Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mother, Meetings & Again to Market I Went !

Other then not making a really big "dent" in and around things at our home, I did have a most enjoyable day yesterday, from the time I had my visit with Dr. Loney, to visiting my Mother, feeding my very own "Crabby Cabbie" his dinner before he left for his first day on his new adventure, meeting with Dorothy Embacher, to complete a VON Volunteer application for their SMART Program, having a most delightful conversation at the Wiarton's Farmer Market, spending quality and some fun time with Bandit and Lexus, enjoying my telephone conversations with family members, right down to making the a little "dent" in and around the house day began and ended.

My Mother, Stella Masterson, loves receiving her Birthday Cards a couple of weeks before it is  actually her birthday, which is September 19th.  Along to the visit I had with her, I not only took  Birthday Cards, but Gladiolus I had bought for her to enjoy as well.  Not only was she surprised with the cards and flowers, but most happy to see me, as much as I her !!!

"This is the Golden Dawn Senior Citizen's Home in Lion's Head, where my Mother, Stella, resides at."

My father, Fritz, before he passed, used to buy Mother, a dozen red Gladiolus every year for her birthday.

"Much to my Mother's delight I am sure, I have carried on the tradition of the Birthday Gladiolus every year when they have been available."

"Now onto checking out who the two Birthday Cards I had brought along were from...."

"Tanya came along and joined in our little pre-birthday celebration.  Tanya is not only an employee of Golden Dawn, but from what I have experienced from dealing with Tanya the few times I have had some small concerns or questions, Tanya is a very "valuable employee" in my eyes and as much of a delight to be around."

After my visit with Mother had ended, I rushed back home to get a dinner together for Rob before his very first day of work at his "new location" of  Saugeen Shores!  Thank goodness for batch cooking and freezers, as earlier I had pulled out a container of homemade Chili, which made a great dinner along with some toast.

After dinner, Rob and I had our goodbyes of a hug & kiss, and promises of talking to each later, I took off for my meeting with the Grey-Bruce VON SMART Program Coordinator, Dorothy Embacher, to complete the necessary paperwork to start the process of me volunteering for the SMART Program.  Monday is the day the practical training begins for the program.

Anyone 55 plus can join the SMART Program by contacting the Grey-Bruce VON office, information about the program and phone numbers are both found at the following link:

After my meeting with Dorothy, I thought I would slip over to Wiarton's Farmer Market, for the second consecutive week in a row, to see how those little Dachshund puppies of Laura Buckler's were doing.

"As you can tell by this picture, the little Wieners are doing quite well.  Puppies are all so cute.  Anyone interested in owning one of these cuties, contact Laura at 519-534-4811."

I also managed to take a couple of pictures of Market vendors, who I think I had missed last Friday when I was there.

"Here is a "Sweet Gal" selling her wares of Ontario Maple Syrup."

"...and over at the Fruit Smoothie vendor's she is sharing her wares with her neighbour.  I love smoothie's and if I hadn't already had a big lunch, I would have been sure to try one here.  There is always the "next" time."

Laura Buckler was not at her "Cottage Country North" Pickle and Jam booth, however her neighbours were looking after her wares, and puppies, in her absence.  Thinking she might return any given moment, I busied myself having a most "delightful & informative" conversation with her neighbour, Fiona Eden.

"Once again it was too bad I had such a large dinner, as Fiona's breads were not only pleasing to the eye, but smelled so good as well !"

Through our conversation, I gathered that Fiona, and her husband, Gary, are both originally from Guelph, and now reside in Big Bay.  I would like to share some of our lengthy conversaton with everyone, however since most of it was directed at what her husband and herself do, what better way then to share their website?  Pop in and see what they do, as well as "peek" into the tabs at the top of the website to see how they have been doing ....

I am certainly extremely impressed at what Fiona and Gary have and are accomplishing together....what a "gentle and uplifting" spirit I found Fiona to possess, and I look forwarding to seeing her again sometime.

By the way, Big Bay is located along the Scenic Drive between Wiarton & Owen Sound.  What a great place to go for one of those Fall Sunday drives along the Georgian Bay shoreline.

Should anyone ever be looking for something more exciting then a Fall drive, in and around Bruce County, there are all kinds of exciting things to do, and can be found by checking out how, when and where at Explore the Bruce's following Fall link:

I absolutely love Fall, it being my most favorite Season, when it is cooler, but still feeling warm, crisp and it, love it, love it. 

Fall seems also the time when I am craving comfort food; what a better time to crank up the Slow Cooker.  I have gotten a few reviews from my Facebook recipe exchange's, "Cindy's Recipe Exchange", group members, on how much they all loved the slow cooker BBQ Pork Rib Recipe my cousin Vi shared with us.

Barbeque Pork Ribs ~ Slow Cooker

(4 – 6 servings)
3 – 3 ½ lb pork ribs 1 cup ketchup
½ cup finely chopped onion ¼ cup packed brown sugar
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce ½ tsp chili powder
¼ tsp garlic powder ½ tsp. Woodland brand Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke
¼ tsp bottled hot pepper sauce

Place ribs in slow cooker, combine remaining ingredients pour over ribs, turning to coat.
Cook 5 – 12 hrs (setting). Remove when done, skim fat from sauce and boil gently until
Thickened (5 -7 min) (about 1 cup total. Serve sauce with ribs.

The liquid smoke is available at Independent Grocery Store, or I am sure a Zehrs Store would carry it as well.

Recipe compliments of my Cousin Viola Scott.

Apparently Pork Back Ribs are on sale at my local Foodland grocery store this week, so I had better get some purchased and try them out myself this upcoming week.

Yesterday was ended by making that little "dent" in bringing in three loads of laundry from the clothes line and putting one more out last night, spending some quality time with Bandit and Lexus, then calling it a night after a telephone call to my most favorite "Crabby Cabbie". 

My day had both a great beginning and ending to it all. onto the day at hand and the Wiarton Airport's local weather report.


Sunny. Fog patches dissipating early this morning. High 24. UV index 7 or high.


Clear. Low 11

What a perfect day to tackle that bushel of tomotoes I have yet to get around to, however I must remember to do it "quietly" as my dear "Crabbie Cabby" didn't arrive home until the "wee" hours of the morning, and needs his sleep for his day ahead.

I am looking forward to my day ahead, as the sun is shining and I really don't mind canning tomatoes too much at all.  I am off and running to get my day ahead finally "kick started", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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