Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Stirring Of Some Awesome Memories So Long Ago

I do not think the whole of Ontario got dumped on by snow yesterday, but I sure know we did in Bruce County, or the part of Bruce County we live in, and my "Crabby Cabbie" works out of .... Wiarton was hit, and down in Southampton and Port Elgin they got the same.

It was much to my relief, after I had been up already for a little bit this morning, to see the Sun come out in full force, however before that happened I thought the "pack", who all absolutely love snow would enjoy a little romp around in the white stuff.

"Looks like Bandit spotted something over yonder, with Missy Mercedes following suit with her puppy curiosity."

"Sorry guys, but it seems like the gal has the upper hand once again !"

"That is enough of that, he is not being any fun whatsoever, let me tell you."

"Mercedes just wasn't playing fair, Mom, let me tell you that ear biting has to be stopped !"

Ha,ha,ha ... a good romp in the snow wears all that Aussie energy down a little bit, giving me a bit of time out for other stuff.  There isn't one of our three Australian Shepherds who doesn't  love snow .... when the storm had begun yesterday Mercedes was jumping up into the air trying to catch the snowflakes coming down. It was way too funny to watch.  Bandit also loves swimming, not so much Lexus, and we will find out this coming Summer with Missy Mercedes.

I had to head down to Port Elgin today.  

"Rob had to go to work early this morning, so there was no clearing of snow from our driveway done.  Plow through his tracks I did."

"As long as the roads are bare and dry, I love driving through the Winter Wonderland's beauty."

There was a Chili Lunch at Southampton's Presbyterian Church so my Auntie Gladys and I got together for lunch there, before I headed off to Port Elgin.

I am so happy we decided to get together for this luncheon, as I got to see two of my Teachers from Grade School at Southampton's G.C. Huston Public School !  Mrs. Chatterton was my Grade 6 Teacher, and Mrs. Wark was my Sunday School Teacher at the United Church.  Also both their sons and I are all the same age.  I was head over my heels, absolutely delighted to see both of them !  Wow, seeing the two of them most certainly stirred up some good memories of days long gone by .....

It didn't end there ....another lady walked by our table who looked very familiar to me, so much so it was starting to drive me "batty".  I finally got up my nerve to ask another lady, who knew my Auntie Gladys, what the lady's name was.  Oh my, it was a lady I worked with at an Insurance Broker's in Kitchener, 26 Years ago !!!  Once we got to talking I learned her and her husband moved up to Southampton a few years ago, after having a cottage there for many years prior.

....and then before we left, there was another lady I got to see from days long gone by in my Southampton Childhood Years !

You just never know who, where, or when you will run into someone, now do you?

Darn, darn, and triple darn it all to heck, do you think I had my handy dandy little camera in my purse?  Absolutely NOT, as I had left it in my truck when Auntie had picked me up ..... Geez !

Oh yes, memories ....

"... memories of Summer months past with Hydrangeas in full bloom."

It shan't be long now before Easter will be around again, with the blues and pinks of potted Hydrangeas, as well as Tulips and Daffodils.  *Sigh* 

I look forward to and will embrace Spring with welcoming arms .... come forth and bring along your warmth with you, as Summer will then not be long behind.

Listening to the radio today, there seems to be some controversy as to the date of Beatles's member, George Harrison's birthday whether or not the 25th of February was it?  Regardless should it have been the 24th, 25th or 26th, let's bring on a little Sunshine in honoring him ... adding some warmth into our own lives.

Who did not love the Beatles, or not want to honor any one of them, I would not know?

An all around fantastic day it was between old memories being stirred up, a lovely luncheon spent with my Auntie Gladys ... I even got to briefly see my "Crabby Cabbie" inbetween his Taxi runs !!!  Oh yes, I also got to quickly run in to see Sue at the Southampton Meat Market to pickup another grinder of Himalayan Salt for my friend, Diane.  Good places and people, old memories and new being made .... does life get much better? I think NOT .

Believe it or not, even with being gone most of the day, I did manage to fold a load of laundry, do another load and hang it, make our bed, do up a few dishes, and take the "pack of threesome" for another late day romp.  All is good, and tomorrow even better as I look forward to my Rob being home with us.

At the moment, I am starting to feel a little chill, so I best be heading on over to the woodstove to see if it needs to be stoked up once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. It sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous day. *off to stoke my own woodstove*

  2. It looks like it was a great day!! Love your snow pics! Just beautiful! :) Have a great day tomorrow!


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