Friday, 22 June 2012

Goodbye Last 2012 Checkerboard Aussie Puppy

 I ended my evening last night with a wander, as most usual every night with one of our "pack", around outside our home.

"This Hydrangea has started its blooms."

"Numerous blooms on the roses as well."

"Despite loosing a few perennials last month when Rob redid the pond area, it is filling in quite nicely."

"The Tree Swallows have returned to nest in this house, however I was unable to capture a photo of one.  I do love their colour of blue."

"The Honeysuckle is a fantastic Hummingbird attraction."

"When looking at the rows of tomato plants (above), the heat must have really gotten to me that day by the crookedness of the rows .... not as nice as the two rows of leeks (below)."

"The flower beds have really filled in this Year."

"So ended the day ...."

".... with my Bandit boy waiting for my return into the house."

Then began my new day this day ....

"A glorious beginning to this day was had."

"The very last photo of the last pup from the 2012 "Checkerboard Aussie" litter was taken this morning."

"The Sun was out in full force with the temp being most perfect."

"This does happen some mornings when right outside our bedroom window there is a lot of bustling going on .... "

"It has been a couple of Years, but here they are again, returned these Barn Swallows are, not nearly as attractive as their Tree Swallow relatives."

"By 8:00 am this morning, Scout's new owner, Kelly, came to make claim to her, with not too much later both heading down the driveway in a southerly direction to her new home with promises of keeping in touch.  So ends the Saga of the "Spectacular Six" 2012 Checkerboard Aussies litter."

"Once Scout had left for her new home, I headed on North of the Checkerboard to see my Mom in Lion's Head, before heading over to my Doctor's for my weekly shot in the arm."

My friend, Caroline, had invited me out for coffee this morning.  We were to meet in Wiarton at the Tea Room for 10:30.  I made it back home just in time to run in and back out before heading on downtown.....

"I do so enjoy going into The Berford Street Tea Room on downtown Wiarton's Berford Street."

"Owner, Jim, out front servicing the clientele, while I am sure his wife, Debby, is back preparing the Quiche for the lunch time crowd."

"With our coffee and scones finished, here is Caroline up to pay for our "treats".  Thanks again, Caroline.  Please take a moment anytime you care to, to drop in and visit my friend, Caroline and her husband, Doug, at their Evergreen B&B, conveniently located just on the outskirts of Wiarton."

Since Caroline had never been at "The Cluttered Cupboard", located just behind Wiarton's main Berford Street, beside the back entrance to Saddler's Home Hardware Store, we took some time to head on over there ....

"I do so love their store front, do you not?"

"Owner, Bill Morrow, took a bit of time to show off a couple of his new unique creations he had just made, the Rexall Drugs wooden box made into a cool storage trunk, and the paddles (below) made into a very unique photo/picture holder."

"Notice this Bear on the bottom shelf?  Too bad, as he is no longer there since Caroline "scooped" him up this day !  LOL "

Once we said our goodbyes to Bill, we headed down to the Bluewater Park to see what was shaking over at the weekly Wiarton Farmer's Market.

"Lots of goodies to be found here every Friday from 10 am to 2 pm at the Wiarton's Farmer's Market."

"I told "Mary Queen of Tarts" that I could never live with her with all those sweets being close  at"

"At least Mary's neighbour had Healthy options to balance out her sweets, side by side !"

"Check out the size of those strawberries hanging from that Everbearing Strawberry plant !"

When we were finished roaming the streets of Wiarton, Caroline still had her errands to do and I still had things at home to attend to, and here it was 1:00 pm already.  We said our "good-byes" and went on our separate ways.

"Making my way back to my van, who do I run into but my Long Lost friend, Sharon !!!  It has seemed like forever since we last went for a walk together !!!  Alas, we have been both so busy the Month of June, but hopefully soon free to resume some walking time once again together."

I did get myself back home to some pretty happy Aussies, and some more "Crabby Cabbie" phone calls/business to take care of before heading back outside to cut some of the lawn.

I am now tired , with it being just after 10:30 pm now.  I am thinking it was another full, however enjoyable, day I had once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I can't wait for our hydrangeas to bloom.

    Tea and scones! Love it.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Our roses are doing pretty good too. I'm really happy! I was a little scared to plant roses...And I so want this wooden storage box that your friend Bill made...So cool!

  3. What a packed day - like always!!! Oh and the last puppy has gone - does the Mama mind? xx

  4. Man you keep the roads hot, but it sounds like great fun! Sad ther last of the puppies have gone but I don't have to clean up after them! Ha I might feel diffrent if I did.

  5. It must be like an "empty nest" with the last of the puppies gone. It looks like you had a most enjoyable day with friends and being out and about.


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