, I am not very comfortable with this new camera as of yet, thinking it will take some time to get used to its bulk, as I am so used to having one more compact.  I really am hoping I will like it, in time figuring out that it will work for me.  The good news is the young man at Best Buy gave us three years extended coverage on the camera for the same price two years would have cost us ... hopefully I won't have to use it, however should I it is there.

Part of my life, as I know it, would end should I have no Camera ...... oh me, oh my !  I did need it !

Rob and I had decided, well before he began the "Crabby Cabbie" business, we would raise some Home Grown Chickens this Summer.  We ended up taking a total, including our own, orders for 80 birds.  Yesterday we gave ourselves a "reality check", that physically with all we have on our plate with the hours Rob is putting in with his business, and with me as busy as I am with our "pack" and everything else, we needed to withdraw from our previous decision.  It was with great regret I had to notify our friends and family members of our decision, however we had to make it by putting forth our best interests first.  

Anyone who would still love to have Home Grown Chickens in their freezer for this Fall, I referred them to my friend, Anita Dejong at Dejong Acres, where they could most certainly place an order with them this Year.  For anyone else who might be interested in ordering from the Dejong Farm, as they also have Lamb, Beef, Pork (I believe), Turkey and Chicken available, you may do so by contacting them through their website page as follows:

Please do tell them I referred you, not that I get a "kick back" from doing so, it is just nice to find out when friends have been able to help friends is all ....

It has been another long day, with the rest of the week looking to be the same.  I still have the "Spectacular Six" puppies to look after, as well as the other four hairy loves, before I call it a day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Congratulations on the new camera! Looks really nice.

    We are now followers of your blog : )

  2. So glad you got a new camera!! My first digital camera was a fuji & I LOVED IT!!! :) Great choice!! :)

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry about your old camera but I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy your new one even more :)


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