Sunday 25 September 2011

A Pretty All Around Healthy Day It Was

When I got up yesterday morning, I was a tad worried it was not going to be a another good day, as remnants of the migraine from the previous day were still lurking around in my head.....but I got on the medication as quickly as I could and "stomped" it out before it was, once again, full-blown !  I suffer daily with headaches, never mind having a "migraine" two days in a row, which is by far not unheard of, but I was relieved I was able to avoid yet another one....

My day went on to be more pleasant with the weekly chore of stripping of the sheets from our bed, washing and hanging them out on a most glorious Fall Day that we ended up having .... boohoo to you Wiarton Airport, as I was glad your weather forecast had been wrong !  LOL  Once the laundry was hung, Bandit and Lexus were all cared for, and my Crabby Cabbie was out the door, I got on with my day ......

....and what a day it turned out to be !  First off I headed down to Wiarton's Meeting Place, where I attended the Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation's 4th Annual Health & Wellness Fair.  There were several Health related displays at this event, with myself stopping at each one as I made my way around the room.

"The Bruce Peninsula Hospice is a non-profit charitable organization who provides such "wonderful" support for individuals and their families who are coping with a progressive life limiting illness.   It was through the Hospice, when my own Mother had Cancer, that I became friends with a very caring compassionate woman who I am very fortunate to still have in my life, as she is one of the "best", and she does know who she is."

"There appeared to be a few "vibrating" moments going on in the room at any given time at this location... lol."

"Wowsers !  This machine is something else, declaring you can get the benefit of a 1 hour workout IN JUST 10 MINUTES !!!   Any further information on this state of the art piece of equipment by the T-Zone Health Vibration Technology can be gotten by contacting the Company's Agent, a local Bruce County gal as I see by her phone number, Nancy Schade @ 519-534-0177 or .

"Wiarton's very own "Complete Wellness" had a couple of things going on, from their display of 100% Natural Products to a "hands on" Reiki demonstration, which I unfortunately didn't have time to experience for myself....."dang"."

"Bath & Taps from Owen Sound were there, with this pretty cool bathtub, which I have only seen advertised on TV before, so it was nice to see what they looked like in person.  This floor model was marked down from an over $8,000.00 ticket price to somewhere just under the $4,000.00 mark if my memory serves me correctly.  Anyone in the market for such an item should be clicking on "Bath & Taps" taking you directly into their website to further check it out, where you also will find some pretty nice stuff, as I was doing some "dreaming" myself as I perused through it."

"Here is a display of 100% All Natural Products put out by Arbonne .  I was quite impressed by what their local, Bruce County again, representative, Sharon Goodwin, was showing and explaining to me.  Sharon is located in Hepworth, and has just recently took on the Arbonne line of products so did not have any business cards yet, but feel free to contact her by calling 519-935-2182, and she would be more then delighted to assist anyone with any inquiry regarding her product."

"Pictured here is Karen Kerr.  Karen is yet again another Bruce County gal (I am loving it) from the Mildmay area, who represents "Only Green".  This gal has not only have some really good "green" products, but she also has the knowledge to back it, along with the "bra" line she has to offer for purchase, I was very impressed !  ....and Only Green is right in our own backyard with its products manufactured in Midland, Ontario !!!"

"Here is the Grey-Bruce VON display, a cause with many tentacles reaching out to people with needs in many different areas.  One organization I have personally become fond of myself, especially through their Caregiver Support and Education Program Series, as it has been and still been a great benefit to  myself, as my role in Caregiver to my own Mother for the past 5 years."

"Here in the background is Grey-Bruce VON's very own Jessica Slater-Hamilton, who leads the Caregiver Support & Educations Series in the Grey-Bruce area.  If anyone is a caregiver for a family member and/or friend, and needs support in any capacity, please feel free to contact Jessica, as she will be sure to assist and direct you as need be.  Jessica can be contacted at the  Grey-Bruce VON office in Owen Sound ~  519-376-5895.

"This lady is Rosemary Peer, yet another local gal right here in Wiarton, who is an Independent Jeweller for the Fifth Avenue Collection.  The jewellery pieces are not only very beautiful, but they are also "NICKEL & LEAD" free ! 

"Last but not least, this is Anita DeJong, who represents not only Epicure Selections, but their very own family run business, "DeJong Acres", located at 463028 Conc. 24, Lake Charles, RR 2, Wiarton.  Food being one of my "loves", I will be sure to mark my calendar for the 7th of October, as DeJong Acres is having an open house at their Farm Store that day from 4-8 pm.  Um, wonder who I can rope into going along with me that day?  Anita can be contacted either by email at or phone at 519-534-1211."

That certainly took not only most of my morning, but a little bit into my early afternoon, however I enjoyed every minute of it speaking with all those great gals !

Once back home, it was time to take my dried bedding from the clothes line, not without taking Bandit & Lexus out for a romp first, then having a "little" rest before I went on into the remainder of my day....

"I arrived at the Hepworth Legion in where else but of course Hepworth, where I was invited by Rob's cousin, Joyce (who is now treasurer, I believe, for this Branch, hope I got that right, Joyce) for their Annual Spaghetti Dinner."

"It's amazing who I run into when I get out and about .... here "guarding" the door, is my Father's first cousin, Bill Cutting, and his wife, June !  I am sure they were more surprised to see me then I them."

"The volunteers serving up the dinner were more then generous with the helpings.  Here again, in this picture getting her dinner, is Judy Jones, a gal I have known for years from when I lived in Hepworth, as well as her Aunt Jean who is taking the tickets.  My World gets smaller."

"Here is Rob's cousin, Joyce, who never sat the whole time I was there, as did any of the other Legion volunteers that I noticed, until it was time for her to sit and have dinner with me.  The way these volunteers are with their work ethnics are unfortunately of a dying breed, as the saying goes..."

"The murals lining the  one wall of the Hepworth Legion, Branch #586, are really something to see in person."

"Oh, and there is Joyce, back at it"

*Phew* I am tired again from just recapturing my yesterday again...... but here it is 8:38 a.m. already and I need to get going into my day ahead, as I have been at this since 6:00 a.m., with two coffees into me already !

Onto today's weather I go ....


 Not looking too bad, and the sun is shining outside my windows.

Don't forget by "clicking" on the highlighted "key words" you will be taken in to that specific website, that will provide more detailed information on the subject

Things to do and people to see, so I best be getting the "rag" out and get on with my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. what a beautiful Fall day it is, great photos,



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