Monday, 6 February 2012

Down The Cherry Lane I Go ...

Last night was not such a good sleeping night for me once my "Crabby Cabbie" arrived home at 1:00 am, as I was unable to get back into a fitful sleep.  What the "heck", sleep is just a little piece of living, isn't it?  who needs it anyway?  and I really don't like missing out on too much as it goes anyhow !  why change it up now?

I might be on to something that could possibly be changing my "bad" sleeping habits.  Just before Christmas, my sister-in-law, Nancy, was telling me about this Cherry Concentrate that contains natural melatonin, and is also a natural antioxidant by way of the anthocyanins in the cherry's pigmentation.

Cherry Concentrates natural antioxidants is also a natural pain reliever and may reduce inflammation.  Nancy, my brother, Al, and my girlfriend, Vicki (who has been taking the Cherry Concentrate for over a month, and Nancy and Al longer), have all testified to the fact that this is true.  Aches and pains which have been making life unbearable for them at times, have all but disappeared !  These are three people who I know would not "make up stories" about these kind of things (now my brother has been known to make up stories now and again, but not about stuff like

Nancy had gotten me a bottle of the Cherry Concentrate just after Christmas, however I have only just began taking it last night.  I will be giving updates on where my sleeping patterns go, along with how my aches and pains are once I have taken it for a bit longer, once it is in my system.

"I am pretty excited considering with what I have heard and read so far regarding this product."

For further details on the product and what it does, please refer to Cherry Lane's website at the following link:

... and as I have said, since I have written down all my aches and pains, and knowing I am a poor sleeper, I will be keeping track of any noticeable changes when and if they occur for myself.

This morning was pretty productive as I got our bathroom all sparkly and clean, all except for the bathtub, which will have to wait for a day when my neck and back both are feeling better.  Once Rob got up and moving around I was able to get our bed made, and start thinking about doing some more decluttering ....

The plan today was to deal with Rob's three shelves in our closet, his dresser drawers and both our clothes hanging in the closet.  Rob started with his portion first off with me helping him.

"This is the result of Rob cleaning 4 of his dresser drawers, his three shelves and clothes on hangers in the closet.  Six pretty good sized piles to be rid of."

"These pictures are of each side of our bedroom closet with the two higher sides having clothes all jammed packed in together."

"Once Rob had gone through all of his clothing I piled all mine from the closet onto our bed so I would have to "deal" with them today! (very good idea, Debby)"

After we had a lunch of Chicken Wraps and salad, we sat down for a coffee.  I am sure glad I piled all those clothes on our bed to be dealt with today, as after lunch I didn't feel like doing anything, but knew they were there waiting for me ..... do you know, once I got at it, it really didn't take too long at all, with the results being such a huge "reward" !

"Rob's dresser drawers went from 4 deep drawers each filled to the top, to this one drawers of t-shirts."

"These shelves were jam packed from top to bottom.  Wow what a change from what they were !"

"The cluttered top shelf where various Christmas items are stored from year to year, as well as gifts I buy throughout the year, now cleaned up and organized.  So nice ... "

"Once where there had been jam packed clothes, what is left now nicely hung with actual space in between them.  Amazing what a little time can accomplish."

What a fantastic feeling when I go into our bedroom now to gaze upon the neat, tidy and organized bedroom closet looking back at me.  We actually filled six, yes that would be 6, garbage bags full of clothes which have already been deposited at our local Salvation Army store.

Will there be further decluttering of our bedroom being done in the horizon?  of course there will be as I still have eight, that is the number 8, dresser drawers of my own yet to go through, hopefully tomorrow.

"This is what one of those eight drawers look like.  How many clothes can one person possibly wear ???"

There will be another decluttering update tomorrow for certain.  Joining up with Carla's Decluttering Challenge over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily, for the month of February, was just the incentive and "kick in the butt" I needed to get going on this stuff !  Once I have finished with the Personal Space Challenge, it will be on with the Family Space Challenge, hopefully I will be started on this one by Wednesday.

The sad part of all this decluttering is that I our bedroom closet and dresser drawers had been all gone through last Spring ..... shame, shame on me to let it go so far again.

I had a very nice surprise in today's mail.  How nice is it to receive something from somebody when you least suspect anything?  Very very nice in my books.

How many times can I say how important Family and Friend are to me?  Not enough I am sure !!!  

After I had finished purging and organizing our bedroom closet, Rob loaded up all the bags of clothes going to the downtown Salvation Army deposit, where I met up with my friend Sharon to head out for a late afternoon walk.  What a gorgeous day it was to walk !  Mind you the Sun wasn't out at this time, but it was mild and there had been no wind.  Very enjoyable indeed.

Rob and I had a late lunch today.  Now the time is going onto the hour of 7:00 pm, I think I best be getting something put together in the way of a "light" supper for us.  I love when Rob has a day off, as I do so enjoy his company (most days, lol).

Time to get this published and head on out to the Kitchen shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. You are amazing! I hope you're feeling better since you busted your butt doing this! Well done! :)


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