Monday, 11 February 2013

No Apple Pie This Day

A mild rainy day it started out to be.  At this moment it is a blustery Winter Day with heavy wet snow being blown threw by westerly winds.  Another "mixed" bag of Winter this day has been weatherwise.

Otherwise ... there are some days I would LOVE to bury my head as an Ostrich would do, but then I would miss out on all the fun I had this day.

Sunday Rob and I had went to pick up a "new to us" Stove that had a flat top cooking area, and convection oven.  I have been pining for another convection oven since the motherboard went in mine a few years back.  My other, plain "Jane" stove I had bought used to see us through, needed the oven cleaned so I put it on self-clean yesterday when hydro was cheap and got going on wiping it out this morning.

The day started out fairly good ....

"I tackled the nasty job of getting the oven cleaned out right away thinking the worse will be over with right off "the bat"."

"It was spotless and I was feeling good about posting it for sale on Kijiji."

Rob called to say he was coming back to Wiarton with our one "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle to get the oil changed and bringing along a friend to move the old stove down to the basement and bring up the "new to us" stove.

With this all done, I carried on with getting it all nice and "spic & span" where the old stove had been, where on Earth do all those piled up bunnies come from, then pushed it back after plugging it in.  I smelled plastic burning, but thought it had been something when I had plugged the kettle into the stove's outlet.  I carried on with peeling apples for the pie  I was all excited to be making and baking in the convection oven ... oh it had been so long since I had used convection.

Halfway through the apples being peeled I thought I had better pre-heat the oven.... nothing.  No clock on, no light on, no oven, even though all the burners worked properly.

"See how nice it looks? nothing a $285.00 part won't make better."

I felt physically sick to my stomach.  Money I had spent, that otherwise could have been used on something else, I had spent on something that we now could not afford the extra money to put out to repair in something already used, especially when a brand new one only costs $699.00.  Here I was trying to upgrade by saving some money to have it "back fire" on me...dang, dang, triple dang.

I called a couple of appliance repair shops.  They assured me the move would not have done anything to cause the clock/motherboard going, as they just go and it was just our bad luck that it went when we plugged it in.  No fault of the people we bought it from, as it was working fine when it left their place... just our "bad luck".

No apple pie this day, there was .....

Does it end there? of course not.

I wanted to use the shop vac to vac up all the loose dog hair around Lexus and Missy Mercedes kennels to find it wouldn't even suck up paper.  No problem, it had been pretty full with the filter needing a good cleaning, so I got that all done.  Still no suction, so left until Rob got home to pull the attachments off as something could be plugged in the hose.  I left it there for him.

Well "him" got home and back upstairs only to tell me ....

"I had left the cord too close to Missy Mercedes' kennel and she had herself a bit of a chew (she does love cords for some reason).  At least this is a much easier and less expensive fix."

On speaking with a good friend today, she had pointed out all the "good things" in our lives can be focused on as much as we want to stay positive, but for some reason one or two really "bad things" always seem to surface to gain all our attention and focus.  Jeez I really hate when that happens !

Another friend told me a couple of weeks ago that life's cycles go in runs of bad and good... really would someone please let me know when it is time for my "bad" cycle to run out?????

These small "things" have only been minor, being only the "icing on my cake" compared to "other" things going on in my life for the past while.  What do I say to this? thank goodness for some loving family members and all the wonderful friendships I have.

I really been working on talking myself through all this negativity we have had thrown our way the past few weeks, as I always try my darnedest to focus on some positive as much as I can ....

"I am thankful for a Slow Cooker to make a meal in until my old stove comes back upstairs."

"I am thankful for all the smiles I had later today by looking into the whelping box for a minute or two, or was it five or ten minutes?"

Oh yes there is silver lining amongst the stormy clouds ....

".... outside our windows as I type."

The people who we had bought the stove from contacted us and are mailing us a full refund for what we had paid them for the stove.  How descent and nice was that of them?  this really made my heart sing at the end of what I found to be a somewhat of a stressful day.  The money we get back is going to go into a envelope to be saved towards a brand new "for us" stove some day, hopefully this year.

In the meantime there will be "no apple pie this day", but guaranteed there will someday again soon, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. So sorry about your stove but it was good of the people to refund your money. There are good folks out there.

  2. Ugh! Some days are just like that aren't they?! I'm so glad you're getting a refund... that would make your stomach a little less "unsettled" wouldn't it! Hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day!!

  3. Decent people to refund your money,indeed.
    Jane x

  4. Sorry to read all the troubles you had today that sucks about the stove ! I have a gas Kenmore and I love it we got it brand new when we moved here 4 years ago and the self cleaning is awesome ! It was good you got a refund though that was nice ! Hope the rest of your day goes better !

  5. Oh Cindy, looks like you had a true Monday there. I'm so sorry!! :( I'm looking for a new stove too (because ours is probably original and works worse and worse) but I'm hesitant to buy it used from classifieds for this exact reason. Did you check that it worked before you picked it up? I think that's one of those expenses that I want to have a warranty for :) I hope you'll find something better soon!

    1. It worked just fine when we got it, as demonstrated by the owners. As the appliance man said it was just "bad luck" and happened to us. How fortunate the people are so kind to return us our money.

    2. I agree, that was awesome of them! But I'm sorry you didn't get your new oven!

  6. Oh Cindy, how heartbreaking that was! I know you were so excited about getting that stove. You are very lucky the sellers were so good to refund the stove!

  7. Stuff happens... good and bad... when you least expect it. Happy to hear you are getting a refund; such an unfortunate thing to happen. Like all the above, hope tomorrow will be a good day for you. :)
    How long are the puppies with you before they leave for their forever home? They are so little, so cute.

    1. March 29th they go for their first shots & vet checks, Connie, then off anytime after that to their new Forever Homes.

    2. Sorry to hear about your 'new to you stove'. I have the flat electric cook top and love it. But must say, shortly after it was delivered, one of the burners wasn't working. Luckily, we purchased the maintenance agreenment because the service tech. told me, just moving it can jar the electronics enough to cause them not to work. A new stove with a warranty is well worth it when it comes to stoves. A replacement for your flat cook top easily goes for $450. today. I would think twice about moving it again unless you are going to get rid of it. Bess

    3. Poor dear. It just makes a homemakers life full of stress, when our appliances don't work. At least you have a nice clean one to come back upstairs, and all those bunnies are gone!!

  8. Cindy - I haven't received any email from you.

  9. Anytime you need a place to bake your apple pie.... You know where you can come! (Anita DeJong)

  10. good that they are going to refund your money. You are going to have to put comment moderation on your blog as the spammers have found you!


  11. How awful when you tried to be economical. I hate it when things like that happen. I have a ceramic hob like the one on the top of yours (I think) and I absolutely love it. You'll never look back once it's working! x

  12. So sorry to hear about the stove, been there done that with a dryer and a dishwasher I bought "new to us". But never had the original owners refund the price so woot woot for you! That is so refreshing to hear there are still people out there like that!
    Have a thought...have you ever tried campfire baked apple pie!? oh so good! (thanks to my son who gives me great ideas for when we are camping up in Sauble for a month out of the summer and have no stove lol)...his carmel baked apples over the fire are to die for too!
    Hope things turn around, your pups btw are adorable!! :)

    1. No I haven't Monica, but it does sound interesting. You must email it to me, or maybe I will try googling it? Thanks !

  13. I've had a few days like that myself...


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