Saturday, 3 September 2011

Peaches, Raspberries, More Peaches & Dachshunds !

What a sleepless night that was !  Not only sleepless, but "smelly" as well !!!  "PHEW", some dirty old, or maybe dirty young, smelly Bruce County Skunk decided to "bomb" something in the wee hours of the morning, sending its sickening, eye burning smell in through our open bedroom window ...... nothing like having a "not too bad" sleep being totally ruined !

Must get that unpleasant experience from my head, or should I say "nose", and get on with my more pleasant yesterday...

After I arrived back home from my weekly shot in the arm from my Doctor's, Just North of the Checkerboard, in Lion's Head, I had to face those baskets of Peaches watching me from my kitchen's counter top, before those armies of fruit flies decided to descend on peel, slice, mix and stir I did.

"My most "favorite" baking secret begins with a "Pillsbury Pie Crust", no fuss or muss, or sticky fingers with a pleasing result that even a "seasoned baker" or two, that has tasted one of my pies, could not tell the difference...."

"Sliced and waiting to be drained for the next step...."

"Boiled while stirring and reducing is next step in order...."

"After all is mixed into my best kept "baking secret""

"Topped off, fluted and ready for the oven to do its job."

"The end result well worth it all right from beginning to end."

"Then there was Pie #2, much easier to throw together, from start to finish, then Pie # 1... but equally as um mm good."

The first pie has a Peach and Raspberry pie filling I had never tried before, but after the two Guinea Piggies tried it out, that would be myself and my girlfriend, Vicki, we decided it would be a definite keeper !  The second pie being a regular Peach Pie filling is waiting the "taste test" today.  Should you like the recipe for either pie, please feel free to email me at, or  look me up on Facebook, under "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" .

"After lunchtime our friends, Doug & Vicki, arrived !"

"Wondering what could possibly be under such a "wrap" on the back of a 5th Wheel?"

"Surprise !!!  A Honda Motorbike ..... ta dah ......."

Once Doug and Vicki  got themselves settled in, we all headed downtown to check out the Wiarton Farmer's Market located at the Bluewater Park.

"The very very first thing at the Market to catch Vicki's attention were these adorable Miniature Dachshunds for sale."

"Then it was, "Doug get over here, you have to see"."

"....and of course, Doug was also "hooked", hook, line and sinker ..... a little "Ketchup & Mustard" over here please"."

I must explain, Doug and Vicki, are not only lovers of Dachshunds, they are also proud owners of two of their own, Keesha and Jack, who I am sure will be featured sometime before the weekend has ended.

"The face behind, not only these adorable Dachshunds, but what I believe to be her first and foremost love in how she displays her wares, is Laura Buckler, and her very own "Cottage Country North" business.

What a "wonderful" selection of Jam Preserves and Pickles Laura has, and I would have bought some, if I didn't do my own preserving and pickling.  Laura informed me she doesn't do "websites", as she does "jams", so please be free to call her at 519-534-4811 in Oliphant, if you cannot make it down to see her at the Wiarton Farmer's Market.  We all know Jams & Pickles are a most wonderful gift idea for that special person you might know !  

Oh by the way, for the time being, Laura is also in the market of selling Dachshund puppies, by reaching her at the same telephone, lots of luck, Laura, as it was certainly a most enjoyable pleasure meeting you, and I hope to again some day.

Now onto some other Market wares and vendors, those Dachshunds and Preserves really stole the show right off the bat !

"We went on to see Homemade breads....."

"....and baked sweets...."

" foods from Wolf River Organics...."

"Beewax products and such....."

"Nature's own honey...."

"More baked goods with the most "knowledgeable" little girl on baked goods I have ever met in my life.  It would be worth it for me to go back to the Market just to have another most "delightful" conversation with her again.....and she is also so "cute"."

"LOL, not meaning to give away my age, which I have before, I remember these days...."


"Another neat and unique gift giving idea.  If I had not just bought a Pepper/Salt Mill last week, I certainly would have made a purchase from the "Mapleseed Gallery".

That was out Wiarton Farmer's Market experience.  I enjoyed it and certainly will take another Friday afternoon off to do it once again......

*Phew* I am not only "blogged" out, my Cousin Paula will be arriving here any moment to go Garage Sailing with Vicki and I, and I am not even dressed !!!  Oh man !!!!  

Okay let me rush through the Wiarton Airport's daily weather report....

There is the weather link, please feel free to check it yourself, as I am off and running towards another "adventure" I am sure, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Bravo with the internal links!! Wow, you are rolling. This post made me hungry.


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