Sunday, 24 February 2013

Quantities Down Prices Up

A certain girl had my attention very early this morning.  This girl being Lexus with her demands of wanting out immediately.  I hurried myself to get dressed, leaving behind a half finished coffee ... the trials and tribulations of being a Mama to four Australian Shepherd Dogs some days.

"Still bleak before 7 am, I was surprised at the amount of snow that had fallen again through the night.  I am certain there was another 3 inches on the ground."

After I had attended everyone's needs, along with their food requirements, I finished up finally getting back to my coffee.  Once Rob had gotten up, we had decided we would make a trip into Owen Sound as there were a few things I had wanted to pick up today that I could not purchase locally in Wiarton.

"Road Trip !  not without first stopping for a Large dbl cream and a triple triple, yes that is right a triple triple.  Really any ideas how I can "wean" my man from so much sugar, as I have even tried to "shame" him into it to no avail.  Check out the awesome new coffee cozies the sweet Virna at Craftmates handmade for my "Crabby Cabbie" and I.  And the height of those snowbanks along the highway!"

Shopping can be at its best exhausting some days.  First stop was Walmart, second stop over to the Dollarama, then the final stop was Bell World where we ducked in for a moment for me to look at a new "heavy duty" cell phone, the Sonim XP5520 BOLT PTT.  I have to admit after looking at the online specs for this phone, I have to agree with Rob that it does look pretty durable and attractive with a 3 year guarantee backing it.  Check it out yourself should you be looking for such a phone by *clicking* HERE.

It was going on to 1 pm by the time we had finished up with the shopping we had wanted to do.  Before we had left the house I had asked Rob if he would like me to make up some breakfast, which of course this never happened as he wanted to leave right then and there.  I was famished at this point.  Rob took us around to our favourite little Chinese Restaurant the Twin Dragon in Owen Sound for a buffet lunch.  It was very good especially at the price of $22.00 and change which included a $2.00 tip.

We had to buy dog food.  I can not begin to express at, once again, how disappointed I am with rising prices of everything but "incomes".

"Not sure what happened with Walmart's Roll Back the Price on this item, nor what is up with Pedigree with them having decreased the size of bag from 18kg down to 16kg.  Two months ago we paid $26.00 and change for a 18kg bag at Walmart, which is no longer available.  Today a 16kg bag cost $29.00 plus change.  That is a very huge difference, is it not???  Once again people "quantities have been decreased while prices have increased" !"

How anyone is suppose to cut any more out of their every day living with prices of everything constantly on the rise, is beyond my understanding.  There is going to be no room left for enjoying any part of life in the way of having an odd meal out, extra activities, and any hobbies, or much else for that matter.

When I was at Walmart I had some photos printed out, since I had bought a frame well before Christmas that I have been wanting to get filled.

"Four of my favourite photos of four of my favourite "Checkerboard Aussies".  I can not wait now to get it hung, but where I still am working out."

This afternoon I also finished up putting together my Secret Sister gift.

"I could not find a suitable box to mail it in  when out shopping today so a Christmas Box will have to do.  Just a little "peek" inside ... okay that is enough."

I am so excited about getting my Secret Sister package off into the mail tomorrow.

This is the third Secret Sister Swap I have participating in since Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily had created and began hosting them last Spring.  Thanks again, Carla, as you know how much I LOVE this swap ! Hugsssss.

At 4 pm my Lexus needed out, so away we went.

"Check out that sky over in the East.  Looked pretty unsettled to me, however  it had been very mild  today.  It almost looks as if Lexus was peering up at the sky as well, however her mind was more on the squirrel who is presently inhabiting our wood shed.  She is fixated on it, she is."

There is not a day goes by without me having myself some "puppy love" ....

"I had myself some love with the now squiggly balls of fur.  I can not believe what a heavy weight Bindi has become, nor how cute that little tongue of Spite's sticking out is.  Semah and Lunette? sleep sleep sleep !  Way too much cuteness."

Trust me I am enjoying every moment of their restricted mobility, as before you know it they will be four weeks old, next week already, with sharp little teeth and the beginning of the weaning process.

Another day has gone by in a *blink* of the eye so it seems, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. It's getting really tough, this trying to make ends meet. We're eating an awful lot of CANADIAN root veggies these days. Lettuce and celery have become special treats. I stock up when I do find durable goods or foods I can freeze. We have been trying to find local beef the past couple of weeks and coming up short. Sure looking forward to getting a garden started.

    1. Having only one grocery store close by, it being a Foodland, makes us extremely selective when buying. You will often find me going directly to the discount veggie/fruit bin first before anywhere else in the store. The dehydrated veggies have came in very handy this past Winter.

    2. Dog food is one of my 'pet' peeves as well. I have a large wolf/Shepard mix and 16 kg or the 17.2 kg doesn't last a week, yet the price jumped again. he likes Kibbles and Bits, but has been getting noName small kibbles, and I am drizzling fat on top so he will eat it.cereal is another thing. The boxes are the same hight but not as deep. Most are 454g now. Doesn't feed a family for a whole week.

    3. Karen didn't I give you the phone number for Ken Martin? Or even Reiche meats. I'm trying to convince Colin to get some beef, our neighbour has black Angus!

      I've noticed the "smaller package/same price" nonsense going on. Prices gave really gone up over Christmas.

    4. We don't have any selection when it comes to groceries in the closest town either. Food Basics and an independant family owned outfit that is VERY expensive.
      Paula, you didn't give me Martin's #, you gave me a different one. We are going to go by Reiche's this week and see what he can arrange for us. The only meat I eat is YOUR PORK so Mike has a hard time getting a decent price when he doesn't buy a large quantity.

  2. yes , I DO know of what you speak! I haven't seen a raise in 12 years. My fuel prices have almost doubled in that time and hydro sure has increased! Just got the news my youngest will need braces , her brother having just finished with his two years back. $6,500 minimum!!! up almost $2,000 .I am contemplating getting a second job to pay for them

  3. Another busy,busy day for you. That sky does look as though you have a lot more snow to come.

  4. I'm with you on all the prices going up and the size of packages getting smaller and smaller :( I feel like every month we sit down with my husband and try to figure out where else to cut corners. Kind of tired of it!

    On a good note though, puppies are getting so big and so so cuuute!

  5. It's crazy expensive! :( As you know we have a very tight budget and i'm trying so hard to stay under, but it is hard when price are going up what it seems to be every single week! I try to buy sale items as much as I can and am really on the kids about not wasting anything!

    Love your new coffee sleeves! Virna is the absolutely sweetest thing! Lucky you!!! :)

    And I cannot believe you're already mailing your secret sister pkg. out! Awesome!!!

  6. You are so right about the price increases, its hard to find any more places to cut our budget and gas prices are headed back up :(

  7. Hope this is not a duplicate post.

    You've got a bunch of little furry cuties there, Cindy!

    Walmart (and most retailers) have been doing that on a regular basis, making a big deal about cutting the prices, but 'forgetting to mention' that the size is being cut as well. :/

  8. Love your sky to the east. Yeah things sure keep going up:( Take care off to the chores. have a great day. B

  9. Still lots of snow up North! Here in Toronto it is slowly melting away, I need spring! I haven't won anything yet on roll up the rim :(

  10. Drives me crazy when they decrease quantity as well as raise the price! What makes me even madder is when the quality decreases as well:(

  11. Awww Cindy, I'm so happy that you're using the coffee cozy.

    Too bad I missed the deadline for the Secret Sister swap. I'll make sure I don't miss the next one.


  12. Is it unCanadian to admit that I never go into Tims? I can't stand coffee, and I don't care for doughnuts, so...


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