Friday, 17 February 2012

A "Happy Birthday" Day Luncheon It Was !

This morning brought Rob and I both walking out the door almost at the very same time.  Him heading off towards Southampton to work for the day, and I heading up past "North of the Checkerboard" towards my Doctor's office in Lion's Head for my annual physical examination, as well as my weekly shot in the arm for those nasty mold spores and dust mites who seem to enjoy tormenting me.

The weather has been wonderful today, so it was smooth sailing for the drive there and back.  I got home to running around making my "Crabby Cabbie" a lunch (he forgot to do), taking the "pack" in and out, changing my clothes, then heading out again to meet up for my Aunt Pearlina's 91st Birthday luncheon in Port Elgin.

*Phew* it was run, run, run ..... but I met up with my "Crabby Cabbie" at the Saugeen Gas Bar where he got his lunch and I got my truck filled up with gas.

I then made my way to Aunt Mabel's Restaurant in Port Elgin where I met up with everyone, arriving just before the clock struck 12:30 pm.  Not bad timing considering I had not arrived back home from my Doctor's until 11:00 pm.  I must have had the "peddle to the metal" just a wee tiny bit, like my Auntie Gladys does.  I do come by it honestly by way of Genes, you know?

"My lunch of Chicken Caesar Wrap & side salad was very good and filling.  So filling matter of a fact, here it is supper time and I am still full !"

"Lunches all finished with a "surprise" to follow.  Aunt Gladys had made Vanilla Cupcakes for the occasion.  Picture time !"

"I had told Aunt Pearlina to make a wish that I win money, so I wouldn't have to go and live with her."

"Here they all are, Cousin Vi, Aunt Shirley, Friend Mary, Auntie Gladys, and of course the Birthday Girl, Aunt Pearlina, or as Rob has been know to call her, Aunt Pearl."

"A couple of ladies from Auntie Gladys' church were in the Restaurant, with one being so kind enough to take a picture of all of us."

It was a very nice luncheon which I, for one, had really enjoyed with great company and good food.  I can't wait until we go again next year for Aunt Pearlina's 92nd Birthday !

By the time I paid the bill for my lunch, said "goodbyes" and was homeward bound, it was 2:00 pm, with arrival back home just before the hour of 3:00 pm. 

Once home, I took everyone out who needed out, came up  stairs, made myself a coffee and plunked myself into a chair.  I was fatigued and totally "pooped" right out.  Nothing else was done the rest of the afternoon, expect speaking to my sisters, Donna, and Jeanne, who had  both called.  Oh yes, and having little Missy Mercedes in and out at least three times, as she needed to burn off some energy, not used to ever being in her crate for so much of the day.  

The sun came through our windows as I sat having my coffee, showing me the fine runners of webs running from the wall over to the woodstove piping, and fluffs of bunnies floating across the floors.   *Sigh* the vicious circle of  spiders and dust bunnies go non-stop, seemingly never to wear out and take a rest for a day or two, quite unlike myself.  What's up with those guys ????  I need some of that energy inflicted by them onto me ....

I think I will share a video I received a few days ago via email, one I have seen before.  I found this video to be very interesting, but not surprising, hearing such theories before hand on this same subject ... please "click" on the following link should you be interested in the "treatment of skin cancer".

My Mother, and her Grandmother on her maternal side I believe, had skin cancer on their faces.  My Mother had hers surgically removed, and her Grandmother, I do not know the story but being how many years ago it was, I am sure there was nothing done back in those days in way of treatment or otherwise.

I am of the opinion there are cures out there, however are not being made Public for obvious reasons.  One, I think money and jobs are created by way of "illness", so why hand out the cures for jobs to be lost.  This is my opinion, or should I say, "suspicions on the matter"?

Now for a little "Blast from my Past" to start off the weekend ....

I am off, and not running to fast towards the kitchen to infuse myself with another shot of Java, so I can at least try to stay awake until the hour of 9:00 pm here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time ! the food does look delish!

  2. What a beautiful name your aunt has! Happy Birthday to her! Looks like you guys all had a fun day!

  3. Your aunt does NOT look like she is 91, more like early 80's.

    Step-father was treated for skin cancer in 2010/2011, they used a cream that was like radiation therapy . He was sick at the time, as it gave him the same side effects as radiation. Fine now though.

    Enjoy your weekend, it looks like winter here, as it is snowing,



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