Friday, 29 June 2012

I Missed The First Day

In all my anticipation, all Winter long, of Summer arriving, it went right on by me on the 20th of June without me even batting an eye.  I can't believe the first day of Summer went by me unnoticed, or can I ?  Regardless .... hooray !!!  So happy, happy, happy you are here Summertime !

Here is an old (not that old, lol) song I remember from Summer Rolling Skating days ...

... oh those were wonderful Summer nights.

Once I had done my early blog post last night, there was still plenty of daylight, so off I went back down to the Government Dock at Colpoy's Bay.

"This time Buddy got to go along."

"He didn't mind the water one bit, doing a bit of racing and shaking off of the water from himself."

Once back home it was the girls turn to race around like Banshees ... lol.

"Moving out they were !"

"OMG, Rob had planted a whole package of Zuchinni seeds.  We are going to have them coming out of our Ying Yangs !"

Should you not have the room for a garden as large as my husband keeps putting in every year, here is a great idea for fresh salad that Virna from Craftmates has done in her back yard ....

Since I am on the subject of Blogger friends, Carla is having yet another "give away" over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily, found at this link here ....

"The first bloom yesterday for these lilies.  Now I know where the saying, "Lily White" came from."

Then began this day ...

"North of the Checkerboard" I went this morning to see Dr. Loney for my weekly allergy shot in the arm.  I have been having extreme sinus and tension headaches with the pain almost unbearable at times.

"Dr. Loney was good enough to send me home with some "different" methods to try out for my sinus.  We will see if they make any type of a difference or not after a couple of days.  Oh yes, and the jar of cream to see if that will help my poor dry skin any?"

"While up in Lion's Head I wanted to pickup to brochures for the Bruce Peninsula Artist's Show Tour 2012 at Marydale's Restuarant.  When parked I noticed the 2nd Chance Store, that I had never noticed before... they do Auctions, so the sign on their door said, "open by chance"."

"I did so get the Brochure for the Tour on the 14th & 15th of July, with further information at the following link: .  I do so hope I am able to check it out, as I am pretty sure I would find it to be very interesting."

When I returned back home, Rob wanted the two of us to head on down to the Saugeen Gas Bar, located just outside of Southampton at Saugeen First Nation.

"Today was the Saugeen Gas Bar's "Customer Appreciation Day".  I received a lovely fridge magnet, saying, "Migweetch" (Thank You), and pen."

On the way back home, I stopped in Wiarton at the Foodland store to pickup some Striploin steaks they have on sale this week.

"Six lovely steaks, BBQ thickness, for $25.00.  We will get a few meals from these to last us a bit."

"There had just happened to be a huge bag of mushrooms on the discount rack for .99 cents the day before this."

"What goes better with BBQ steak then loads of mushrooms !  I have no idea why this photo went sideways on me here, as it is right side everywhere else .... regardless it was "delish"!"

Once Rob adorned his "Crabby Cabbie" hat, I headed out to my friend Andrea's to pick some rhubarb she had previously offered me.

"I had a little company on the way ... lol, since I hadn't taken the watermelon I had bought on sale for $2.97 out of the van yet."

"The watermelon wasn't the only company I had go along on the ride with me."

"Rhubarb all ready cleaned and ready to be made into a Strawberry/Rhubarb Deep Dish Pie tomorrow morning.  Yummy !"

Here it is 9:00 pm already, with me having to still have the "pack" all out for their nightly jaunt here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Can I come for dinner? :)

  2. Me too? lol I still don't know how you pack so much into your days. I love the little salad box idea - now there's something I could manage. xx

  3. Love your little town, it looks so peaceful!!!


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