Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Another Job Completed & Under My Belt !

The morning went pretty good around here once Rob put his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on and was out the door on his way to doing what he does best ... lol.

I am so enjoying him working through the daytime hours.  I am a morning person, so I like doing what I am going to get done in the mornings, and pickup the slack or do whatever in the afternoons, so him working afternoon shift really puts a "damper" on what was my lifetime routine.

Really I am not complaining, well maybe a "little" bit, but it has been a huge adjustment since September trying to change a usual routine, especially with mealtimes.  I am thankful Rob is giving this business we started his "ALL", so if this is the way it is to be, then adjust I will do, as that is what it is all about being a couple.  Give and take, with it hopefully being balanced and not all tottering to one side or the other .... LOL.

Once the "pack" were all looked after .... oh by the way, speaking of "pack", I must share the news that my "Pretty Girl", Lexus, has been bred with Bandit, with hopes of a new batch of "puppies" to be arriving in sixty-three (63) days.  I am so excited !!!  Hopefully all goes according to plan with a healthy Mama and litter, with each pup finding a new forever family to adopt when the time comes.

"The "proud" parents last Spring.  Lexus the pretty Red-Tri and Bandit the Blue Merle."

It is funny how babies can make even the shrewdest, grumpiest person *smile*, whether they are human or animal babies, little mousy babies, or big elephant babies.  Babies are babies, and a *smile* they most certainly put on my face .....

"Smile, I can see you !  What a "hair do" this guy has going on !"

Now where was I going with this .... all this baby talk has me sidetracked.

Oh yes, my "Crabby Cabbie" left for work, so I got down to business by getting the bed made, two loads of laundry folded and put away, one more load of laundry washed and hung to dry, washed up a sink full of dishes, then I "tackled" Week 4 - Dreaded  Challenge that I had begun yesterday, posted here.

I started back at it late in the morning, and finally finished up late this afternoon ....

 "Closet and dresser drawers emptied, sorted and cleaned.  Two bags of garbage, a box and bag of items for the Sally Ann, and a box of photos to be packed up and put away.  A bag of clothing items to go up to Mother, and a few items going to new homes."

"These three will be going down to the basement to await Spring before I find a spot in the Vegetable Garden, or Raspberry Patch for them.  LOL, Mom had originally bought them for my garden, but thought them too cute to part with, so they had found a home in her room for the past 4 years or so."

"I need to wait until Rob is home, so this bath lift can be taken down to the laundry room until it can hopefully be sold.  I suppose I should have been advertising it on Kijiji a year ago."

The most difficult part I found for myself today was going through my Mother's clothes and personal items within the dresser drawers.

My biggest struggle was throwing away her Bible which was almost in shreds.  She would not have any further use for it any longer now, and it is such bad shape it would be of no use to anyone else either.  I am still feeling I should go retrieve it, but what good would it bring as its use was Grand in its time, and has faded now for the past year or two where my Mother is concerned.

Tears came when I sorted through a box of photographs, especially when I came across the book signed by people at the Funeral home when my Father had passed away in June of 1981.  Tears still springing to my eyes even writing about it now .... I miss my Father still to this day.

At times I feel sad for this part of life where we get to an age we must endure Dementia and/or Death, even though the understanding of it all is beyond our grasp ..... it does not make it any easier at times.

Onto "happier" thoughts and memories.  I had bought a photo frame I loved quite a few months ago, never seeming to find the "perfect" photo to place in it.  Today I found the "perfect" photo ....

"This is the day Rob and I were married, along with our son, Paul, and my Mother, Stella.  This was a happy day in my life, and True Loves they are in my Heart, the three I stand with in this picture."

LOL, I just noticed now my reflection when I was taking this picture is showing up in it.  I just can't seem to keep myself out of anything, now can I !!!

I have completed the Week 4 ~ Dreaded Challenge a day before Week 4 has actually begun.  This is a good thing, as I have two completely full days at the end of this week, so it was best to "get 'r done" at the first of the week.

When Rob has time(time? Rob?), we will remove the furniture from this room for the ugly outdated border to be taken off, the walls to be painted, the carpet lifted and new put down.  This will take some time over the next few weeks, but at least now it is clear so we are able get at it.  With the grandboys all getting to be an age, it will be nicer to have an extra room for them, and their parents having a bedroom to themselves.  Aiden and Chase will be 7 years old this year, Connor 5, and Greyson 3.  Yes time they are not in with their parents or camping out on the livingroom couches.

One of the gals who is a member of Cindy's Recipe Exchange, posted a recipe for Homemade Fabric Softener the other night, I thought I would like to share:

Fabric Softener:
2 cup hair conditioner
3 cup vinegar
6 cup water

Use amount the same as you would a regular store brand fabric softener.

It is nice when people share some good tips that work and save money at the same time.  I am very sensitive to smells, so rarely use fabric softener on my clothes, usually only for jeans and maybe a wee bit with the bath towels, but still think I will give this a try when I have used up my store bought brand.

In the past few weeks there have been some new people who have joined me by following my daily goings on, opinions and "me" just being me.  Welcome !!!   I so enjoy the comments and any feedback one might feel they can share at any given time.

Now I have to think on what colour I want to be painting the soon to be totally empty room?  Um, it will surely be a choice of an earthy colour, or a blue, as the other spare bedroom is yellow.  Ha, ha....then the next room to be painted will be our Bedroom !!!  I can't wait until that is done, as it is in very bad need of a fresh clean and new look.

Of course I have overdone it again, so I am expecting I will be paying the "price of the Piper" for the next two days or so, but oh well it had to be done, and yes, I feel so much better it has been.  I am off and running towards one more cup of Java here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I couldn't manage a 'de-cluttering' - I'd never throw anything out.

    I love those ducks, tho'!

  2. An amazing job done given all the emotions that were there - I am sending a huge pat on the shoulder your way xx


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