Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First Day of School Behind Them Now !

How many excited children were up by 6:00 a.m., yesterday morning, and ready to leave for school by 7:10 a.m.?  Not too sure, other then knowing our very own grandson, Aiden James, was ....

Paul emailed me to say, "Aiden is up, Mom, call him now", and that was at 7:10 a.m..  Well let me tell you what a conversation that turned out to  I am not sure whether he was more excited to tell me about being ready for his first day of school, or his brand new "Mario" lunch bag.  I do know he was all ready for school, but for having his hair combed, or so I was told ! 

I can't wait until next Monday rolls around, which will be Connor's very first day of Junior Kindergarten.  Connor is quite the Mommy's boy, so I really am wondering how that will

It is for moments like these, using an age old cliche', that we live for !  When Paul went to school, it didn't matter where I was working at the time, I booked the first day of school off work to make sure I was there to either take him or see him off, and be there for when he got back home.  I did this right up into his High School years.  I wonder if he remembers me doing this?  I must ask him sometime.

Between emailing/talking to Paul, calling Aiden, taking Lexus and Bandit out first thing, receiving a phone call from my niece, Joanne, all in between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., I am sure I finally got that very very long "blog" yesterday published barely around 9:00 a.m., and I was pooped before my day really got up and running....."phew".

My day went on in a most usual fashion, with making the bed, tidying up the kitchen by putting the night before dishes away, then doing some general tidying up before Rob's cousin, Joyce, stopped by for a coffee and some lunch with us.

Rob and I both had a very nice visit with Joyce, and I hope to see her again soon, as she only lives a bit away from us in Red Bay, but she is very involved with the Hepworth Legion and is a very, very busy lady, so I, for one, do understand how her time can be so limited between that and her home.  I must remind her to email me her recipe for Fruit Chili, so I can share it with everyone !  Ha,ha,ha, but I really do think she might read my "blog" and see my request anyhow, so thanks Joyce !

After lunch Rob and I took ourselves to Owen Sound to return, for the second time I might add, a wireless mouse we had purchased at Giant Tiger, and then go onto Staples where we purchased a Staples brand mouse, which seems to be much sturdier.  Mental note, do not purchase computer accessories in the future at a Giant Tiger store, as they "fall apart" almost the very next day, or do not work at all.  Made in China, you say?  No quality control there, I say ..... after Staples, we headed up the road to the Deals store, where we made a couple of purchases, as there really is always a deal to be found in the Deals Store.

Before we left Owen Sound for home, we stopped at the McDonalds Restaurant, who has any size coffee for $1.00 !  How could we refuse having two very large coffees for a total of $2.20, in comparison to Tim Horton's total of $3.59.  Not only was the price right, the coffee was excellent !  If McDonald's can sell coffee for that price, makes me wonder why Tim Horton's coffee prices went up again this past Spring..... and I am sure I could be wondering about that until the "cows come home", as it won't make one diddly damn bit of difference what I think to Tim

Once home, and after a supper of leftover venison roast, gravy, fried potatoes, and sweet corn, I was ready to call it a night, but my dear Rob went out and cut the grass.  He not only got the grass cut yesterday, he also chunked up some wood and tilled the garden !  Wow way to go Rob, and the front lawn does look so nice, as it went gang busters with all that rain and cool weather we had for a few days there.

Can you imagine, no subjects coming to my mind, nor any pictures to post.  I think after this "whirlwind" of a Summer past, I am worn right out and in much need of a second wind, or something, because here I sit yawning away, and not even making a living from it by "catching any flies". 

I did go out to pick Zucchini from the garden, surveying on how the tomatoes have been coming along.  If we do not get some nice warm Fall weather, along with sunshine, I am afraid all the tomatoes will be remaining in their state of greeness.  I should be grating up some Zucchini to put down in the freezer, before I have to do something with all those beets that are ready.

I was just thinking about years past when we didn't plant beets, however a friend planted tons, and there we were two weeks before Christmas digging out beets from under over a foot of snow....where was my camera in those days???  Can you imagine, I was canning beets two weeks before Christmas !  LOL, at least the colour red went hand in hand with the Season ....

I just remembered, it is Wednesday already !  I am sure I am not the only one who gets messed up with the days after there has been a Holiday weekend.  I suppose I will check out what the Wiarton Airport Weatherman has to say about this Wednesday's weather.


Increasing cloudiness this morning. High 18. UV index 4 or moderate.


Cloudy. Becoming partly cloudy this evening. Low 14.

Something is wrong with this weather forecast, as there is no "sunshine" mentioned; what's up with that?  Darn, darn, double darn.

Under Google's Blogger, I can see from what places my daily "blog" are either read and/or viewed from, quite interesting enough, such places as, of course, Canada and United States, the UK, Romania, Australia (I have 2 friends that live here), Netherland, Phillipines, Argentina, Indonesia, and Lativa, are just a few that I noticed from this week alone.  Technology not only baffles my mind at times, but totally puts me into a state of AW .

Sometimes I think it would be so totally neat to hear from some of these people that I don't even know, to see where they actually live and who they are as people in our World....I think that would be so "cool".  If any of those "worldly" readers, or unknown to me readers would like to say where and who you are, please email me at .  I love penpals !

LOL, "totally neat and cool", I am starting to sound like the old "hippy" my son is always stating I am.....there you go, Son, Mom is out of the Hippy closet, once again!

*Sigh* I can't believe it, it is only 6:59 a.m., and I haven't even had my first cup of Java !  and this "blog" is going to be posted at 7:00 a.m., wow !  I am off, and not running, towards that first cup of Java, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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