Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday Monday Here Again

Monday morning, all I hoped it could be .....

"Starting off with laundry .... "

"... moving on to cleaning/dusting the area around the woodstove (could be a daily chore)."

"Of course then there was the "pile" of dishes in the sink that had to be attended to ...."

"Got to put my "broom" aside and bring out the "big" guns today.  Well is is Monday, you know?"

Before I knew it, it was time to get Lunch ready !  Wow I am telling you, what a popular girl am I on Mondays !

"Monday's Lunch was made easy ..... "

"..... as yesterday I had made a Slow Cooker Beef Stew, so leftovers were the order of the day."

By the way, Rob said it was the best stew I had ever made !  Really? the best ever and it only took me how many years to finally come up with the best?  LOL .... the funny part about it was I had just chopped and threw it all together, just like this:

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Beef Shank bones + 1 steak (cut up)
1 container of Beef Stock
Carrots, chunked
3 Leeks, white parts, chopped
Celery, chopped
Potatoes, cubed
Montreal Steak Spice, to taste

Place all in slow cooker; cook 6-8 hours on high; remove shank bones (and any pieces of fat) & thicken with mixture of cornstarch/water to desired consistency.

I must admit though it was pretty dang good, but now that I am reading what I put in it, I can't believe I didn't put in Worcestershire and Soya Sauce too !  I usually never miss out putting those in with anything "beef" in the slow cooker, but then again the way I did it was the "Best Ever", was it not?  LOL

After lunch was cleared up and cleaned up from, it was downtown with Rob and I to do a couple of Monday errands. Just there and back, nothing too long or lingering ....

Awe, Monday Monday you are so good to me, as I got to come back home to tidy up my kitchen some more, then run that vacuum cleaner (my right hand man it is) around a bit longer before it was time to say, "enough is enough, and tomorrow is another day".

Stay tuned, as Tuesday is just around the corner, you know ... I am sure there is a Tuesday song out there somewhere?

I am not a knitter, however my friend, Diane, is, as well as a couple of other friends out there who I am also envious of their many talents.  I have stated before, I can knit a scarf but don't ask me to "cast-off", as I am sure I don't have a clue how to do that?  Anyhow, the point I am trying to make here is Diane is knitting for a cause right at the moment, asking me if I would share this with my readers.  Well everyone knows how much I like to "share" things going on out and about there in the World, do they not?

"I have so many talented friends.  Look at all these cute Bears, Diane has knit !

....and this is the "why and where" Diane has been knitting all these little cuties for.  A message from my friend, Diane:

"For those knitters (or crocheters) out there who have yarn bits or small balls, and don't know what to make with them, I have a great project for charity knitting.  A group in Minnesota USA have an organization called the Mother Bear Project.  They send your knitted bears to children in Africa whose lives have been altered by HIV/AIDS.  There was a bit of cost to this, as the pattern is $5, and also you must send your bear(s) to them.  For me the cost was $13.00 for my four bears, so this would depend on your location.  It gives you a wonderful feeling knowing a small child will be hugging your knitted bear one day soon.  If you are interested, the website is ."

Thanks Diane for sharing this.  Even though I don't knit, I have some Yarn here not being used (I did use to crochet), I am thinking I will pass on to Diane if she can make use of it towards her contribution of Bears.

Should anyone get involved with the Mother Bear Project, after reading Diane's message, please let me know, even sending pictures of the Bears you have made and sent, at .

I just happened to look up from my laptop and outside our windows.  It seems like the wind we have been having all day has finally blew in some snow, as it it really coming down out there at the moment.

No worries, as our woodstove is well "stoked" up with us being all warm and cozy here inside, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Haha got a chuckle out of today's post as who wouldn't love the song "monday ,monday" Was a busy one for me also ! Wish I could knit a little better as those bears are so cute and what a great cause!!

  2. That stew does look REALLY good!! :) Yum! I love the sweet bears... They're adorable!!

  3. The bears are oh so cute, wish I knew how to knit I would sure help out!! The stew looks great, if it would ever turn cold enough here I will put a pot on!!


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