Thursday, 11 June 2015

Wee Wiarton Willie, Quilts & Kindness

Did I sleep last night? part of the night, and part is much better then none in my books.

I had fabulous plans to get the bathroom cleaned and floors washed today.  Yes that most certainly did NOT happened as I was, once again, sidetracked.  Being sidetracked is something that is not unusual in my daily routine, or lack of one I should say.  Sadly by 1 pm my pockets of energy had been beyond depleted and I found myself on the couch the remainder of the day.

When I had been "out on tour" on errands within our Town of Wiarton, I detoured down to the Wiarton Chamber Office.  Much to my surprises, wee Wiarton Willie, was not only out, he also came .....

... running towards me, as to say, "good morning", however I knew the reality was more, "do you have any carrots or zucchini"?  What a cutie now his has "blown" his Winter cost and now adorning his almost Summer dudes.

Where does Wiarton Willie reside?  right beside the Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce office in Bluewater Park, at 402 William Street, Wiarton, Ontario.  Need a map? check it out HERE.

Should Wiarton Willie not be out, do not fear as Wiarton has lots to offer with its beautiful Bluewater Park overlooking Colpoy's Bay with a downtown that has lots to offer in the way of shops and stores, and not to forget there is one very unique shop tucked away behind Berford Street, on Louisa, more about that can be found by *clicking* HERE..

The WDCC supports many of its members with their own Facebook Pages, or otherwise, on their Facebook Page, which can be found by *clicking* HERE.  Remember, should you have a Facebook account, and go to LIKE a Facebook Page, such as the Wiarton one, also click on the LIKES down arrow to select NOTIFICATIONS, so you can be updated to new posts from that page.

I recently lent Rural Rootz, Wiarton, some Quilts I have been gifted over the years for their 4th Annual Show the theme is "Piece On Earth" to raise money and awareness for Sleeping Children Around the World

One of the pieces I had lent them to put on display was a quilted bag made by my friend, Carla.  I contacted Carla after doing so to ask her for some of her new Business Cards that I could ask be displayed with her creation.  Well I not only received Business Cards from Carla in the mail today, it also included some "happy mail" for me too.

I got this beautifully made "Mug Rug" made with love by Carla.  Yes Carla also has a Facebook Page, which can be found by *clicking* HERE.

Should you have a chance to attend the Annual Quilt Show at Rural Rootz, I am pretty certain you will not be disappointed.  More information on this? please *click* HERE.

I challenge myself, and others to perform one (1) Act of Kindness a day for the rest of the Year, as unfortunately...

This is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. that was nice of Carla to do that. Glad you had some pockets of energy today.

  2. I see no shortage of groundhogs, but they seem to bolt the moment you're walking close to them!

  3. That doesn't surprise me one little bit that Carla would send along a little something special :) She is a sweet and kind person!


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