Tuesday, 6 September 2011

"Checkerboard Aussies" First International Debut !

I have been beside myself the past week with so many "tickled pink" occurrences happening in my life !  Beginning last Wednesday, and carrying right on through....now I am thinking about it there has probably been quite a few "little tickled pink" happenings all along inbetween the "big" ones !  LOL

I was so busy with company and generally just being busy this past weekend, I decided I would dedicate today to my "tickled pink" feelings over Bandit and Lexus's very first International Debut, thanks to We Are Pet Nation !

Before I go into my "Checkerboard Aussies" very first International Debut moment in detail, here is a little bit about what I know about We Are Pet Nation:

The idea for We Are Pet Nation came from a lifelong love of animals and from countless observations of pet owners forming bonds and friendships based on the simple common experience of owning a pet that they love. There are over 72 million pet owners in the U.S. alone. Our pets are our family. Our goal is to create the largest interactive and supportive Pet community in the world. We hope We A...re Pet Nation will be a fun experience where friends can come to get helpful information on Health & Nutrition, Behavior & Training, Adoption & Animal Welfare, new products, current events and more. We also hope our friends come here to share stories and pictures of their pets, discuss challenges they have faced as an owner that can help others and ultimately support one another with the common goal of enhancing the lives of the pets we love (and their owners). If we have one owner whose experience with an issue or problem helps another member of the community; if we can help one pet find a home, our mission will be successful. 
The We Are Pet Nation Mission is:
PETS LOVERS UNITE at www.WeArePetNation.com!!! Join Maxx & Marmalade as their journey begins to build the largest interactive community of pet lovers in the world! Visit us on FACEBOOK...post pictures & share your favorite pet stories. Celebrate the pets you love! www.WeArePetNation.com
Let me begin unravelling the story of how I and my "Checkerboard Aussies", Bandit and Lexus, first became involved with We Are Pet Nation.  First of all I think I had seen another Facebook friend share the link onto their Facebook page, which originally and most naturally so caught my attention, since I so love my pets.  Then it continued on with me following all their "Pet of the Day" postings, with me eventually emailing them a picture of Bandit and Lexus.
"I just so absolutely love this picture of them together, I could not have asked them to pose for it any better myself......so proud they look."
This past Friday the 2nd of September, 2011, I receive an email from We Are Pet Nation as follows:
Pet Lovers,
Congratulations on your furry loved one being featured as a We Are Pet Nation "Pet Of The Day" during the month of August 2011. We want to thank you again for your support and enthusiasm. Just today, we launched a new YouTube channel and our first video features all of our August 2011 Pets Of The Day. We wanted you to be the first to see it. www.youtube.com/wearepetnation
There is quite a bit planned for WAPN over the coming months. We welcome your suggestions on how we can make WAPN more enjoyable for our fans. Any feedback to the video, questions, comments or suggestions should be sent to my personal e-mail listed below.
(Hopefully I got the ownership emails matched up correctly with the pet photos (not an easy task). If for some reason you receive this and your pet in NOT in the video, please accept my apologies and let me know. We'll make it up to you in September!!!)
Thanks again for making WAPN the fastest growing Pet Lovers destination on the Internet!
Pets Are Great!,
Steve Borrelli Partner - We Ae Pet Nation Inc.steve@WeArePetNation.com
Definitely check out the "youtube" link as it is most wonderful, so impressed how people put these things together as it certainly is out of my reach on how to do such things.
Well, I checked out the video, knowing Bandit and Lexus were not featured as one of We Are Pet Nation's "Pets of the Month" in August.  I emailed Steve back to let him know of this, as he had requested in his email.  Steve and I went back and forth between each other with some very enjoyable emails between ourselves.  After corresponding with Steve, I am totally amazed and impressed on how much work goes on behind the scenes of "We Are Pet Nation".  I couldn't imagine the 1,000 photos of people's pets they received just alone in the month of August !  I would be way so overwhelmed should I receive that many emails to sort through and organize !  Wowsers !!!!
Not only did Steve tell me a little bit about how many photos they can receive in any given month's time, but on how much Canadian interest there has been.  I can testify to that myself, as I have noticed many Canadian Pets being posted on "We Are Pet Nation" Facebook page right from the time I had joined myself.  I am certain with so many of us Pet Lover's out there, it will not be long before "We Are Pet Nation" will be in the International limelight themselves !  Way to go "We Are Pet Nation" !
*Phew* that was certainly all another huge mouthful I had to get out there..... now as the story continues on, much to my next "tickled pink" moment, the very next day being Saturday, September 6th, there were my very own "Checkerboard Aussies" up front and center with the picture of Bandit and Lexus being posted as We Are Pet Nation's Pet of the Day !  Not only were they the Pet of the Day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" was plugged in, along with some Bruce County exposure as well !
What can I say, other then thank you "We Are Pet Nation" and Steve Borrelli, from myself, Bandit and Lexus!!!  I can't wait until you hit the International Stream line.  I am hooking up with you on Twitter, to follow your "adventure" from here "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
Any Pet Lover can hook up from their own Facebook account to "like" the "We Are Pet Nation" page, just follow the link:
I enjoy all of their Pet of the Day photos, as well as the comments made by other Pet Lovers, like myself !!!  Thanks, We Are Pet Nation, for creating your site for all us Pet Lovers !!!
I can not begin to tell how much I absolutely love Bandit and Lexus, my "Checkerboard Aussies", as they have given so much love and entertainment not only to Rob and myself, but other family members, our grandchildren, and our friends.  Thank you, Bandit and Lexus.
"Lexus coming up two years old, has taken over being the "ham" in our family."

"and, of course, Bandit is always Rob's right hand man and mechanical consultant."

In my books, if there is a person who loves animals, there must be "goodness & love" in that same person....so seek out those "positive" and "animal lover" people, and I would surely ho0pe that only good could come from such a friendship!

Now onto my yesterday...from Jack & Keesha, Doug & Vicki's babies, to having their last outside romp before leaving for home.

"Here is Keesha, still going strong in her "senior" years."

"...and "Jack".  He is the "ham" in Doug & Vicki's family."

"There is Vicki with a big smile, knowing I am taking pictures...lol."

"Down the road they go, until they return to have their next "adventure" with Rob & I."

With all our company gone, I did some tidying up here and there throughout the house, but the majority of our day was spent relaxing and enjoying each other's company.  It was so damp and rain drizzly here yesterday, Rob put our very first fire in the woodstove.....can you imagine that !

We also watched, and were happy that we weren't in the flow of traffic that was backed up before our house for 4 km into Wiarton that were on their way back to their own homes....

"Can't say anything about these two pictures, as I think they speak for themselves...lol, other then "from the North....."

"...heading South."

Onto the Wiarton Airport's weather report for the day a head....


Cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers this morning then a mix of sun and cloud. High 18. UV index 6 or high.


Clear. Increasing cloudiness overnight. Low 10.

...now on to get my day off to another running start, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


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