Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Lions, Tigers & Bears ....

.... OH MY !

We seen Lions & Tigers, but no Bears today, but oh my the Lions and Tigers were majestic !

The "boys", all 3 had their fierce looks on to conquer the Jungle.

More on Elmvale Zoo can be found by *clicking* HERE.  Savings for the Zoo may be found by *clicking* HERE.

Madagascar Lemurs? totally adorable.

Remember Dexter from the movie, "A Night At the Museum"?  Hilariously cute.

Hey you ! ya you down there with the yellow shirt, got any food?

Ya well hand it over chump, a gal needs to get her nutritional values you know?

Really? and I thought I had bad hair days.

Alpacas ... sweet.

Gibbon Monkey are so entertaining.

 Colours galore with the variety of Macaws.

Connor was trying to make friends with the Peacock.

Miniature goats were "hands on" for petting.

Anti-sociable would  you also think so?

One of my favourites at the Zoo were the big Cats.  Majestic doesn't say it all about this beauty and strength.

... and Mrs. Lioness.

 The tigers, or jaguars? they will be posted tomorrow, along with maybe a few others from this gal, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I'm thinking you liked the zoo as well as the boys! It is always fun and interesting to see all the animals.

  2. Quite a place for the kids to visit! The giraffe's my favourite.


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