Friday, 8 June 2012

A Busy Weekend Ahead Of Me

Before I even thought about bedtime being an option last night, there were still a few things to be done once the "Spectacular Six" and the "pack" were settled in for the night.

"I had to take a moment out to admire the Lupins, as it won't be long before they are past their time and beauty."

"The brush cleaned out from the flower bed was loaded up and placed by the burn barrel to be burned at a later time."

"The outside kennel run was all cleaned up, with toys placed to the side and water dish cleaned and filled for the next day."

"I also took time out to admire the part of the veggie garden Rob tilled again; hoping we get everything planted on Sunday or Monday."

"My little worker was on overtime, so we finally did call it a night, as I couldn't afford to pay him another dime .... lol."

"On the way back into the house, one more stop to admire the last remains of a Bachelor Button."

This morning was my usual 6 am start, getting everything done before I headed on up "North of the Checkerboard" to Doctors, then over to the Golden Dawn Nursing Home.  Chania of RAZMATAZ, had messaged me as to whether I had ever been at the Lofty Lion in Lion's Head.  I hadn't so I thought I would check it out and post some pictures for her own sweet memories that I am sure she has of it from the days she had cottaged up on the North Bruce Peninsula.

"Unfortunately it was a little early for them to be open by the time I arrived on their doorstep..."

"...however I am heading up that way again tomorrow, so I am hoping I will be going through their doors to see what is on the other side."

"I am thinking there might even be time to relax with a coffee over at Rachel's Cafe once we have checked out the Lofty Lion."

"As usual I end up back home, where the load of laundry was finished washing and made it out on the line in good time this day."

I just realized today we were back on the Summer Time per Use Rates, that had taken effect on the first of May.  Check out the following link for the Hydro One Time of Use Chart:

"The pond area has been filling in quite nicely, regardless of me loosing a couple of plants last months."

This afternoon I had a few errands to do downtown, Wiarton.  I stopped in at the Foodland Store to find they had the 10" Hanging Baskets on sale for $6.99 each.  What a savings considering they were $11.99 just the day before !!!  Foodland also has a 3 Day Sale on Friday, Saturday & Sunday with 2kg bag of sugar for $1.88, Villaggio Bread $1.49 a loaf, and Cowboys Steaks $29.99 (we don't use).

"One stop with all my Annuals bought for the Season !"

I did manage to get a bit of a rest in this afternoon before I remade up our bed with clean sheets, fresh off the line, did a bit of dusting and vacuuming the had some one on one time with my Bandit boy....

"Bandit is just way too adorable some days !!!"

"I would say this blue hosta with yellow edging is one of my most favorites."

"This waxy type hosta seems extremely bug resistant."

"Finally the guy Bandit was waiting for arrived ... whoohoo, his beloved Paul is here !!!"

From the moment Paul, Holly, Aiden and Connor arrived for the weekend, it was a whirlwind .... almost right after people showed to come see the last two puppies available, then my cousin, Brad and Paula, pulled in .... if it doesn't rain it pours, lol.

It was all good.  The kids had brought Subway, so they head in the house to have their supper, while I showed the people the puppies .....

NEWS FLASH !!!!  One Red Tri "Checkerboard Aussie" available .... as they had chosen the roly poly Black Tri boy.

Brad and Paula where on their way up to their cottage, stopping in to collect the chair I had picked up for them this week they had bought.  Ahhh, and my dear sweet Paula bought me a dog cover for in the van for the dogs .... what a sweetie cousin she is !!!

"Paul and Holly brought a new addition along with them that comes, or NOT, to the name of Chevy.  *Sigh*, never a dull moment is there "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"."

I am so looking forward to relaxing and hanging out with my "kids" tomorrow.  Here is to hoping the weather is nice, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Wheee, you wear me out with all that running around! Ha Enjoy your weekend with the family!!!!

  2. Love all the hanging plants, you got a great deal! :) Have a fabulous weekend, Cindy!! :)

  3. Love your pictures! The vintage shop looks interesting. I like vintage finds so hope you score some great deals when you come back. -Irma


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