Friday, 23 September 2011

Fall 2011 Has Officially Arrived In Bruce County !!!!

Fall has arrived, and most certainly not as I had hoped as rain seems to be tumbling down outside my windows .... I had a dry, crisp Fall all planned out, the kind where I walk through a bush of Fall colours with the dried leaves crunching underfoot .... oops, was I dreaming again?  Dang that Pisces coming out in me ! 

I best be getting back into my yesterday, as it was more like a Fall day I had planned out for myself ....

It all began in quite a usual flurry with me trying to get the bed made and a few things tidy before I rushed out the door to make it to the weekly VON SMART exercise program.  Rob had to go in for work earlier, so he was in the "mix" of being in my way by trying to get his lunch ready to go ....

I had gathered up the basket of Zucchini Muffins I was dropping off to a "group" of well deserved individuals who I imagine work very hard at keeping the wheels well oiled behind the scenes for Bruce County's very own "Explore the Bruce", as it is a "very" happening County, if you don't already realize this ..... Explore the Bruce is much more then just about Summer and "hiking" the Bruce Trail, it also has Fall activities in abundance; one such activity I, myself, just was made aware of the other day .....  there are lighthouses to be seen all along the coast of Bruce County that would make for some wonderful Fall day tripping !

Growing up in Southampton,  the most famous lighthouse I grew up knowing about is at the mouth of the Saugeen River, which guided travellers and fisherman alike into its harbour for years .... but I never gave any thought to how many others there are about and about Bruce County.  They are out there and can be found by first checking out where they all located on the following link that who other then our very own Explore the Bruce team has provided on their very well thought out website:  Ontario Lighthouse Tour

If we get a really nice crisp, dry Ontario Fall day, and Rob has a day off at the same time, maybe I could convince him for us do a little Day Tripping ourselves on the motorcycle to check out some of these Bruce County coastal lighthouses for ourselves.....ummm a new adventure for us in the making maybe?  LOL, we will see how that works out for us.

After the "muffin" drop-off I went on to the 1 hour exercise program, which for the second week in the row I enjoyed immensely, looking forward to next week already .....

I just came across an article this morning telling us that if we are to walk 10,000 steps per day, we will remain "fit".  I normally wear a pedometer on a daily basis, however for some reason it keeps slipping my mind to attach it to myself lately .... wonder if my brain has been on "overload" too much for me to remember?  I am sure with me this is quite the possibility; "brain" and "overload" together has a tendency to let things slip away from me from time to  I have been a huge fan of walking all my life, so this article was just a gentle reminder that I should be resetting some walking goals for myself again.

Pedometers do not have to be a big expense, as the one I picked up at Walmart was under $10.00, I think around the $5.99 mark or so.

After a couple of stops in and around downtown Wiarton, I made it back home after the lunch hour to some pretty happy dogs who wanted some playtime with me before I actually got to get myself in the house and settled. 

The rest of my day was spend pretty much catching up on some humdrum stuff like folding two loads of laundry, emptying the dishwasher, sweeping some stairs ..... the stuff I should be trying to keep up with every day, which never happens.  Now I think about it, if I was trying to "keep up" with all the cleaning I think I should be keeping up with, that would really put the meaning back into the statement "being a slave to your house" for me.  Don't think I will go there .....

I did have a little more fun yesterday when I was adding some recipes to "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" on my Facebook page.  The group became a total of 77 members yesterday, in reality 76, as I think my one girlfriend has herself in there twice for computer backup reasons, so I put it out there that I would like to hear from everybody where they are all from in a geographical sense. 

It was fun, and we have members from as far as way as Australia, Florida, Prince Edward Island, and as close as in my own backyard in Oliphant.

Interesting, I find it all to be interesting ..... the recipe exchange is about everyday simple cooking and/or baking.  "Quick, Easy & Nutritious" !  I don't think I could handle complicated, as I have my brain working overtime enough as it is without adding anything else into the "mix" by adding "complicated" to it.

Since my Crabby Cabbie's work schedule was all mixed up yesterday, he took a time out and came home to have supper with me at 5:30, and then headed back out ..... now that is what you call a "dine & dash", however I did get a "quick" peck on the lips and a "I love you", as he was walking out towards the door ....

"The mist began to roll in as my day was coming to an end ..... the last day of Summer going towards the first day of Fall."

Now with going forward into the first day of  Fall.  Just a thought, why bother with the daily Wiarton Airport's weather forecast when I already know it is pouring down rain outside...oh what the heck, why break with tradition !

Yep, I can now look forward to the showers ending sometime tonight, or not .... lol.

I am back on track with heading up North of the Checkerboard to have my weekly allergy shot in the arm this morning, then I will be able to get on with the rest of my day ahead however it will be, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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