Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fairs and Frost Have One Thing In Common.

Brrrr, I do not know the temperature, but I do feel how cold it is in our house at the moment and have bundled myself up accordingly along with my feet in my moccasins.  Also looking out the window towards the veggie garden I see the evidence of ground frost and the wilting it has caused to the tops of some plants.

*Sigh* I love Fall, and this is what Frost and Fairs have in common, as the Fall Fair has begun in Wiarton, with other Bruce County communities having their Fall Fairs scattered throughout the dates of September and early October as well.

One of the largest Bruce County Fall Fairs, to the best of my knowledge, is Port Elgin's Annual Pumpkinfest, which came to mind when I came across the following link to an article about the UK having the World's Biggest Onion.

In World events and vegetables, I am starting to think "big is best"  I can't imagine how long I would be in tears for should I cut into a size of onion that man grew ....  I think I certainly would be crying a river !

From what I have gathered there is a lot of effort and work that goes into growing "gigantic" vegetables, like, onions, pumpkins and such, while here I am just wishing my tomatoes would turn red before the frost gets worse and I have, oh by, the way we have tried laying them out in past years on newspapers and such, and do not care for green tomato relish, though however I have been toying with the idea of trying my hand at "green fried" tomatoes, as Rob mentioned an interest in having some.

Actually there is an abundance of recipes out there on how to do up green tomatoes, so maybe I will peruse the link a little bit more indepth sometime later today on one of my "many breaks", but in the meantime here is the link I had come across:

Speaking of food, I did manage to make the Egg Salad recipe yesterday I had posted, without blowing up the eggs, have a sandwich myself for lunch, and send the rest with the "Crabby Cabbie" for his lunch.

"The results were amazing ..... a definite new way I will be continuing to "do" egg salad."

I only stuck to the recipe by using the plain yogurt, fresh chives and dill, omitting the rest.  The Chives I increased to 1 1/2 tbsp. and the Dill decreased to 1/2 tbsp., as I didn't want to overpower Rob with Dill.  I did get a phone call from Rob last night telling me absolutely "loved" the egg salad !  Wow, it is a definite keeper now ......

A Little Wit & Wisdom ~ The egg salad was packed in Rob's lunch in a glass covered container, with buttered bread separate along with a spoon so he could assemble his own sandwich.  This prevented having to make the sandwiches ahead and not having them soggy by the time he got to eat them.  There is nothing quite as bad as soggy sandwiches for lunch.

I had also thrown together a lasagna for Rob's dinner yesterday, which I included sliced Zucchini and Tomatoes.

"It certainly looked good once it was all layered and oven ready."

"After the first piece was eaten, it was give a 10 Star out of a 10 !"

Quick, easy and nutritious.....I absolutely "love" it !!!  "Simply delish".  I will put how I did it under "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" on Facebook, or please feel free to email me at .

Yesterday was also the day the Golden Dawn Senior Citizen's Home in Lion's Head was having their Annual Fish Fry, so my Aunt Gladys and I went up to dine with my Mother.  It was kind of nice for us to have dinner with her as well since it is so close to her Birthday being on the 19th.

"Both Staff and Volunteers pitched in to serve the residents and guests, who were also being entertained by guitar and singing.  Nice touch those "tunes" were."

"Pictures had to be taken of the sister-in-laws before we took our leave."

"....and of course, someone was nice enough to take a picture of Aunt Gladys, Mother and myself all together as well."

We had a wonderful couple of hours spent with Mother, as well as a very good Fish Dinner.  The nice part was they also offered a Roast Beef dinner for those who didn't care for fish, and this is what Mother was able to have the choice of, as fish is really not a favorite of hers.

We flew back down Highway 6 towards South of the Checkerboard and home, where Aunt Gladys deposited me before heading back to her own home in Port Elgin.

I might mention that I also had received a very nice unexpected gift from my Auntie in the form of what else but.....

".....and a very nice Anniversary Cookbook from her Church.  Thanks again, Auntie Gladys, as you know how I love cookbooks."

For any of those Saugeen Shore residents out there and happen to be reading this, I am certain there are more cookbooks to be had from the Church, and they do make nice gifts, especially with Christmas just around the corner.....I really didn't want to use that "C" word, but it just slipped out.

First off now the frost is gone and the sun is out, I shall see if the weather is going to cooperate long enough for the load of laundry I have in the washer to be hung out and dryed today.


A mix of sun and cloud. High 17. UV index 5 or moderate.


Clear. Low 7.

There it is, not only a great laundry day, but a perfect day to be checking out a Bruce County Fall Fair, not to forget by "clicking" on any of the highlighted words, you will be taken right there !

Cobwebs to be shaken from my head, things to do, and a definite 2nd cup of Java coming up very shortly here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. touch of frost on the ground down here this morning. Love Fall fairs, though haven't been to any this year.

    I have a number of eggs that need using up, so egg sandwiches could be on the menu at lunch time for us as well today.....



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