Thursday, 29 September 2011

What A "Washout" of My Plans Kind of Day That Was !

My yesterday was certainly the most "washed out" kind of day I have had for a long time ..... it all began last week with the deadly "migraines" setting in, ending up with the "big" one and me sitting in the Wiarton Hospital's Emergency ward.  It all began with blurred vision, nausea, upset stomach and an awful sensation of pain from the nape of my neck, into my temples and behind my eyes.  Anyone else who is a headache suffer can surely relate to my description of the "dreaded" migraine.

The upside to all of this is I was in and out of emergency in about an hour, as the attending physician, Dr Jeff Barrett, who I absolutely love getting when I have been in before, wholeheartedly agreed not to hook me up to an IV and go straight ahead with the two shots in the arm, instead of having me lay there in further pain with an IV attached to my arm and end up giving me the shots anyway.  Thank you Dr. Barrett !!!

Oh don't get me wrong, I have have had "washed out" days before, but not too many where I get stuck in each arm with a needle and spend my afternoon sleeping my day away ..... with my dear sweet Rob even hanging a dark throw over our bedroom window to darken the room for me while I slept ..... so thoughtful.  Rob can really tell how unwell I am when my camera doesn't even see the light of day from within it's case .... lol !!! 

The positive spin to all of this, is that I am still here to tell the story !!!  ... and every day I thank God for that blessing.

I am pretty disappointed I missed out on the second segment of the VON SMART program's course as well yesterday, however I am hoping I can make it up by reading the course material on my own time, and maybe slipping into Owen Sound another time to have my picture taken for my photo ID; and just think I was really having a "good" hair day for that picture too, and missed it !  Damn, damn and triple damn!

Okay now that I have gotten the "big" one out of the way, maybe I can plan ahead for the rest of my week ....  oops, I just made a NOTE to MYSELF not too long ago about making plans .... don't make plans or don't be upset when plans are made and they don't turn out as they should, or something like that?  Oh well it is not in my nature NOT to make plans so here I go again ....

First off I am hoping today I am feeling well enough to attend the weekly VON SMART exercise program this morning, and then come home to freshen up before I go have lunch with my girlfriend. 

Trying not to think too far ahead, but having to have the "plan" sorted out in my head, I am hoping Rob and I can go to the Motorcycle Touring portion of Port Elgin's Annual Pumpkinfest this upcoming weekend.  It is their 25th Anniversary this year !!!  Wow 25 years running and I have never been before, I think it is a good thing I am planning on attending this year.  As of right now it all begins in 1 Day, 12 hours and a little bit ....

They even provide a downloadable program on their website of the events happening on the both days of October 1st & 2nd:

Now that I have planned that out in my head, I just hope the Saugeen Shores Weatherman has the weather sorted out to be beautiful for those two days?

I suppose if one isn't into a Pumpkinfest kind of weekend there is always Mountain Biking in Bruce County as a "to do", as apparently I have been told there are like 5 Mountain Bike Trails in Bruce County, one being right in my own backyard almost, or shall I say "front yard".   My one Cousin's oldest son is almost 12 years old and right into the Mountain Biking with his friends when they come up to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Port Elgin.

I think I will be sticking to our Motorcycling and the Pumpkinfest plan, as I am sure it will be much kinder to my and Rob's "body" parts.  However for the more active then "me" type of person, as well as being more "brave", feel free to check out Bruce County's Ontario Mountain Bike Trails here.

Okay I now need to check out how the Wiarton weatherman will be treating me today.

Ummm, wonder how I can fit in the laundry and housework into my plans before the weekend?  Will have to "plan" on giving that some more thought, however in the meantime I think I will just give just enough thought to making myself that second cup of Java, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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