Monday, 13 February 2012

A "Good Good Good Vibration" Day It Was !

How about the Grammy Awards last night?  50 Year Reunion for the "Beach Boys" !  Wowsers....they were totally awesome ..... remember them in 1979?

.... and Paul McCartney at the closing of the Awards doing a couple of Beatle Songs?  It totally "rocked" !!!

I had a pretty "Rockin" day myself today, considering it had been an all night date with Mr. Insomnia.  I suppose I was still hyped about what such a great date it must of been, as it was a "full steam" ahead kind of day..... lol.

"It all began with me making a nutritious lunch for my "Crabby Cabbie" to take along to work with him.  This was of course after the "pack" had first been looked after."

Today I wanted to complete the Week 2 of February's Decluttering Challenge, so this is what I sent out to do.

"Absolutely everything came off the shelves.  Someone had to be right there like a "dirty shirt" getting their nose into it all."

"Another bit of a mess needing a bit of tidying, as well as a new location then this one."

"Two piles of Harrowsmith Magazines dated in the '70 & 80's, in very good condition.  Do they stay or do they go?  This was a extremely difficult decision."

"None of this went back on the shelves, mostly into the recycling box."

All the shelves had to be wiped clean with the unit being moved out so the "dust bunnies" behind could be scooped up by the vacuum cleaner, not to mention a couple of spiders (ewww) too.  The unit is much lighter when all the shelves had been emptied, so perfect time to do a little Spring cleaning behind, while I was at it.

"The dirty job finally completed with some neatness and order obtained.  Harrowsmith Magazines, they stayed !!!  I do love browsing through them from time to time, and would have missed them dearly."

I was so happy to complete Week 2 of the challenge today.  I even completed the mini-challenge, which was to write a note, card, or letter to someone and send it via post.

"Mission accomplished and posted when I had been downtown on my walk."

I was so excited as I received something very special "via post" myself today.

"Many thanks going out to Carla over My 1/2 Dozen Daily for having the contest for me to win one of her handmade "Mug Rugs" !  Loving the colours."

"I couldn't wait to start using it.  Hubby really loved it too!"

It was certainly a very busy and productive day for me.  I not only manged to finish Week 2 of the Declutter Challenge, I also finished cleaning both the dining/living room areas.  

"Isn't a nice feeling to sit back with a cup of coffee with a big *sigh* of satisfaction?  Love it, love it, love it !!!  To top off the whole day, the Sun was out in full force making it even that much better."

*Phew* ... I wish I could say it all stopped there with that *sigh* of satisfaction and cup of coffee....but no it did not, as my friend Sharon had sent me a text should I want to go for a walk.  I couldn't refuse a walk, even though it was going onto the hour of 5 pm.  I had just sat my "butt" into the seat of our truck to leave when Rob called me to say he would be coming home for an hour, but wouldn't be here until after 6:00 pm.

I made it downtown to Sharon's, where we headed out for a brisk walk.  Brr, the temperature had dropped from the mild day we had, so brisk it was.  I just got back home and started on getting a Dinner together for Rob and I, when he pulled in not too long after.

It was nice to have a bit of time together, even though it was short and sweet it was all good, before he was gone again.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  I wonder how many people out there have plans to celebrate should they have a "Sweetheart" to celebrate with.  I have a surprise planned for the "Love of my Life".  I am looking forward to it all coming together tomorrow morning before Rob has to head out for another full day/evening of work.  I am so excited !

I would love to hear how everyone's Valentines Day goes, so please leave me a comment, or drop me a Valentine at

I am feeling very weary at the moment, so I best be calling it a night with thoughts of bed not too far away.  With lots accomplished there was lots of "Good Vibrations" to go along with them today, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!

    It's not such a big thing out here - a bit of a novelty like Halloween - they are not really festive events on our calendar but you can bet the marketing companies are pushing them to the new generations!

  2. Busy day for you as always!!! The mug rug is so cute, I love the bright fun colors, perfect for dreaming of spring. Nothing planned for V Day here as hubby is out of town, but lots more decluttering is going on.

  3. Your place is looking great!!Valentine's Day is just a poke in the right direction for those folks that find it hard to express their love! Give someone an extra hug today or if you are alone do something special for yourself after all you deserve it!!

  4. Wow & wow!! You have really busted your butt this month! lol! Everything looks wonderful! And sometimes you just have to keep that "something special"! :) I'm so glad you like the mug rug, seems to be the perfect colour scheme for you!

  5. I guess it's too late to get those Harrowsmith magazines from you? I've been looking for some. I don't like Harrowsmith Country Life but the old magazines were great. Aw well. Good work on decluttering though.


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