Saturday, 2 June 2012

Another Saturday Night ....

I am pretty sure I wasn't singing along with Gene Kelly in the one of many down pours today ...

" .... however I did have my "newest best friend" with me at all times ! "

I know we really really have needed the rain, but could it not just come in the evenings after most of us have said our "goodnights"???

"I surely do not know about anywhere else, but the torrents of rain have been more on then off here the past two days.  The winds must have been rather high last night as well, since I noticed quite of few leaves blown off from the maple trees."

"My flowerbeds however are flourishing, enjoying a "natural" watering over one from the hose any day."

"My Rob adorned his "Crabby Cabbie" cap and was"off" again, rain or shine !  LOL."

Okay, I really haven't figured out the last two days, what is going on with "me", whether it is plain old worn out fatigue, the weather, or laziness, cause I have barely lifted a finger around here ..... other then in and out how many times a day, in the rain I might add, between Bandit, Lexus, Mercedes, Buddy & the "Spectacular Six" puppies.  Okay, I think I will go with the fatigue and weather .... suits me just fine.

My BFF, Colleen, invited me out with her and her sister for lunch today.

"They were meeting me downtown Wiarton, so off into the downpour of rain I went."

"Lunch of course was at one of my most favorite restaurants, The Green Door Cafe, in lovely downtown Wiarton.  I am please to report the rain took a break by the time we had arrived at the restaurant."

"I really splurged today by having the homemade french fries with my Chicken Caesar Wrap, something I rarely have anymore.  Oh it was all so good !"

Colleen's sister had never been there before today.  She so enjoyed the Pulled Pork Panini, as did Colleen enjoy her Clubhouse Sandwich, loaded with a whole Chicken Breast I might add.

After our lunch, we took in a couple of shops before we headed back to my house, as Colleen had not yet seen the "Spectacular Six" puppies.

"Let me tell you, they were some excited to see someone else then just plain old me for a change."

"Injaca had no problem whatsoever doling out lots of kisses."

"This roly poly guy is the much more layed back one out of all of them."

We all had a nice little "puppy" visit.  Bandit even got to have a wee visit with his Auntie Colleen, who as usual, had to give him a treat.

The afternoon was pretty much halfway over by the time Colleen and Heather headed out, with me taking everyone in and out, in the rain of course since it waited for when I needed to go back outside again, and getting the puppies all fed and looked after with clean newspapers lined in their box.

This afternoon I also had a nice little phone call with my oldest sister, Jeannie Weannie Beannie, then downloaded some photos I liked from Facebook ....

"This is my sister, Jeanne, and my brother-in-law, Cecil.  These photos were taken when they went to visit their friends, Maxine and Francis on Change Island, Nfld..  Jeanne moved to Nfld over 25 years ago it would be now, as Cecil wanted to retire back to where he was from."

"This is Brenda, who goes in to help Jeannie with what she requires every day, pictured with her husband, Vic.  Another handsome looking couple I would say."

"When I first read this sign, I thought it had said, "Skinny Harbor", not "Skinner's Harbor"."

"As I couldn't figure out why they would call it "Skinny Harbor" after you had sat down to a Newfie Scoff like this one !"

"Then indulge yourself with a piece of pie, like this one ... that is some deep dish pie there, Maxine made for Jeanne."

"This is Brenda with a Newfoundland Pony."

"This is an authentic Newfoundland Dog, so I am thinking Cecil must a perfect speciman of a Authentic Newfoundland Man !  LOL ... couldn't find anything when I googled Newfoundland man, so he is it ! "

"A picture of Jeanne & Cecil on another day trip, heading down a Country Road, hopefully towards some water so Cecil can make use of that there fishing pole he was carrying !"

"As I blog my daily journal, I am amused by Missy Mercedes sneaking up on Bandit to steal the toy between his paws .... it did not take her too long to do so."

Here it is going on to 8:30 pm, another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody .... lol, with me seriously on my way in and out with the "pack", hopefully NOT in the rain again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkboard".


  1. In keeping with your tune, I just got paid and I STILL don't have any money... stupid bills... stupid rain... blargh.... Oh well. When the weather is like this I actually have time to do some housework and blogging. Your puppies, by the way, are TOO CUTE. Happy little balls of chubby fluff they are. Enjoy every moment with them.
    And, oh, I miss Newfoundland. Such a beautiful place. Such beautiful people.

  2. I find the weather really affects my energy levels, so I was all set to console you, only to find you still did more in one day than I do in a week :-). You are one busy lady. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  3. Awww...I want some puppy time too...Send some of these rain our way. My garden could really use it!


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