Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Far From Even Being Close !

I am not even close to being back to a somewhat "normal" routine yet.  As far as I am concerned I am "far from being even close" to any kind of routine.  My morning did start as per usual with my fantastic pack of "Checkerboard Aussies", thank goodness as I am sure the four of them are what helps me maintain any kind of routine, normalcy and sanity in my life for the time being.

It didn't take long before I was on the phone first thing this morning doing some more "Crabby Cabbie" business.  Trust me starting out with your own Business surely isn't all what one might think it is "cut out to be" .... so far not in my eyes anyhow.  I surely can see why they say it takes at least five years to get completely established ... I feel I have been back paddling in paperwork, Government inquires, and so forth before we have even made a dent within the first six weeks of operation.

Then the "hiring" of one employee !  What a rigmarole that is to get it all figured out?  Maybe it is just me and I am not "smart" enough to digest it all fast enough, as I feel like I have been wading through a lot of **** .... lol.

I have found myself reminding "me" that negative thoughts brings forth negative energies .... so I am aware (half the battle?) with trying to put forth "positive" with high hopes of positive energies coming my way .... old habits of thinking are very difficult to permanently to "put to bed" sometimes, but truly I feel I am trying my darnedest to do so, *sigh*.

Emails replied to, phone calls made and faxes sent .... then it was off to pickup our first employee who was to start this day !  Off I went to collect my Niece, Jo-Anne.

Today I spent the day driving along with her in a "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle soliciting our wares .... lol, which was in way of offering our Taxi services to Port Elgin's day time businesses, nothing more or nothing less.

"We took the scenic route from Southampton to Port Elgin to enjoy the Lake Huron shoreline ... here we are at the Port Elgin Marina where we got to see a pair of Canada Geese with their family, who appear to be quite grown."

We also had to stop into the Saugeen Shores Twp. offices to drop off some paper work, where I came out to find ....

"Not something anyone would want to happen on their very first day out, especially when $125.00 was spent the day before on a brand new battery, and whatever else the month prior to this getting this vehicle top notch by our mechanic prior to putting on the road."

Phew ... it was nothing whatsoever then the shifter was not quite in its exact "groove".  Thank goodness for good positive thinking !!!  LOL.

What a crazy humid day it was to top it all off .... Jo and I went up one side of the main street of Port Elgin and down the other side, with me introducing the "Crabby Cabbie" business to store owners/employees and handing each or more one of our Business Cards.

We had the most amazing reception from everyone we encountered with the exception of one employee ... back to the old saying, "one bad nut in every dish" comes to mind.  That would also be Murphy's Law, would it not?

Over all it was all "good", with a few shops Jo and I found most interesting, being put on our "to revisit" list.  I will have to venture back over to Port Elgin on a day I can take my time to "blog" a few pretty nice stores we had come upon.

Once late afternoon had approached Jo-Anne dropped me off over in Southampton where we had met up with my own "Crabby Cabbie", Rob, with Jo-Anne heading back off to her own home, and us to ours.

Rob and I were barely out of Southampton when he got a call from the Southampton Hospital, so turn around we did to pickup and head on over to the Owen Sound Hospital to drop-off.  Coming into Owen Sound Rob and I were amused by the pickup truck in front of us in the next lane....

"Good thing these people had a big truck to transport their Newfoundland Dogs around in, isn't it?"

"Are they not just too adorable???"

Once we made it back into Wiarton, we stopped off a Timmies Tea to my friend, Koreen, of Ram Trophies & Sportwear before we made it back home to four very happy Aussie adults and one little Aussie puppy.  It is so nice to come home to such a wonderful greeting of unconditional love and understanding.

"I never get tired of seeing these moments in my life."

"Once everyone had been attended to, Rob got attending to our needs by way of grilling us up this fantastic Prime Rib Steak for us to share, along with some leftover Potato and Carrot/Pineapple salads my Auntie had sent home with us Sunday night.  I do love my Rob's grilling talents, as it was so tender and cooked to perfection!"

Before I had Buddy out for our nightly walk around the property, I had a return phone call to make to Injaca's new family.  When uploading my camera's photos to my PC, I was surprised to see someone had been experimenting with my camera while I was busy on the phone ... and it wasn't Bandit !

"Here I am, doing what I am sure I do best .... talking, although in all fairness to myself, I do listen, or try my very best I am sure !  LOL."

Still not being even "close to any kind of normal routine", I find myself at least being grounded with my "Checkerboard Aussies" and my daily posting, with thoughts of tomorrow already going through my head, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Cindy, you really are the sweetest person I know:) When are we going to get together? Don't you just hate it when you get your picture taken? LOL

  2. Cute doggies!!!

    Hope you're keeping cool in this humid weather.


  3. I enjoyed that little slice of Americana


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