Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Thank Goodness For Half Way Marks !

Thank goodness for those half way markers some weeks !  Funny how our state of mind works, with thinking some weeks just go along "tickity boo", and other weeks going at an absolute "snail pace", dragging along with seemingly nothin' being accomplished.  The only guarantee to all this "madness" is time not stopping to wait for you to get caught up ..... LOL !

*Sigh*  I suppose I am feeling just a little bit overwhelmed today ....

This morning I had our bed stripped, changed, a load of laundry in the washer, and a pot of chicken stock simmering on the stove.  Rob dropped back home around 10 pm, with me having a lunch all ready to take along with him while he returned back to Southampton to work.  I then took care of the "pack" before I headed downtown to do some errands and have a walk with my friend.

Once back home I made myself a Peanut Butter sandwich for lunch (my most favorite kind of meal when the hubby ain't around), and got the load of laundry hung up ....

Speaking of laundry, the Home Hardware flyer was in the mail today.  These heavy duty Clothes Racks (or horses, as I call them) are on sale for $28.75, Regular price of $41.99.  I really could use another, as the smaller one I have is so unsteady that I am surprised it hasn't totally collapsed on me yet.  Heavy duty they are, as they are constructed out of hardwood with good sized dowlings to hang heavier laundry items on.

Lunch over with and laundry hung up, I decided I best be getting started on the Week 3 - Productivity Challenge since I have already decided what I was going to get done for this week here.

After pulling everything out of the closet where I have stored bedding and such for the past eight (8) years, I am sure all this just added to my feelings of being overwhelmed ...

"This would almost overwhelm anyone, would it not?  And to think this is not even my most "dreaded" decluttering Challenge I have yet to still face needing done in our house !"

This is as far as I got with this today.  Tomorrow is another day when I can do another little bit on this project.  We have our bedroom and two spare bedrooms, so now I need to decide what would be a reasonable number of sheet sets/bedding be to keep, as the rest will then be "GONE, GONE, GONE" !

I was feeling a "tad" guilty this afternoon, as sometimes we, as children, do from time to time.  The Golden Dawn Retirement/Nursing Home, where my Mother resides, called me today inquiring as if I would take Mother overnight while the room she is in is being painted.

I refused, not just because I have no bed ready should she had came and stayed, but partly because the last two times she was here she had been anxious to go back to the Golden Dawn.  Knowing my Mother the way I believe I do, she gets "stuck" on things being a certain way with never caring much for change or deterring from what her "normal" is.

Still as a child, for some reason, I still felt a "twinge of guilt", probably because I felt like regardless I should have her here .... some decisions I find do not always come easy for me at times, however I have to trust, as the Caregiver Power of Attorney for my Mother, that I do make the best choices/decisions where the Health and Welfare of my Mother is concerned.  Role reversal is not an easy "hat" to wear, seemingly most unnatural at times.  As life should have it at times, this is the way it will be .....

Without dwelling further on this, I then carried on with my day by doing up the dishes in the Kitchen sink, then onto sweeping and washing the very "stick to it" Kitchen floor.  Since I had the bucket out, I continued on with the washing of the bathroom floor.  What the heck, physically I am usually "on" one day and "off" the next one or two, so why mess up the pattern.

I have also decided I need to start learning the exercise routine for the VON SMART exercise program's Strength and Flexibility portion.  The gal I volunteer with, who has been an Instructor for some time now, was so kind enough to give me some "layman" diagram and notes she had made for herself.

"I have them out and in front of me.   I now need to find the time and energy to get consistently going on them.  "

This won't be happening today, as I am so darn, darn, triple darn tired my head hurts.  At least they are set out as a reminder I need to get on it soon.

It is funny, with my "Crabby Cabbie" putting in so many extra hours the past week, and another week yet ahead, I having been missing him, even though he tends at times to be underfoot when he had been at home more.  On the flip side, I am getting lots done, and by the time he is finished all the extra hours I will have a really really long "Honey Rob List" ready for him to help me out with !!!  LOL, wonder what the reaction will be when he reads this?

I think I will almost call it a day once I strain the Chicken Stock, and set it in the fridge for the fat to gel for it to be removed.  By tomorrow it will be ready to be put into containers and froze for later use.

Oh yes, the dreaded freezers are next on my decluttering "hit list" once the bedding closet has been finished. 

As a suffer of Fibromyalgia I tend to notice when something concerning it comes up.  Today Everyday Health had an article as such on my Facebook Feed.  I thought I would share the link, as it is a good read for anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia, or for those who would like to "grasp" a better understanding, should you have a family member or close friend who suffers from it.  Here is the link:

I think there are a couple in our "pack" who could use a little bit of my attention here shortly, with one being a particular little Missy Mercedes, so I think I will call this a "wrap" for the day so I can attend to their needs.

Once again, here I go off and running (not too fast whatsoever), "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You've been a busy bee today...I really need to start/continue de-cluttering here too, I just can't find a desire to do anything...

  2. you have been busy an do deserve a rest.

    We must be twins as I sorted out my freezers today and am posting about it tomorrow. I too have been boiling a ham bone and the stock is in the fridge waiting for the fat to set before I make soup tomorrow!!!


  3. first time reading your blog. loved it

  4. You have a LOT of bedding!!! It must be so hard to say no where your Mom is conserned. I have a friend who takes her Mom out now and then, it never goes well if it is more than an hour of two. Good luck to you today getting you to do's done!

  5. I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger reward. Come, check my blog. Thank you!


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