Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dog Gone It ALL !

"Really February sure was a mixed bag of Wintry Weather, with probably not too many people sorry to see it go."

This morning I was surely dragging my butt as much as it was dragged yesterday.   I still have yet to find my Mojo.  I am feeling very tired, not feeling like doing anything more then I have to.  How do I like feeling like this? I don't.

Before 8 am I texted my Niece, Joanne, to see if she was home today.  It just so happened she was off from her PSW course today and tomorrow.  I asked her if she would like to come up to see the puppies today.  It was decided she would be here by lunch.

I went through the motions of attending to the "gang", doing dishes, making the bed and a general tidy up.  I am always happy about having reserves from my Batch cooking as back up in the freezer for times like today.  I took out 2 containers of Big Batch Chicken Soup to heat up for our lunches.

Joanne arrived in a timely matter with someone, or should I say "some dog" going out of their head over heels to see her.  Really you can tell we do not get much company, however by the way Bandit behaves you would think we never have had anyone here in a million years.

"Bandit even allowed Joanne to "share" his chair.  Just a "little" bit."

Joanne flipped through her Smart Phone showing me all the photos of her Granddaughter, Deja at 18 months old, who just so happens to be my Great Great Niece.  I could not resist "sharing" one which was my most favourite .....

"Baby Girl and one of her doggies.  Really who says Pit Bulls are mean?"

Apparently Deja and the dogs pass out like this all the time together.  Way too cute I think.  Oh my I hope she doesn't read this post by her Great Great Auntie later in life or I might be in trouble ! but I think it will be her Mama as she gave me permission to do so.  It will all be on YOU Michelle !!!  Ha !

Once we had a Lunch of Big Batch Chicken Soup along with a Grilled Cheese sandwich we had ourselves a cuppa tea before going downtown Wiarton to do a bit of browsing in the stores.  Neither of us really bought anything.  I loved the new location of the local Quilt Store, and looking forward to taking my camera with me next time as there were some pretty awesome things to see in there.

We did go to the Dollarstore where I bought a couple of very lovely Vintage looking Easter tins for gift giving ideas, along with a couple other small items.  We dropped into the Foodland store before Joanne dropped me back home and headed home herself.

Puppies??? they got a few cuddles from me today.  I was so pleased yesterday with them, as they had been sleeping at one end of the whelping box and using the newspaper at the other end I had put down for them to soil on.  Today ....

"... I am thinking the paper training might not be going as good as it was Yesterday?"

Jeez they will be four weeks old this week.  I will be starting them on puppy food mush by the beginning of next week and giving them their first dose of worm medication.  In four more weeks  they will be going to their very first Vet visit, then on to their Forever Homes.  Wow the Puppy time flies !!!

It is now 6:45 pm.  At 6:32 pm I had received a phone call from Rob telling me that the song playing on the radio in the background was his favorite song.  This is the song he had been listening to ....

If that doesn't make a gal feel pretty good after being together over 18 years, I really do not know what  else would.  It fills my Heart with more Love and my eyes with tears of Happiness.  I am so happy I have a husband who loves me as much as I love him.  Life can be very good when it is filled to the brim with Love.

Really my husband can make me angry, hurt, cry, laugh and feel good about myself.  He is truly one of the bestest friends I could ever hope for in this Lifetime.  That makes my whole being *smile*.

Dog Gone it All, it has been another one of those days with a whole lot of "special" in it despite me not being yet to find my Mojo , "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. One of my all time favorite songs~ It brought tears to my eyes~ Your a lucky lady to have your Crabby Cabbie:) Lynn~

  2. Looks like your day got better after all :) You guys are lucky to have each other!

  3. There are no bad dogs...just bad owners. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the doggy and baby pic !
    Jane x

  4. Aww, what a sweetheart he is!!

  5. I believe it is all the little things in life that make it special. :) Just like all the goodies you sent especially for me as my Secret Sister...just posted all about it on my blog, The Food Allergy Chronicles. Thank you again! :)

  6. I do miss Peanuts! Lovely to see Woodstock there. x

  7. Bandit's generous to share some of his chair!


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