Friday, 15 June 2012

Family + Shopping + Lunch = Fun !

Not sure I was even looking this "hot" today .... HA !  .....

.... as I headed into my 6th migraine this week .... they have been unkind and relentless.  My neck has been ready to "snap" to add insult to injury.  I took some NAIDS this morning, however couldn't take the "heavy duty" meds, as I had to drive today.  The two Tyenol 2's and 1200 mg of Ibuprofen barely took the "edge" off.

My "Crabby Cabbie" was out the door by 7:00 am this morning, just after I had completed all the chores with the "pack" and the last two "Spectacular Six" puppies.  Now that four puppies have left the premises, it is still noisy, but still a wee less noisier.

I have had reports back from three of the new puppy owners.  All three reports were happy, happy, happy and more happy!!!  Did I think they were going to be otherwise???  NO !!!!  

"Look here at this beautiful photo Krystal just sent me of Injaca.  He slept all night until 4:00, and screamed in his crate until 6:00 am, with me being so happy they didn't give in to him.  Is he not a handsome little guy, just like his father, Bandit?"

I have promises of receiving photos and more updates from the little Blue Merle girl who went up to the Haliburtons (still waiting to hear a name for her), and from Myle's new Mama on Sunday.

"Everyone really enjoyed their "Checkerboard Aussie" puppy gift packages they received along with their puppies, complete with photo of Mom and Dad of course."

I hope some day I can get a photo from everyone I am in contact with from the "Checkerboard Aussie's" 2011 and 2012 litters to post all at once.  That will be so cool !

Today was the day we had planned for my Cousins Paula, Vi, Krista, Paige and our Auntie Gladys to meet for some downtown Wiarton shopping and lunch at the Green Door Cafe (yes, Ross, I know I was there yesterday, sorry you are jealous of this fact).

Jo-Anne, Paula and I took in the Wiarton Farmer's Market, which runs every Friday from 10 am until 2 pm, then headed up to The Cluttered Cupboard.

"The "Cluttered Cupboard" has some really unique and original pieces to compliment any decor you might have ... "

"For those "crafty" persons, unlike myself, there is a wonderful selection of some very nice yarns to be had as well."

"An old door made into an entranceway stand ... how cool is this?"

Once we had left The Cluttered Cupboard, which by the way can be found for you to "check out" more of their great stuff at the following Facebook link: , we headed on up to a Yard Sale we had spotted coming into town.  Jo-Anne found a neat little wooden shelf she can utilize for her collection of knick knacks, which she is apparently going to dust off and display in her new home.  We then headed over to meet up with Cousin Vi and Auntie Gladys at the Salvation Army Store, then to the Green Door Cafe where Krista and Paige met up with us.

"Paige looked a little surprised when her order of Crab with Avacodo arrived, along with the side of Caesar Salad.  Yummy !"

Those of us who had the Caesar Salad, couldn't have raved enough about it !  I am certain I have never been disappointed with a meal ever at the Green Door Cafe.  Do not forget, RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED !

After lunch we took in a couple of other shops ....

"I treated myself to a new pair of Columbia sandals purchased from Gilbert Shoe Store, who have an amazing selection of footwear for all the family !"

After this purchase, we headed on over to "The Berford Street Tea Room" to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea.  Not only did we enjoy a tea, we all enjoyed one of Debby's "Triple Chocolate Brownies" ... totally "sinful" indeed they were !

I am very short on the "outing" photos this day, as this headache has just been relentless, as I had mentioned earlier, as I was really not too much in the "mood" for concentrating on anything other then enjoying the company of my Cousins and Auntie this day.

Once we had enjoyed our tea, we all headed out our separate ways to our respective homes.  It was a Fun Family Day spent together, and I do so look forward to our next one !!!

Once I had gotten back home, everyone needed my attention, so first things first.

Once Lexus, Mercedes, Bandit, Buddy and the two puppies were all looked after, I tried a little lay down.  Dang, dang and triple dang, this headache would not budge one dang bit !!

I even tried a relaxing stroll around the gardens ....

"The Lamb's Ear is blooming purple."

"A cluster of daisies have appeared out of one of the rocks.  They are so brilliant."

"I do so love the blue of the Johnson's Geranium."

"The Iris are almost at their end for this Season."

"My Cousin Paula had gifted me this white Bleeding Heart last Season, with it just now blooming.  So dainty and lovely, is it not?"?

Here it is almost 8:00 pm.  I think I might have to "break out" the big guns in the medication department, as I can barely see through the two slits out of my eyes now and my head ready to come off my body.  Tomorrow will break a new dawn, hopefully with the pain in my head long gone by then, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Your Columbia Sanadals are know as 'flops' or 'thongs' in Australia but also called "Bangkok "Bridgestones"

    Just cut out a section of tire rubber and knot a piece of rope through three holes lol!

    Pleased the puppies have got good homes - please keep me up-to-date 0n my favourite little fellow!

  2. Thank you for blogging us Cindy!! I will "visit" here again soon!! :)

  3. We sure did have the perfect day yesterday in Wiarton! I got this great Maple Chipotle sauce from the Farmer's market. I used it to marinade our pork tenderloin tonight, it was delicious! Our lunch at the Green Door Cafe was fantastic as it always is. The Cluttered Cupboard was such an enjoyable shop, they have the most interesting items, such a great find, thank-you Cindy! The Berford Tea House was also lovely. What a great way to spend the day in Wiarton with great family! On a side note the white bleeding heart I shared with you was shared to me by Gillian Turnbull one of your followers...


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