Saturday, 18 February 2012

*Phew* Another Decluttering Job Well Done !

Last night I fell asleep sometime after 10:00 pm, since I don't remember seeing the rest of the TV program I had been watching, to awaken at 2:30 pm, laying there until my "Crabby Cabbie" got in after 4:00 am.  This is more then likely part of the reason I am tired at the moment, hoping the coffee I made myself will infuse me with a little bit of "instant" energy.

Prior to arriving home, the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle had a belt slip off a pulley, so poor Rob had to put on his "Mechanic Hat" and do a temporary fix to get himself and the Taxi home.  Rob certainly didn't get much sleep, as he was up by 9:00 am so we could take the Taxi into our mechanics first thing.

Since we do have such a wonderful mechanic, he had the pulley adjusted and the belt replaced by the lunch hour.  The "Crabby Cabbie" was able to take off to his Taxi Cab World again for another, hopefully not as long, shift today/night.

I returned back home to tackle the bedding I had pulled out of the spare bedroom's closet the other day.  More moments of truth were experienced this afternoon, with do I need this? why  have I been hanging on to this? and OH MY GOODNESS have I totally lost myself for keeping this?  It took me a bit of sorting but I finally somehow made it through it all  ....

"... with just this remaining.  Two sets of bedding for each of the three beds, two afghans, and a duvet cover set.  The "before" can be seen here."

"This is the results of the decluttering experience, "Seven Bags Full", and it certainly isn't wool my dear Farmer Rob !"

It was not all sheet sets in the closet.  There had been curtains, duvets, blankets, and even a couple of tableclothes I had stashed in there.  Seven must be the "magic" number around this house, as I am sure that was the number containing the clothing I had bagged up to rid ourselves of two weeks ago?  Whatever, this is one more very "huge" job under my belt I am happy about.

At this point I had needed a break.  Off I went downtown to meet up with my friend, Sharon, to go for a bit of a walk.  We did get a couple inches of snow since this morning, but surely not enough to pull out the "big guns" !

"Ross must have thought otherwise, as here he is with his new toy out (I think he has maybe retired a few times, so I have been told by his wife, but I am thinking not? lol.).  This is quite the piece of machinery."

After our walk, I headed over to the Foodland store to pick up a couple blocks of Cracker Barrel Havarti Cheese for Rob (he loves Havarti), as Cracker Barrel cheese is on sale this week for $.4.97 per 500 gr.

I arrived back home to a very irritated Bandit wanting out real quick.  Lexus has begun coming into a heat, resulting in Bandit being pretty anxious the past couple of days.  Full "heat" has not arrived as of yet, so no results in thinking she has "took" yet with.  Um, wonder what the next brood will bring, and what name will we have for them when they arrive.  Think I will have to wait first until they get here.

With Mercedes and Bandit's needs finally taken care of, I got back into finishing the job at hand, by placing and organizing what bedding I had decided to keep back into the closet.

"These are the "before" pictures from Wednesday."

"The after pictures,*Sigh*, with only an Electric Blanket to be washed and put in up on the shelf yet."

Once Spring arrives and the weather becomes nicer, I will wash up all the extra bedding and hang it outside on the clothes line to freshen everything up by giving it a "Kiss of Spring".  I can't wait !

"Today's snow was the "clingy" kind.  It makes quite the Winter Wonderland."

The newest Social Media craze the last few months has been Pinterest.  When I have time, I have been enjoying quite a bit myself.  Should it be all new to someone, or still unknown, here is a very informative link explaining the Best Tips & Tricks for Pinterest, with ideas of exactly what can be done with it:

Alas tomorrow is Sunday, the one day my "Crabby Cabbie" has off.  I am thinking not to make any plans for him, with all the hours he has been working, and another week of same coming up.  He deserves a few hours of rest and relaxation.  In the meantime, I can still add to the list for when he is finished with the next week?  I am sure that will work out somehow for me? hopefully .....

I almost, or maybe tried to forget, that in that spare bedroom's closet I found yet another basket of clothes ...

"Oh man !  does it every end .... "

Dusk is fast approaching, with me feeling wearier by the moment, but I am still going to tackle this basket of clothes before I call it a "day" !

Before I tackle anything more, I think I am just going sit here for a bit longer, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. well done on all that cleaning, do you fancy popping by and doing some in my house!!!


  2. Great job with the closet - it's so satisfying when it's done isn't it! hope you enjoy your Sunday x

  3. Your closet looks great!! Enjoy your Sunday off with hubby before taking on the last week of decluttering!!!

  4. Holy moly!! That's a huge amount you got rid of!! Well done!! :)


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