Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nice To Have Him Home

"How could a person get up in the morning to look out at this and not feel good about the day ahead?  how blessed are we to have a home to look out its windows to gaze upon such a sight?"

Thank you for everyone's kind support, along with all the understanding and hugs yesterday.  Having this bond of virtual and non-virtual "Sister and/or Brotherhood (as I know my dear John you are usually there rooting in among the curtains somewhere for me xx)" is amazing !  It is like have a whole bunch of "best friends" there for me on any given day to lean on, to listen to their advice and/or own experiences, and the understanding? well that is amazing all by itself.  This is one part of blogging that I have been beyond grateful for, especially with all the new friends I have made along the way ... truly I am honored.  My sincerest thanks always.

I was fresh out of backup Spaghetti Meat Sauce in the freezer, so yesterday I had taken out 2 lbs. of lean ground beef to get a double batch made up today.  Once I threw a load of laundry in the washer, I got to the task at hand of getting it made.

"Nothing like having one's own canned tomatoes, tomato sauce and dehydrated mushrooms on hand in the Pantry, now is there?  Once the meat, onions, and garlic had browned nicely I then always add in my seasonings prior to the sauces being added."

There were a few things I had in mind on getting done around the house today but I needed to enlist Rob on doing them for me, as there are just some things I cannot manage on my own anymore.

"I really enjoy it when I don't have to ask more then once.  It is even nicer when I have both my "main" guys supporting each other.  Bandit makes a great Mascot, does he not?"

"It was such a beautiful day, what a shame if Buddy couldn't go out in the Kennel Run outside.  Rob got right to making it all nice and comfortable for him."

When we had bought the dog house last month, we hadn't really noticed there had been an old rug in it.  Rob had to get in there to cut it out, as any type of material gets wet and freezes, making it very cold and unhealthy for any kind of animal to be on.  Shavings are the most ideal, and never material  as it gets wet and freezes making for some pretty uncomfortable circumstances.

Then the fun began ....

"Rob had put Missy Mercedes & Buddy out in the kennel together.  What a show they put on for us all, Bandit included.  Bandit was probably wondering, "why are they getting all that fun?".  Needless to say our youngest two were "pooped" out after a good hour of romping with each other."

Later this afternoon we had an appointment to meet up with someone in Paisley.  Since we had been a little earlier then planned we had to amuse ourselves for a good 1/2 hour or so....

"Rob amused himself by wandering around the Used Car lot at the GM Dealers, while I admired this stately looking home near it not magnificent?"

"Then we headed on over to the Old Mill, "Nature's Millworks".  Lovely spot it is, with the owners living on premises."

"I love these types of shops as there always seem to be a little bit of something for everyone within their doors."

We attended to our business then made our way home.  

"Once home it didn't take me long to get our Dinner prepared.  Oh it was really really good.  All that dark stuff on top of the Sauce? that would be pepper, as some people are salt fanatics, I am that way about pepper .... I do LOVE me some Pepper !"

Once we had our Dinner, there was enough left from the double batch I had made for 3 more Dinners put down in the freezer.  Easy Peasy goodness for another time.


It was a good day with my time spent with Rob well enjoyed.  There is hardly any time for us to spend "quality time" together anymore, so we really try to make the best of it when we can.  You know how important those times are to be able to fit in all the teasing, kibitzing, bickering, huge discussions and arguments, along with a little bit of caring, loving, maybe mixed in with the odd kiss and hug or two.

Really truly it is always "nice to have him home" most times then naught ... *smile*.

With this day almost behind us, there will be another to look forward to tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. They are calling for freezing rain tonight. My Dearest was pretty happy about that. " Great another snow day!" he exclaimed! It would make me happy if on a snow day he did more then sit in front of the cook stove. I am counting on snow not rain and life will be normal tomorrow. Your spaghetti sauce looks really good. I shall have to try it. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Ahh a day with your sweetie pie. You are so right a day alone with the one God picked out just for you can be wonderful But then they need to get back to work so things can get done around the place. Ha I can't wait until this food stamp challenge is over so I can get back to my canned and dehydrated food, I miss them sooo much!

  3. glad you were feeling better and it was a lovely day albeit a cold one again.

    Your pasta sauce looks yummy!!


  4. Oh am I the only one that is craving spaghetti now? Breakfast yummy.
    I feel the same way about our blogger world.
    Love that house.
    Take care gotta go feed Annie;)Glad you are feeling better. B

  5. Yummy - lunch time at work and to be reading this blog makes me all the more hungry.
    Aimee from craftmates

  6. So glad this was a better day. I love spending time with my hubby too! He works from home so we are together a lot but it's the quality time away from the phone that I really enjoy:)

  7. Nothing like batch cooking! It looks delicious. I missed yesterdays post....will go back and look now. x

  8. This looks thick and hearty which if what I like. Thank you for sharing.

    We may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.

  9. Thanks for sharing with us at In and Out of the Kitchen Link Up Party.
    Dawn co host and blogger

  10. Cindy-I love that you have "backup sauce" in your freezer. It made me smile since I'm all about planning and being prepared! I also like that you shake hefty doses of pepper on top since I'm not much of a salt person either.

    Sounds like you had a great outing and day! I have to say, though, that Bandit looks more like a supervisor than a mascot! Looks like he's checking up to make sure the work is done properly :-)

    Thank you for linking your spaghetti sauce this week--I appreciate it!

  11. I think I'd like checking out that Old Mill... good architecture!


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