Thursday, 14 February 2013

All You Need Is LOVE

Valentine's Day is a day for people to "Celebrate" their love for another.  There are lots of Valentine's Day History, Facts and Stats to be found just a *click* away right HERE.  

Personally I do not need a "special" day to profess my LOVE to my LOVE, as really there isn't a day that doesn't go by when I do not feel love for him.  However just because there isn't a day I don't love him, doesn't mean there hasn't been days in-between that we haven't really LIKED each other too much.  *Smile*

"I have been blessed to have this in my lifetime ... "

This morning I awoke with yet another headache, however the migraine was gone leaving me totally drained and weak, it only being a sinus headache.  I was happy Rob was here with me as he looked after our "gang" all day for me.

My brother, Allan, and I had a meeting with the Administrator at the Gateway Haven Nursing Home where our Mother now resides.  He picked me up and off we went for our 10:00 am appointment.

After our meeting up for a visit we went to see Mother to take her a Valentine Card, Roses and a Tim Hortons coffee, as she loves Tim Hortons Coffee.

"Mom's room is located on the 3rd floor of Gateway Haven in the East Wing.  She has a lovely window view."

"The room is very large bright and airy, shared by our Mother with another lady.  Had her "cue" then *smile* Mom !  Kind of messy looking with my coat thrown at the bottom of her bed, shame on me, but dang it is hot in those places."

All went well with the intake meeting with the exception of a bit of paperwork I still have to gather such as the updated POA (Power of Attorney) papers.  I found something very interesting today that I had not known about until now.

The last 6 years my brother has been exercising Mother's POA Finances, and the past couple I have been as her Caregiver.  I could not find the POA paperwork today, as I had given it to the other Nursing Home and either did not get it back or misplaced it myself, so I had to contact the lawyer where we had it drawn up to request another copy.

This is the part I had just found out today ... the lawyer's office would not release a copy of Mother's POA papers to me unless a Doctor authorized that indeed my brother and I were needed to act on her behalf.  The lawyers did call the Nursing Home to verify with them that this indeed was the case.

I asked the lawyer's office why this was.  The answer very simply was family members have taken POA papers acting on behalf of another in an illegal way.  Wowsers ... all along we, as in my brother and I, had never been asked for a Doctor's consent when we have exercised POA on our Mother's behalf.  Really what the lawyer's office explained made complete sense to me, with I know this having probably happened to many an unsuspecting poor soul(s) taken advantage of by a terrible despicable family member(s).

Really dealing with CCAC, in-home PSW workers, paperwork, lawyers, nursing homes, community services ... it most certainly has been an experience over the past six years for me.  I should have kept notes all along as I am certain a Handbook on the subject would be a great service to others who have yet to do this for their own parents.

Speaking as a Caregiver, what I can say to another, which I learned about at the last month or so of Mother living with us, is about the VON Support for the Caregiver(s) here in Grey-Bruce.  Now is a perfect time for me to give them a SHOUT OUT, as they are holding a Caregiver Day to give the opportunity for Caregivers to learn more about gaining support/services as a Caregiver.

I still deal with some feelings within myself finding myself reaching out from time to time to the VON Support Circle for support.  It is nice to know they are still there for me when I need someone outside my family/friend support to lean on. 

Should you not be in the Grey-Bruce area, please pickup the phone to find out if the VON in your area has a Caregiver Support Circle for your needs as a Caregiver.  Just *click* HERE to find where in Canada an office is closest to you.

I must be feeling better, shooting out all that information !!!

Once our meeting and visit with Mom was over Allan dropped me off downtown where I met up with Rob since we had some "Crabby Cabbie" business to attend to.  After that was all done with guess what I got ......

".... a card, scratch tickets, roses and carnations !!!  I must have been a really "good" wife and friend all year to have gotten all of this ! or maybe secretly he is after something?  Ha .. that could be it !  *smile*"

This afternoon I took it easy as I was still feeling ill and weak from the Migraine.  After a Dinner of homemade Hamburg Soup I finally started feeling a bit better, and now actually starting to feel a bit more my normal self, whatever "normal" might be considered at times.

Late this afternoon around 4 pm or so the sky filled with large fluffy snow flakes; you know the kind you stick your tongue out to catch.

"Can you see them a wee bit in these photos I took?  Oh "hello there Buddy"."

I must take a moment to wish two very "special" people I have gotten to know over the course of the past year and more a very very Happy Birthday.  Yesterday was Dear Lena's Birthday over at Frugal and Thankful, and today is Carla's Birthday over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily.  Both these girls have a special place in my Heart, as they are wonderful Wives and Mothers with a huge place in their hearts for everyone else who happens their way.  Happy Birthday Girls you both deserve the BEST in your lives.

To everyone else ..... not to forget "all you need is love".

This is all she wrote this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Just glad that you are feeling better.
    Jane xx

  2. Oh Cindy dealing with this stuff with your Mom makes me sad that people take advantage of the elderly so easy it is so sad. I still find it hard I am glad that they are changing the way things are done to protect them even though it is a pain for us honest ones.
    I am so sorry one headache follows the other. Happy Valentines. I don't need a day either but i loved the chocolate bars I was given:) B

  3. Sadly working with the elderly, especially in nursing homes over the years I have met way to many families who care way more about mom/dads money than their health. Some would not even allow their mothers to have their hair done once their minds started to go...many would only show up if they needed them to "sign" something. Its enough to make you sick

    But I it warms my heart to see how much you care

  4. So glad to hear you are feeling better this afternoon. From the looks of your Mom's room, it appears really nice. She looks content. I'll bet she was happy to see you both. Glad you got the legal paperwork all taken care. That's important. Bess

  5. Thank you, my dear friend, for the Birthday wishes, and happy Valentine's Day to you!! I hope these headaches and migraines will stop very soon!! It looks like your Mom enjoys her new place :)

  6. glad you are starting to feel better.

  7. We had a family member who cleaned out another with the POA, most of what he did was legal but he got carried away and did some things that he was caught in. It took a few years to get him to give back what he took both legally and unlegaly. Left the family in an uproar to say the least

  8. What nice thoughts on valentine's day !
    Thanks for sharing pics of mom.
    Aimee from Craftmates

  9. glad things went well with your first visit to your mother's new place. Also thankful that your headache is now minor. They do drain you, so do take things a little easier.


  10. Dear Sister just had the POA issue with our Da's affairs. She couldn't even pay Da's bills because she didn't have the right POA!
    Hope you get feeling better soon. A headache for days on end is not good. Happy to say my sinus finally let go with a good nose bleed this morning. The relief is so welcome!

  11. Your mom is fortunate to have you and your brother looking out for her and her interests. She looks happy and that is something that can't be beat. I'm glad that you had a good Valentine's Day. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  12. It's good that you're improving.

    My parents are in a retirement home now. They've got my brother handling POA for them when the time comes; it's just as well, as there's been a deep schism in the family between myself and my sisters. One of the sisters already tried to step in and take over the finances long before Mom and Dad need to have someone else do it.


How nice of you to drop around to have a wee visit with me to see what I have been up to from time to time. I look forward to your comments as they add much brightness to my each and every day to know there are such wonderful people out there.

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