Saturday, 23 February 2013

Breakfast & Dinner Together !

Why does 4 am wake ups annoy me so much some days?  6 am I do not mind, but why does it have to happen at 4 or 5 am?  I really love getting all I can out of daytime hours, but by now, 6 pm, I am started to feel a little on the weary side.

"Not that the weather might have anything to do with getting a person down with more Snow and no Sunshine.  Snow is okay, but with Sunshine it makes it a whole lot better.  Really though it has been light fluffy Snow all day which makes for some very pretty scenery."

"This is a very rare occurrence around here in the mornings to see Rob and I ever sitting down to a breakfast together.  Never mind that, I can't remember the last time I had made oatmeal before this morning.  At one time we used to have oatmeal as a regular breakfast staple.  It was tasting pretty yummy this morning."

Every morning I update the "Crabby Cabbie" and "Checkerboard Aussies" Facebook pages.  This morning this is what my "Crabby Cabbie's" said.

"Call The "Crabby Cabbie". We would LOVE for YOU to be seen in public with US, even though we might seem a little Crazy happy at times."

Ha ! there are some pretty good funnies out there to put together a new status every day. 

Today I decided I would make myself my very own Facebook Page where I could post photos of what meals I cook here, along with their recipes, so I could have them all in one spot, rather then scattered here there and everywhere all over my laptop.  

This was done with it being named, Foods Simply Made at North of Wiarton.  I am "tickled pink" to have 6 Friends who have given my new page a "LIKE" already.  Thanks girls.  Should you want to drop in on my new Facebook page to give it a "LIKE" too, please do so by *clicking* HERE.  Thank you, as I really do appreciate the support and the follow.

Once I was done with Facebook status updates, I turned my attention to transferring my Week 8 ~ 52 Week Money Challenge money into its account.  I just found out last week that my Rob has been saving along with the rest of us since week one.  Wow double savings at the end of 52 weeks in our household, I sure hope we can pull it off with the both of us doing it!

"Since things are slow this time of Year for my "Crabby Cabbie" I have been sticking to the regular weekly challenge amounts, rather then going backwards or mixing them all up.  What ever works still gives the same end result of $1,378.0."

How is everyone else doing now we are into 2 months already ???  Toni, Judy, Stacey, Michelle, Diane, Ellen, Debby, Cathy, Jean, Karen, Elsie, Gill, Darlene, Vicki, Abby, Marg, Janet, Marlyn, Christy, Alice, Monica, Kathy, and now with Rob, making us 24 !  Debby has posted that even her daughter's have joined her in the challenge, along with a few of their friends.  This is such a doable challenge, is it not?

After lunch I was meeting up with my friend, Toni with an "i" for a coffee at the Hepworth Tim Hortons.  She had picked up a dehydrator for one of my Cousins for me that had been in Owen Sound.  Perfect opportunity to meet up for a get together over coffee.  I was going to clean off my Van and head down there, however Rob offered to run me down, so I had my very own personal driver to take me.

He was called out on a fare, so Toni and I had time for a bit of a visit to ourselves.  

Before we parted ways, Toni happened to look out the window to notice this pretty cool license plate I would love to have myself. 

"Too bad there isn't enough room on a license plate for me to have one made to say "I LOVE My Aussie Dogs"."

Once Rob had come back to collect me, with Toni and I having finished up our visit, we stopped downtown Wiarton so I could check out a couple of stores to see some items for my Secret Sister in the Swap Carla is hostessing over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily.

I really enjoyed going through a couple of stores with Rob today.  I like hanging out with him, something we do not get to do too often anymore together since he has been so busy being such a great "Crabby Cabbie".

Once we got back home I got going on fixing us Dinner using up the leftover roast beef from the Slow Cooker Dinner we had the day before.  Rob has never been too fussy in the past on Beef Stroganoff, but I thought I would give it one more try, since it has been a few years since I had done so.

"The ingredients are very simple to get it going."

"After everything had been mixed nicely and heated thoroughly, I put the Egg Noodles on to cook before adding 1/2 cup of Sour Cream to the mix."

"Creamy and favourable."

I had found the recipe for this Leftover Beef Stroganoff over at

Recipe please?  just *click* HERE.

After this Dinner, it has been confirmed, once again, Rob does NOT like Beef Stroganoff, nor Sour Cream.  The End.

Really though I can not believe we had a Breakfast and Dinner together on a Saturday ... WOW !

PS... I love and so appreciate all the positive energy each and everyone sent my way yesterday, and every day, along with those who also send an odd prayer up for us.  xx  Anytime I can send anything back please do let me know.

With now looking up at the clock it is now just a bit after 7 pm.  I have another hour before the "gang" all goes out, about and back in for their last romp of the day, and I call it a night myself, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. So far so good Cindy with the Challenge. I put in week 10 today since I had an extra toonie. I guess all that matters is the end result but I can see me being able to do December. I will do as long as possible and am hoping to pick up a little extra on housecleaning in April.

  2. Papa and I now are able to have dinner together and breakfast together on the weekends as during now that I am retired and he only works 20 min away, it is wonderful! We also enjoying being together and going places together sometimes just sitting watching a movie together ! We are best friends as well so that makes it even better ! It was sunny here today and mild I to think the sun shining makes a big difference ! Have a good evening !

  3. We are over $300.00 in our 52 week challenge and loving it!! Thanks for including us all. Toooo funny we also had leftover beef and noodles today. Just beef with gravy over noodles, we don't like the sour cream in it. Glad you are having a better day!

  4. Hello! Found you on the GYB blog hop! I love sour cream and egg noodles with pretty much everything! That snow is incredible! Following on FB.

  5. Great going here with the challenge too! I am still super motivated. I am going to be depositing March (and maybe April) when I get paid this week.

    1. YAY Stacey ! I find it gets more exciting as the weeks go by. We also have a sealed pot for Loonies & Toonies I love to rattle from time to time.

  6. Oatmeal's an idea breakfast on a cold winter day.


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